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Is obesity a state of being overweight? Both yes and no! Although obesity is known by many as just being overweight, it contains hundreds of different diseases. So what is Obesity? Is there a cure for obesity? Is obesity treatment possible without surgery?

What is Obesity?

Obesity is a disease that affects many vital organs, especially the heart, together with being overweight. To explain in more detail, obesity is a condition in which a person’s height and body weight are not proportional. This is learned by a calculation called BMI. Obesity is a disease that affects many vital organs, especially the heart, together with being overweight. To explain in more detail, obesity is a condition in which a person’s height and body weight are not proportional. This is learned by a calculation called BMI. You can use the calculation below for this. Along with the BMI calculation, the table below shows which treatment you are suitable for and your obesity stage.

BMI Calculator

Weight: 85kg
Height: 158 cm

Formula: weight ÷ height² = BMI
Example : 85 ÷158² = 34

What are Obesity Treatments?

Weight loss treatments require a specific plan for each patient. While this is sometimes possible with stomach botox and diet, in some cases, gastric sleeve will be appropriate after gastric balloon treatment. There is more detailed information about treatments in the rest of our content. However, to give a brief briefing, weight loss treatment includes:

  • Gastric Balloon: Gastric balloon is a non-surgical weight loss treatment with 12 months, 6 months and smart gastric balloon treatments.
  • Stomach Botox: This treatment is suitable for patients who expect less weight loss without experiencing any side effects or pain. It is not a surgical procedure.
  • Gastric Sleeve: Gastric Sleeve includes the reduction of patients’ stomach. It is a radical treatment and it is not possible to return to gray.
  • Gastric bypass: It involves reducing the stomach of patients, such as gastric sleeve surgery. It also includes processing in the large intestine. It is suitable for patients with higher BMI compared to Gastric Sleeve treatment.
Didim Gastric Bypass

Who Is Obesity Treatments Suitable For?

BMI ClassificationWhat Treatments Can You Consider?
underweight (< 18.5)The BMI value indicates that it is quite small. For this reason, you should gain weight with the support of an expert. Otherwise, being too thin will also cause health problems.
normal weight (18.5 – 24.9)This indicates that you do not have any weight problems. Therefore, it is sufficient to maintain your body weight.
overweight (25.0 – 29.9)If your BMI is in these ranges, you need some help. You can get help from an expert dietitian.
class I obesity (30.0 – 34.9)You definitely need a cure. It will be appropriate to lose weight with Gastric Balloon or stomach botox treatment.
class II obesity (35.0 – 39.9)This indicates that you have a serious surplus. You probably have health problems like sleep apnea or type 2 diabetes. For this reason, you may consider getting gastric sleeve treatment.
class III obesity (≥ 40.0)That’s quite a BMI. Although you are suitable for Gastric Sleeve treatment, Gastric bypass will be more effective for you.

What treatments are available in Obesity Centers?

Turkey Obesity Centers have weight loss surgeries and treatments used around the world. Although there are treatments such as Gastric Banding among these, we only provide the following treatments in Turkey Obesity Centers where we provide treatment;

Gastric Botox / Stomach Botox

First of all, it should be known that stomach botox is not an obesity treatment. As mentioned above, it is a treatment provided in obesity centers. At the same time, stomach botox treatment is the most preferred non-surgical weight loss method among weight loss treatments. Stomach botox treatment slows down the stomach muscles to make it easier for patients to lose weight. In this case, patients digest their food in a much longer time. This, together with the patient’s healthy and low-calorie diet, provides a serious weight loss.

By examining the table above, you can understand whether you are suitable for stomach botox treatment. → Gastric Botox in Turkey

Gastric Balloon

Gastric Balloon is a treatment that provides weight loss without surgery like stomach botox. Although it can be used in the treatment of obesity, it should be known that it cannot always be used as a treatment for obesity. Gastric balloon involves inflating the surgical balloon placed in the patient’s stomach. This inflated balloon creates a feeling of satiety in the patient’s stomach and suppresses the patient’s appetite. With the necessary diet and exercise, weight loss will be inevitable. You can also read our content to learn more about Gastric Balloon treatment. → Gastric Balloon in Turkey

Stomach Botox

Gastric Tube/ Gastric Sleeve

Gastric sleeve involves removing most of the patient’s stomach. It is a surgical procedure. As mentioned above, although it is suitable for patients with BMI 40 and above, patients with BMI 35 and serious health problems also prefer sleeve gastrectomy treatment. The eating habits of obesity patients cause the stomach to expand over time. The surgery also allows patients to lose weight with the shrinking of the growing stomach over time.

