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Causes of Obesity that are Emphasized by practitioners in Turkey

Eating much, being at rest and moving less are major causes of obesity that are mentioned by general practitioners in Turkey.

When you get extra calories than you need and eat sugary and fatty foods and do not burn off the extra energy, your body stores these extra calories as fat.

What is the definition of calories at the simplest in our Obesity Clinics?

Calories means the energy measure of the food people eat. To be a normal weight, a man that is energetic needs 2.450 calories in one day. However a woman that is energetic needs 1.950 calories in one day. These numbers are high. However it can not be difficult to get these calories if you eat specific food that is one of the major causes of obesity emphasized by general practitioners in Turkey. For instance, a large pizza  with french fries and a large coke calorie is 1.600. To get specific  information about getting calories you can read our article on calories on our website. What causes fat is most people are not energetic today for this reason extra calories that they do not need really turn into fat in their body.

Another example of how obesity is caused is a poor and bad diet.

Diseases like obesity don’t emerge in one night. It takes time to be an obese. Having an unhealthy lifestyle and diet show us how obesity is caused which is mentioned by general practitioners in Turkey. For instance:

  • Eating too much sugary and fatty food like fast food and processed food.
  • Not eating homemade food – eating in restaurants all the time.
  • Sugary and alcoholic beverages like milkshakes, coke, beer, vodka, bourbon etc. Because alcoholic drinks are high in calories too.
  • If you are depressed, eating can make you happy and gives you comfort. This means comfort eating. 
  • Eating big portions. Some families are used to eating big portions and they may make you eat more than you need.

Our general practitioners in Turkey emphasize one of the major causes of obesity that bad eating habits in families. You may have learned unhealthy eating choices when you are a child because of your parents. This can be continuing right now and it causes you to be obese.

Another thing that causes fat that is always mentioned in our trusted clinics

Absence of exercise is another essential cause of obesity. Most people are lazy at work today because today’s jobs are generally pursued while sitting. In addition, they are dependent on their cars. Instead of walking, people choose to drive everywhere.

After work, everybody wants to get relaxed in front of a screen like laptops, computers, tvs and cellphones. They do not prefer to go to the gym or walk. When you eat a lot and do not exercise, extra food that you eat is stored as fat in your body. Our Department of Health in Turkey Obesity Clinic recommends you to exercise at least 120 minutes a day if you are eating more than you need. You do not have to exercise 120 minutes at once. You can start with small steps like 30 minutes 3 days a week and rise it afterwards. If you are too fat and an obese patient, you need more exercise than 120 minutes. However you can start with baby steps and increase later. Have a look at our exercise guideline on our website.

Causes of obesity- Counting calories

Another one of the major causes of obesity that is mentioned by general practitioners in Turkey is GENETICS

A lot of people say that there is no good exercising because it’s in my genes and everybody is fat and obese in my family. I will never lose weight etc. They are right since there are some genes that have an effect on obesity. Prader willi syndrome is one of these genetic conditions. However most people can lose weight if they really want to and make an effort. In most cases, environmental factors are effective in obesity like unhealthy diet and bad habits that started in childhood.

Other Causes That Make us Fat

What makes us fat is sometimes underlying health conditions. What they are:

  • Hypothyroidism – Thyroid Deficiency 
  • Cushing Syndrome

However these diseases can be treated. When they are properly treated by our trusted clinics in Turkey, they can not prevent losing weight. Additively, specific medication can cause obesity such as schizophrenia medicines, medicines for other mental illnesses, diabetes medicines etc. If you are taking medicines regularly, our general practitioners will tell you what to do to lose weight. When you quit smoking, as a side effect, you can also gain weight too.