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Can I Get Low-Cost Dental Implants in Antalya?

Are Antalya Teeth Implants in a Day Best For me?

The first question we get asked is “How much do dental implants cost in Antalya” by our patients from all around the world. Many people ask about implant surgery prices, type of treatment, postoperative discomfort, and implant procedure success rates than about our doctor’s experience.


We want you to know that we completely appreciate what you are going through. We understand how tough it is to strike a balance with all your needs, but dental implants in Antalya might be more economical than you expect. Before we get into pricing, we would like to point out that dental implants are more of an expenditure than an expense, and that you can think of the long-term benefits. Therefore, they will provide you long term outcomes as well as natural looking teeth.

If you want to learn whether dental implants in Antalya are a good treatment option for you or not, you should answer the following three questions. 

  1. Do you want your smile naturally looking?

When properly placed by a skilled and experienced dentist, a dental implant can conform to the entire mouth and function as a normal tooth. Other alternatives to implants can prohibit you from eating, talking, chewing, or smiling in some cases.

  1. Do you like a smudge-free laugh? 

Dental implants would encourage you to bite down on some meal, eat whatever you want, and brush your teeth like you usually would. You can experience pain and odour issues when eating with dentures or other alternatives. A successful dentist implant in Antalya would be able to provide you with the most appropriate and diverse choices for healthy dental implants in Antalya at low costs.

  1. What does a non-embarrassing smile look like? 

Dental implants are secured in the teeth that are built on top of them after they have been implanted. This ensures that your teeth will not move, make noise, or slip, allowing you to smile naturally. It is possible that your dentures could fall when you are chewing, chatting, or smiling, which can be a challenge.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost in Antalya Turkey?

There are no two patients or implant procedures that are the same. The patient’s bone density, age, oral hygiene, number of appointments, and procedures all play a role in determining the cost of dental implants in Antalya.

Remember that dental implants can last a very long time, maybe even a lifetime. More specifically, if you want to keep your dental implants for a long time, you can use a licensed implant and a professional dentist. Our experienced implant dentists in Antalya use the Straumann implant brand which is the best in the world. They are known for their high-quality material and long-term effectiveness. 

Such options for dental implant alternatives may seem to be less expensive at first, but you will be paying this cost repeatedly, and the procedure will eventually cost you more than teeth implants.

You can ask any question you wonder to your dentist in Antalya for dental implants

Following the initial visit and assessment, the dentist will create a personal treatment plan for your dental implant holiday in Antalya that covers all the supplies that will be used, as well as treatment times and costs of dental implants in Antalya. There will be no hidden or extra costs unless there is an additional procedure such as bone grafting or sinus lifting. Bone grafting is needed when you do not have sufficient bone in your jaw and sinus lifting is needed when your sinuses are too close to the jaw. You can compare the prices of dental implants in the UK and in Antalya as well as additional procedures. 

Dental Implants in AntalyaTurkey PriceUK Price
Single implants£285£1750
Bone Grafting£200£1,200 – £2,500
Sinus Lifting£250£500 – £2,000
Comparison of Dental Implants and Additional Procedures in Antalya and the UK

Antalya Experienced Dentist for Dental Implants

Our trusted dental clinics in Antalya has a 3D Tomography system, which helps experienced dentist implants in Antalya to prepare teeth implants with great accuracy and, in some cases, Guided Surgery (also referred to as Implants without surgery). Our smile design tools, and CAD CAM technologies enable us to fabricate dental veneers and crowns on-site. This gives you more power of the final product, meaning that you get the smile of your dreams. Many patients carry a snapshot of a smile they like, and the dental staff will either reproduce it or tweak it to make small changes based on your preferences.

Owing to the high degree of equipment present on the clinic premises, experienced dentists for dental implants in Antalya will complete a full Smile Makeover in only 3-4 days, even if you have a limited time available, you can be confident that the clinics can handle high quality services in a short timeframe. These clinics have made a significant investment in dental technology, which has been sourced exclusively from accredited manufactures.

They have years of experience applying dental implants to thousands of patients with no postoperative problems. We guarantee that you will get the best dental implants in Antalya by the best dentists. 

You should be careful about what is included in dental implant holiday packages in Antalya. Our packages include everything you need such as lodging, private transfer services from airport to hotel and dental clinic in Antalya as well as personal treatment plan at low costs.

Same Day Dental Implants in Turkey Antalya

One of the reasons why so many patients abroad requesting Same Day Dental Implants in Antalya is that they are unable to remain in another country for a prolonged period for medical reasons. The good news is that dental implants can be placed in a single day. Same-day dental implants are now common in Turkey, and the success rate is very high, so there is no need to be concerned.

Deciding on same dental implants in Antalya, it is important to consider the treatment’s complexities. Even though same-day teeth implants in Antalya are possible, they are only available during the first step of the procedure. It is not as simple as having the tooth or teeth fitted, relaxing for a bit, and then walking away.

The jawbone must be healthy to get Same Day Implants in Antalya, and there should be no other dental issues that might cause problems later. The implants are fitted using a punch system, which eliminates stitches and healing time.

Immediate dental implant treatment procedure necessitates a healthy jawbone and proper root shape. Dentists will position the crown in as little as three days if the bone condition is excellent. 

Can I Get Low-Cost Dental Implants in Antalya?

What Are the Advantages of Getting Teeth Implants in Antalya?

The most significant benefit of choosing our trusted dental clinics in Antalya is that dental implants cost in Turkey is up to 75% less than in the United Kingdom. That is, without sacrificing the consistency of the dental goods or the care offered. 

Our clinics use the most quality products as well as the newest technology. Thanks to affordable dental implants in Antalya, you will get your smile back while getting your teeth done in Turkey and having holiday at the same time. You have a chance to save more than %70 of your money compared to other European countries. People know that dental implants are the most expensive dental treatment in the world, but Turkey is here to turn things into advantages. 

Another advantage for getting teeth implants in Antalya is that you do not have to wait weeks or months to make an appointment with your dentist. It is so much easier to make an appointment at a dental clinic in Turkey. Our dentists in Antalya work full day on Saturdays as well, but some in the U.S. work 3 to 4 days in a week which causes appointments to be delayed. 

Another reason is that there are not enough dentists in some parts of Europe. Therefore, it can take months to get an implant appointment with a specialist. All these reasons make your implant treatment in Antalya faster. This procedure will take less than a week and 2 visits. 

Make the most of your vacation in Antalya, where nature meets culture. You will be in one of the Mediterranean’s most stunning towns. Antalya is a tropical paradise with 300 days of sunshine a year and beautiful blue flag beaches. Coming to Antalya for getting teeth done and a relaxing vacation can be a fantastic idea. Antalya is home to many of the world’s most beautiful and all-inclusive 5-star hotels.

For flights from New York and a stay at a 5-star hotel, travel expenses do not exceed $2,500. In the United States, you can get a root canal filling and a crown for this amount. However, for the treatment of full mouth implants in Antalya, you will get all on 4 dental implants which will have amazing results.