Things to Consider Before and After Getting Nose Job in Istanbul

Before and Aftercare of Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Rhinoplasty surgery is a procedure that alters the shape of the nose. The goal is to not only alter the form of the nose, but also to produce a nose that complements the face.

A practical and positive nasal aesthetic is vital in addition to looks. As well, you should be able to breathe deeply. Furthermore, the nose must be in harmony with the other facial components and must add to the overall beauty of the face.

Another thing to keep in mind is that while nasal aesthetics might be attractive, a nose that seems attractive on one person’s face may be unattractive on another’s. As a result, it is important to create a nose aesthetic that is unique to you. There are some things to take into consideration before and after a nose job in Turkey.

Before Getting Rhinoplasty in Turkey

When you decide to get rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey, you need to prepare yourself physically and mentally.

Because this is a unique surgery that will permanently alter your nose, it is critical that you make an informed selection.

During the preoperative phase, keep the following points in mind:

For at least one week, stay away from pain relievers and aspirin-type medications.

You should postpone surgery if you have an upper respiratory tract illness, such as the flu.

Some medicines or supplements that aren’t pharmaceuticals but are used as supportive treatment, such as vitamin E, should be avoided.

If the patient is middle-aged or older, and has any health concerns such as hypertension or diabetes, it is critical to control these before the operation.

Furthermore, it is important to quit smoking and drinking alcohol a few weeks before surgery to avoid certain detrimental agents to our health, particularly in terms of proper feeding of the skin that covers our nose after surgery in Turkey.

Rhinoplasty Surgery and Treatment in General in Turkey

Surgery 2 to 6 hours (duration varies depending on the patient’s nose job)

Anesthesia: General Anesthesia 

Intensive care unit (ICU) stay: –

2 weeks off work is required.

After 6 weeks, you should start exercising, including going to the gym.

After 4 weeks, sexual activity is recommended.

Time to complete recovery: 6 to 8 weeks

Washing: after 1 day, if the region is totally dry, it is advised that you wash it.

For at least 4 weeks, sleeping on your back is suggested.

Getting a Nose Job in Istanbul Turkey- Before and After

After Getting a Nose Job in Istanbul, Turkey

The post-operative phase will vary depending on the sort of surgical procedure you underwent. While the majority of nose forms heal quickly, certain surgeries take time to get a satisfactory look. Our doctors suggest remaining in Turkey for at least seven days after a nose operation to do preliminary tests and evaluate the results. There are several precautions and medications that must be taken in order to speed up the healing process and get predictable results. For the first four days after surgery, our doctors recommend avoiding hot, solid, dry foods that require chewing and instead opting for juicy, smooth, and warm foods. 

Second, reducing the healing period requires avoiding extreme gestures such as laughing, weeping, or yelling, as well as hard physical activity such as running or aerobics. Third, because the nose’s surface will be extremely sensitive following rhinoplasty, more thought is required. Cotton can be dipped in oxygenated water and washed nearby three or four times a day to avoid bleeding from the nose or crusting in the nostrils. Finally, doctors will do a final checkup at the clinic before removing the bandages and sutures.

When you return to your home country in a week, the cosmetic surgeon will provide you detailed aftercare instructions for the healing phase of your rhinoplasty procedure in Turkey. After resuming your normal routine and returning to work, be patient to notice complete external healing and outcomes, as the definitive evaluation of the nose structure takes a year.

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