Childhood Obesity

Risk Factors of Childhood Obesity

What are the risk factors of obesity in children?

There are a lot of Risk Factors of Childhood Obesity that affect children’s becoming obese. These are:

  • Being inactive. Children that are not active tend to gain weight. Nowadays, children spend more time in front of screens. They spend most of their time by playing computer games and surfing the net. These inactive habits negatively affect children’s health.
  • Unhealthy diet. People live in a hurry. For this reason, nobody has enough time to cook. Instead of cooking, ordering fast food or going to a restaurant is easier. Taking the easy way out is one of the Risk Factors of Childhood Obesity that negatively affects children’s health. Always eating out and fast food cause unhealthy diet habits and unhealthy lifestyle habits. Consequently, children come right becoming overweight.
  • Children also overeat when they are stressed as adults. Sometimes feelings can be a risk factor of being overweight too. When parents fight in front of their children, they tend to eat more to deal with stress.
  • Family history. If a child has people that are overweight or obese in his or her family, that child tend to be overweight in the future. Because having overweight people in the family means having unhealthy eating habits. 
  • Medicines that are taken regularly. If a child takes a drug regularly, this drug may cause gaining weight. In these circumstances, seeing a doctor and consulting about the drug is the best thing to do.
  • Economic conditions can be one of the Risk Factors of Childhood Obesity. Some people can not make an effort to buy healthy and fresh food. For this reason, they have to buy cheaper and unhealthy food. In addition, they do not have a chance to go to a safe place to do exercise.