Of course, patients should also make a radical dietary change after sleeve gastrectomy surgery. It should be known that this eating habit should be permanent for life. Otherwise, it is possible to gain weight again and digestive problems will be inevitable. You can also read our content for detailed information about Tube Stomach surgery.Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey

Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass involves the reduction of the stomach, as in sleeve gastrectomy surgery. In addition, the bypass procedure also causes greater changes in the patient’s digestion. Along with the shrinkage of the stomach, various operations are performed in the small intestine. In this case, the change in the digestive system of the patients provides a faster and more effective weight loss.

Although it is important for patients to have a BMI of at least 40 for gastric bypass surgery, it is also important to undergo an examination for treatment. Gastric bypass, together with the reduction of the stomach and the operation in the intestines, allows the patient to be fed with smaller portions and the calories in the foods taken to be removed from the body without being digested. → Gastric Bypass in Turkey

Advantages of Getting Treatment in Turkey Obesity Centers

You should know that if you receive treatment in obesity centers in Turkey, you will gain many advantages. Because Turkey Obesity centers have many advantages due to Turkey’s location. With Turkey’s low cost of living and extremely high exchange rate, you will have the following advantages;

  • Cheap Treatment Costs
  • High purchasing power
  • High success rates in obesity treatment
  • Treatment without waiting lists
  • Easily planned accommodation and transfer services

At the same time, Turkey is a country that is frequently preferred in health tourism and the most common disease of today is obesity. With the increasing consumption of fast food, the demand for obesity surgeries is also increasing. This situation also provides competitive prices as it provides competition between Turkey Obesity centers.

Best Turkey Obesity Centers

Turkey obesity centers can have both advantages and risks as in every country. However, there is a point you should pay attention to that it will be easier to get treatment in Best Turkey Obesity centers compared to other countries. How Does? Turkey obesity centers are frequently preferred in health tourism. In this case, the experience of obesity centers in Turkey gives you an advantage.

However, in any case, it would not be correct to name a single center under the name of Best Turkey Obesity centers. Because there are obesity centers in many different provinces in Turkey, and in this case, the success rates of obesity centers will vary according to the cities they are located in. You can get detailed information about Turkey Obesity Centers and treatment prices by continuing to read our content.

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Turkey Obesity Treatment Prices

Turkey Obesity treatment prices are quite variable. There are differences between the surgical and non-surgical types of weight loss treatments, as well as buying the same treatments in different obesity centers will cause a price difference. This depends on the quality of the special devices and materials used in bariatric surgery, as well as how famous the Obesity Center is.

For example, in two different Turkey obesity centers using the same quality materials for Gastric Bypass, the price difference will be determined by how famous the Obesity Center is. In this case, getting expert information about prices will give you an advantage in every sense. We at Curebooking are aware that receiving treatment outside of your country can be worrisome. Therefore, thanks to Our Mission, we ensure that you get the best prices in the best Obesity centers.

Istanbul Obesity Treatment Prices

Obesity TreatmentsStarting Prices
Gastric Sleeve2.250€
Gastric Bypass3.455€
Gastric Botox1.255€
Gastric Balloon1.800€

Izmir Obesity Treatment Prices

Obesity TreatmentsStarting Prices
Gastric Sleeve2.450€
Gastric Bypass3.100€
Gastric Botox850€
Gastric Balloon1.850€

Antalya Obesity Treatment Prices

Obesity TreatmentsStarting Prices
Gastric Sleeve2.150€
Gastric Bypass3.250€
Gastric Botox980€
Gastric Balloon2.200€

Kusadasi Obesity Treatment Prices

Obesity TreatmentsStarting Prices
Gastric Sleeve2.600
Gastric Bypass3.250€
Gastric Botox1300€
Gastric Balloon2.250€

Bursa Obesity Treatment Prices

Obesity TreatmentsStarting Prices
Gastric Sleeve2.250€
Gastric Bypass2.850€
Gastric Botox750€
Gastric Balloon1.800€

Alanya Obesity Treatment Prices

Obesity TreatmentsStarting Prices
Gastric Sleeve2.150€
Gastric Bypass3.250€
Gastric Botox980€
Gastric Balloon2.200€

Didim Obesity Treatment Prices

Obesity TreatmentsStarting Prices
Gastric Sleeve2.450€
Gastric Bypass3.500€
Gastric Botox780€
Gastric Balloon1.950€
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