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Obesity Diagnosis at the Simplest

Open Expression of Obesity Diagnosis

General practitioners in our obesity clinic in Turkey usually use body mass index for obesity diagnosis if patients are fat or a healthy weight depending on their height.

Obesity diagnosis criterias by professional GPs

BMI between 19 and 25 shows that people are a healthy weight for adults. BMI between 25 and 30 shows that people are fat. 

Is overweight a diagnosis for obesity?

However BMI more than 30 shows that people are obese. Because some people work out, BMI can not be the right measurement for those people. In these situations, BMI can be high as these people have too much muscles. Their waistline is measured to diagnose if they are overweight or obese. Cultural inheritance also is a factor to decide healthy weight (BMI). Being overweight is considered healthy in some cultures. For example, being overweight used to mean that you are rich in the British History. 

On the other hand, children’s healthy weight can not be measured with BMI since they are budding. Parents have to see one of our general practitioners in ourmobesity clinic in Turkey to diagnose obesity in their children. 

Seeing One of Our GP in Turkey

We live in a stressful world and have a stressful life. In addition to genetics, an unhealthy diet, stress is also a crucial factor for obesity. If you think that you have obesity because of genetics and an unhealthy diet and if you are also stressed, a treatment break may be helpful to get rid of your stress and lose weight. Nowadays, treatment vacations are a new trend since healthcare expenses are too high in some European Countries. Turkey’s currency is low when it is compared to other countries. People prefer to have their obesity diagnosis and treatment and have a vacation in Turkey instead of having their treatment in their hometown. Because they have the opportunity to have a vacation with their treatment instead of a treatment cost in their country. Even if you need obesity surgery, the surgery’s cost is cheaper than the surgery’s cost in your Country. You should start thinking and searching for your obesity diagnosis and treatment vacation in Turkey. When you read our articles about Turkey, you will realize that Turkey is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world and discover its natural wonders. 

Is overweight a diagnosis for obesity?

If you think you are a unhealthy weight or obese, you should definitely see one of our general practitioners in our obesity clinic in Turkey and get advice for your obesity treatment. Our GP will tell you whether your weight is life threatening or not.

Questions that you may be asked by our GP:

  • Lifestyle habits that you have. For example; Do you smoke or drink alcohol?  What do you eat and how often do you eat? Do you exercise or how much do you exercise?
  • How do you feel about your physical appearance and your weight? Do you think you are obese? How does your weight affect your psychology or how does your psychology affect your weight? Are you depressed?
  • Any other factors that are important for gaining weight like diseases and medicines that are regularly taken.
  • How did you decide to lose weight?
  • Your family background. Is there any one obese in your family? 

After you answer these questions, our GP will perform tests about your BMI, waistline and other tests that will show if you have any other diseases that may be affected by your obesity treatment. Taking your blood sample and measuring your cholesterol and glucose level in it, measuring your waistline and checking your blood pressure are some of these tests that will be run by your GB in our obesity clinic in Turkey.

95 cm waistline for men and 81 cm waistline for women are one of the obesity criterias for overweight people. These people tend to have problems that can originate from obesity. Your cultural background can be evaluated by our GP in obesity hospital in Turkey. After your results are concluded, you will have another appointment with your GP to talk about the most appropriate treatment in your condition. You should ask every question that is in your mind to be clear about everything.