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What is the Best City to Get Dental Implants in Turkey?

Which City in Turkey Is The Best to Get Implants and Dental Treatments?

In recent years, Turkey has been one of the most popular dental tourism destinations. Patients from all over Europe travel thousands of kilometers to receive affordable dental care while on vacation — a so-called “dental holiday.”

Many people considering getting their teeth done in Turkey have the same question. “In Turkey, which city has the greatest dental clinics?” The answer is that it “doesn’t matter.” Turkey’s dental clinics have a lot of experience due to the large number of overseas patients and the country’s population of 80 million people.


Istanbul is a stunning megacity that crosses Europe and Asia via the Bosphorus Strait and it is the top city to get dental implants in Turkey. Mosques, palaces, and castles bear the cultural imprints of the various civilizations that formerly dominated the land. You’ll find the best restaurants, physicians, shopping malls, and everything else. It is one of the world’s most populous cities, with a population of about 15 million people.

Prepare to wait in huge lines and encounter traffic bottlenecks. Make sure to book a hotel and clinic that are close to each other. Because the cost of living in Istanbul is higher, dental procedures will be more expensive than in other places. However, Cure Booking found you the most affordable dental clinics in Istanbul.

Istanbul Dental Center

Which City in Turkey Is The Best to Get Implants and Dental Treatments?

It’s not just about the friendly folks or the fantastic food and nightlife. Istanbul is also a top city for dental care, despite the fact that most people are unaware of this.

Thousands of dental clinics abound in this Turkish city, offering high-quality care at a reasonable cost. However, when it comes to the top dental facility, one stands out above the rest.

Istanbul Dental Center is a cutting-edge facility with a team of highly qualified dental academics, endodontists, and dentists. Many international patients love this dentistry institution since it always welcomes a swarm of medical tourists from nations such as the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany and Saudi Arabia.

Let’s have a look at the most common dental procedures performed in Istanbul dental center:

Dental Veneers in Istanbul Dental Center

Dental veneers, often known as quick orthodontics, are customized tooth shells that can fix chipping, stains, and even badly discolored teeth, resulting in a stunning smile. So, consider dental veneers as a technique that covers the visible dental surface of the tooth, allowing for a more conservative approach to esthetic smile makeovers.

While veneers are a conservative technique to repair damaged teeth, they must be done by qualified dentists, which is why we always recommend Istanbul Dental Centers.

Dental Implants in Istanbul Dental Center

Dental implant surgery is a process that replaces damaged or missing tooth roots with artificial teeth that look and function like natural teeth. Implants have the same appearance as natural teeth and perform the same functions. It can be difficult to distinguish between a natural tooth and an implant.

The implanted tooth forms a direct link with the jaw bone, projecting from the gum and acting as a buttress for the tooth crown. As a result, this operation is only for patients who have teeth that are broken or missing. Dental implants reduce the need for bridges, and they help prevent dentures from moving about.

All of Istanbul Dental Center’s patients can expect a successful dental implant surgery. The clinic’s total success rate is 98 percent, as indicated by the clinic’s overall success rate. This operation takes roughly 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

What Are The Other Cities in Turkey to Get Dental Implants?


Which City in Turkey Is The Best to Get Implants and Dental Treatments? Antalya

Antalya is Turkey’s tourism capital. Millions of travelers visit each year in search of a low-cost vacation or 5-star ultra-luxury resorts. Antalya is a must-visit destination for nature lovers, all-inclusive resorts, and 8 months of mild weather. Despite its popularity, the city center is not packed because most of the resorts are located in districts. If you book a dental clinic in the Lara region, the sea, shopping malls, restaurants, and the clinic will most likely be within walking distance of the hotel.
Antalya has become a popular destination for dentistry vacations in recent years. Hundreds of people who have come to have their teeth cleaned can be found on the streets. If you stay in a boutique hotel in the city center, you’ll almost certainly be surrounded by dental patients from the United Kingdom. Due to the enormous volume of international and local dental patients, the majority of dental clinics have a lot of experience.

Aydin- Kusadasi

Which City in Turkey Is The Best to Get Implants and Dental Treatments?
Which City in Turkey Is The Best to Get Implants and Dental Treatments? Kusadasi

Didim and Kusadasi districts make up the province of Aydin. Depending on the section of Aydin you will visit, you should purchase your tickets to Izmir Airport or Milas Airport. If you want to go to Kusadasi, one of the best cities to get implants in Turkey, you need to go to Izmir airport. And then, after a 1 hour drive, you will arrive here. Kusadasi is one of the best cities for both dental procedures and holidays. You can stay in all inclusive 5 star hotels. There are beach clubs, clubs with live music, cafes, restaurants, historical places (Virgin Mary’s House, Ephesus Ancient City, Basilicas and Villages), aqua parks (largest in Turkey) and more. 

Contact us to get dental implants in Istanbul, Izmir and Kusadasi at the best prices. Also, look at the best cities to get veneers.