How Many Types of Obesity in the World?

There are Six Types of Obesity Known So Far

People think that obesity is just one type of illness but they are wrong. There are Six Types of Obesity. 

Obesity Caused By Food

Obesity caused by food is the most common type around the world. Because we live in a busy world, nobody has time to cook or wait to eat healthy food. They prefer choosing the line of least resistance and dine out or order fast food. They even sometimes eat junk food as meals. This kind of unhealthy food contains a lot of sugar and fat. When people consume more than they need, this sugar and fat are stored in the body causing obesity. As a result, this one of the Six Types of Obesity comes into existence. 

Obesity Caused By Nervous Stomach

This busy life of ours brings along depression, anxiety, unhappiness and stress. These feelings cause a nervous stomach. People tend to eat more sugary food, junk food and fast food  to overcome this stress. When they realize that stress disappears, they eat more. Then eating becomes a habit to overcome unpleasant feelings and situations. Instead of eating unhealthy food, people must learn other ways to get rid of stress. This is another type of obesity in the Six Types of Obesity existing in the world.

Obesity Caused By Gluten

Women in puberty and menostasis hormonal disorders. This causes gaining weight. Because of hormonal disorders they can eat more to feel happy. However, they must be careful during this period. They should not smoke, drink alcohol and they should try to be more active. 

There are Six Types of Obesity Known So Far

Obesity Caused By Genetics

Studies have shown that genetics also have an important role on being obese. People that have overweight people in their family history have a high risk to be obese. It is known that some genetic illnesses cause obesity as well. Obesity caused by genetics is in the Six Types of Obesity.

Obesity Caused By Venous

We can include venous obesity in genetics. Because people inherit venous disorder from their families. Those people have swollen legs. The best solution is to do exercise to overcome this.

Obesity Caused By Inactivity

People that had an active life in the past experience this type. Because they were eating more and exercising more in the past, their body is used to store fat and sugar in their body. When they do not do exercise, they store sugar and fat. The best solution is to eat small meals very often and do exercise. This is the last one of the Six Types of Obesity.