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Types of High Quality Dental Implants in Antalya

Types and Costs of High Quality Dental Implants in Antalya

A dental implant in Antalya is a thin titanium screw that replaces missing or failing teeth by surgically implanting it into the jaw bone. The root of your natural tooth or teeth operates similarly to an implant.

A single dental implant will serve if you just have one missing tooth, but if you have numerous missing teeth, we can design an implant bridge that will be held in place by one or more dental implants. Implants are perfect because when your teeth are missing in the upper jaw, your jaw bone lacks the support of your dental roots.

When the jaw bone lacks sufficient support, your body begins to absorb the bone tissue, resulting in a very thin upper jaw, which raises the chance of a sinus cavity collapse. When people remove their fake teeth and their mouth appears to be pulled in, this is an illustration of this. This collapse is caused by a deformation of the jaw bone, not by the absence of teeth in the gums. Dental implants will provide the necessary support for the jaw bone.

The price of dental implants in Antalya varies depending on the brands we carry and your budget. For the implant to merge with the jaw bone, you must wait at least 4 months after it is placed.  This implies that you must come back for a second visit to have your crowns inserted. 

Let’s look at the dental implantation techniques performed in Antalya clinics when multiple teeth are lost or total adentia is present.

One-stage implantation with quick loading is the most common approach (also known as express implantation, single-phase, Immediate Load, minimally invasive implantation in Antalya). Because of this approach, the prosthesis will be attached to the implants on the second or third day, rather than six months later.

All-on-4. The artificial teeth are attached to four implants: two in the front and two in the side is a type of high quality dental implant in Antalya. 

All-on-6. Six implants are used in this protocol: two are implanted in the frontal area and four are inserted in the lateral area. This method enables a more secure prosthetic fixation, allowing the burden to be distributed more uniformly. Even if there is bone tissue atrophy, this implantation procedure can be used.

Basal complex (all-on-8). In the case of severe bone loss or advanced periodontal disease, basal implantation can be employed. The number of implants each arch has been increased to 8-12. Some are positioned vertically, while others are positioned at an angle. Using CT-based 3D technology, the doctor determines the installation area based on the volume and quality of the jawbone.

What Are the Steps for Dental Implants in Antalya?

Diagnostic stage: During this phase, our professional implant dentists in Antalya examine the patient, ask questions concerning his or her state of health and preferences. After that we make a dental panoramic X-ray, and formulate the diagnosis. An additional medical examination may be performed if necessary. Then doctors come up with a treatment plan, select the most suitable implant brand, and decide on the implantation process for the patient. 

Preparatory stage: At this point, our dentists conduct a thorough examination: they perform a CT, take lab tests, make sure there are no contraindications, and, if necessary, consult with allied specialists. During this stage, doctors also perform oral cavity sanitation, and, if necessary, treat the gum and mucous membrane diseases to prepare them for the high quality implantation process in Antalya. 

Dental implant surgery in Antalya: Implants get installed under local anesthesia, and the whole procedure takes 1-2 hours. The implantation can be combined with tooth extraction (both procedures are performed on the same day).

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cost of dental implants in Antalya.

Impression pickup: Once the artificial roots are installed, they get covered by transition elements called abutments. After that, such elements will be used to hold the implants.

Implantation: Placing dental implants generally takes 1-1.5 hours (depending on the complexity of the case). Implants get immediately loaded with a temporary acrylic denture that perfectly imitates the aesthetics of the natural teeth.

Osseointegration: The implants should establish well in the bone, and this process takes 3-4 months on average. So, you have to come back to Antalya for the second phase of the treatment. 

Installation of permanent dental implants: After the osseointegration is completed, the temporary acrylic denture gets replaced with a permanent ceramic or zirconia prosthesis. It is definitely painless. It serves for many years, features stunning aesthetics, and enables you to eat any food you wish.

How many visits do tooth implants in Antalya necessitate?

Implant therapy typically takes three days: the first day for consultation, the second day for implant surgery, and the third day – two days later – for follow-up. Because the time it takes for the bone to fuse to the implant differs depending on the patient’s bone condition, a follow-up appointment 3-6 months later will be required for the attachment of crowns and, if necessary, bridges.

Is there a limit to the number of implants a person can have?

For a healthy mouth, there is no limit to the number of implants that can be placed. However, replacing an implant for each tooth is not recommended; instead, an implant can be used to replace many teeth utilizing bridgework.

Who is eligible for dental implants in Antalya?

Adult patients of all ages can benefit from implants, but older people are more likely to request them. Due to inadequate bone development, implants are not indicated for patients under the age of eighteen. Patients with diabetes should notify us before having implant surgery since they will need a blood test for Haemoglobin A1C before we can treat them. The body will reject the implant if the diabetic patient’s blood sugar levels are extremely high.

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