Childhood Obesity

What are the Early Signs and Health Risks of Childhood Obesity?

Childhood Obesity

Teenagers in puberty and children that have risk of being obese have serious health problems. Some of these problems are related to their body and some related to their psychology. The side effects of being overweight that are faced by adults are valid to teenagers and children as well. Being overweight and having a high cholesterol level is one of the early signs and health risks of childhood obesity. Diabetes, a high cholesterol level, lack of self-confidence and being depressive are some of the serious side effects of being overweight. 

If people do not want their children to be obese, they need to help them to have healtier diets and lifestyles. Taking some precautions for their children not to be obese is senseful and susceptible for now and future. 

What are the early signs and risks of childhood obesity?

Because children’s bodies are still developing, they may have different body fat levels in different stages. For this reason, parents alone can not decide if their children are obese or not. 

To see the early signs and health risks of childhood obesity, doctors use BMI (Body Mass Index) as in the adults. BMI shows consistency between the height and weight. However BMI is not enough alone. Your doctor may need extra tests.

Early signs of childhood obesity

When should parents see a doctor about the early signs and health risks of childhood obesity?

When parents think that their children weigh more than they should, they should see their doctor. Because children are in a developing stage, only a doctor can decide whether they are at risk of being obese or not. Your doctor will ask you about your family weight history, diet and lifestyle habits while deciding if your child is obese or not.

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