Childhood Obesity

The Complications of Childhood Obesity

All Complications in Child Obesity

We can separate the Complications of Childhood Obesity into two groups. These are physical complications and emotional and social complications.

The Most Common Physical Complications of Childhood Obesity

  • Asphyxiation. That means having difficulty while breathing. Overweight children generally have sleep apnea. 
  • Overweight negatively affects children’s bodies as adults. Being overweight causes pain in children’s back, legs and other parts of the body as adults.
  • Liver fattening is also a physical complication for children.
  • As a result of an inactive lifestyle, children get type 2 diabetes.
  • High blood pressure and cholesterol are the Complications of Childhood Obesity. These can cause a child to have a heart attack.

The Most Common Emotional and Social Complications of Childhood Obesity

Children are relentless to each other. Their friends can make cracks about children that are overweight. Consequently, they feel depressed and lose their self confidence. 

All Complications in Child Obesity

How to Prevent The Complications of Childhood Obesity

To prevent the Complications of Childhood Obesity, parents should prevent their children from gaining too much weight. What can parents do to help their children?

  • Get in the habit of eating healthy and doing exercise with your children. Just forcing your children to eat healthy and do exercise is not enough. You should also be a model to your children.
  • Everybody likes snacks, so buy healthy snacks for your children and yourself.
  • Getting used to a healthy diet can be difficult for your children but do not give up. Try several times. Give more chances to your children to love healthy food.
  • Do not reward your children with food.
  • Studies have shown that sleeping a little also causes gaining weight. For this reason, make sure that your children sleep enough.

Finally, parents make a point of having their children’s regular check ups. They should see their doctor at least once a year to prevent the Complications of Childhood Obesity.

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