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Successful Plastic Surgery Procedures and Prices in Turkey – Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos in 2022

Plastic surgery is one of the most preferred health fields in Turkey. . Thanks to its successful and affordable treatments, it hosts hundreds of thousands of health tourists every year. Turkey is a country where plastic surgery operations are frequently preferred. There are a wide variety of procedure options in the field of Plastic Surgery. By reading our content, you can learn about these transactions and their prices.

Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty is surgery that can be done to change the shape, size and appearance of the nose or to breathe. Rhinoplasty surgery may sometimes be necessary only to change its appearance, but sometimes it can be performed both to breathe comfortably and to have a beautiful nose appearance. Rhinoplasty surgeries are surgeries that every individual can have after the age of 18. Most of the time, the patient is under general anesthesia during the surgery.

For this reason, it does not feel any pain. It is one of the most preferred aesthetic operations worldwide. This surgery, which is demanded for thousands of euros in many countries, can be got at very reasonable prices in Turkey. For this reason, thousands of patients come to Turkey for rhinoplasty every year. To get more detailed information about rhinoplasty surgery, you can read our Rhinoplasty Title.

Rhinoplasty Surgery Price In Turkey

Rhinoplasty prices in Turkey are more affordable than ever. The increase in the exchange rate allows foreign harvests to receive Rhinoplasty treatment at a very affordable price. The price of this surgery, which is most preferred in aesthetic surgery procedures, is 2100 Euros with Curebooking’s best price guarantee. However, some patients prefer Curebooking package prices to meet their non-treatment needs at an affordable price. Curebooking Package Prices are also 2350 Euros. Package prices include:

  • Hospitalization due to treatment
  • 6Days Hotel Accommodation
  • Airport, hotel and clinic transfers
  • Breakfast
  • PCR test
  • All tests were done in the hospital
  • Nursing service
  • Medication

Rhinoplasty Surgery Before- After

Vaser Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction is a body shaping procedure that is often preferred by people who are at a healthy weight but have regional fat mass. It should be noted that Liposuction is not a weight loss surgery. It is the process of removing excesses that do not improve with adequate sports and nutrition. Sometimes it can be done just to shape the body. It can also be used for breast reduction in some cases.

On the other hand, it can be used in many parts of the body. hips, thighs, arms or neck. While liposuction surgery is performed for thousands of Euros in many countries, this price is much more affordable in Turkey. On the other hand, it is an important surgical operation. Therefore, it should be performed by experienced and successful doctors. We work with the best doctors in the field. By reading the next paragraph, you can learn the prices and get treatment from Turkey’s best surgeons. You can learn more by reading our Liposuction in Turkey content.

Vaser Liposuction Surgery Price In Turkey

The low cost of living and the high exchange rate in Turkey enable foreign patients to receive treatment at very affordable prices. You can get treatment with Curebooking, with the best price guarantee, by choosing Turkey, which saves 80%, compared to many countries. Thus, you can avoid high prices across Turkey. Curebooking Liposuction Price, 2300 euro. On the other hand, many patients purchase Liposuction as a package. This ensures that you can meet non-therapeutic needs at a very affordable price at one price: Our package price is 2600 eruo. The package includes services;

  • 2 day Hospitalization
  • 5 Days Hotel Accommodation
  • Airport, hotel and clinic transfers
  • Breakfast
  • PCR test
  • All tests were done in the hospital
  • Nursing service
  • Drug treatment

Vaser Liposuction Surgery Before- After

Breast Lift Surgery

Although breast lift operations can be performed in many age groups, it is a suitable procedure for people over the age of 40. This procedure, which is especially preferred by women with large breasts, is preferred due to the sagging of the breasts with the effect of time. A treatment service offered at a high price in many countries, offers successful treatments at very affordable prices in Turkey. You can get more information by reading our article about Liposuction in Turkey.

Breast Lift Surgery Price In Turkey

Breast lift operations are performed at very high prices in many countries. The high dollar rate in Turkey and the low cost of living. Although it offers affordable treatment throughout the country, you can get treatments at the most affordable price with Curebooking. We are only 1900 euros for breast lift operations. However, when patients do not want to spend too much on non-treatment costs, Curebooking package prices are preferred. You can also get more advantages by choosing Package services.

Breast Lift Surgery Before- After

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Women generally prefer breast augmentation operations to look more feminine. Breast augmentation operations, one of the most preferred aesthetic operations all over the world, offer highly successful and affordable treatment services in Turkey. These operations to increase the volume of the breasts are suitable for people of all ages after the age of 18. To learn more about this highly invasive method, you can read my breast augmentation content in Turkey.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Price In Turkey

Breast augmentation, which is one of the most preferred procedures in plastic surgery operations, is a very popular and preferred procedure by many women. However, if it is done for aesthetic purposes, the insurance will not pay the money. This causes patients to pay thousands of euros. Since patients do not want to receive such high-paid treatments, they prefer to be treated in Turkey.

Turkey saves 80% compared to other countries. Although the prices in Turkey are very low, as Curebooking, we provide treatment with the best price guarantee. The cost of breast augmentation surgery is 2500 Euros. At the same time, patients prefer package services when they do not want to spend a lot of money for their non-treatment needs. Curebooking special package services are 2800 Euros.
Package services include:

  • 1 day Hospitalization
  • 6 Day Hotel Accommodationduring
  • Airport, hotel and clinic transfers
  • Breakfast
  • PCR test
  • Nursing service
  • Drug Treatment

Breast Augmentation Surgery Before- After

Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgeries are the surgeries preferred by women with large breasts due to their health problems. Although many people prefer large breasts, they can cause health problems such as larger breasts, lower back pain and hunchback. Because of these health problems, patients prefer breast reduction surgeries. Breast reduction surgeries are offered at high prices in many countries.

Therefore, patients prefer to be treated in Turkey. This location, where successful and quality treatments can be obtained at the most affordable price, is not only for breast reduction operations. It can offer treatment in many other areas. Breast reduction surgeries are very successful in such a comprehensive and successful country. You can read our Breast Reduction content for more detailed information about breast reduction operations in Turkey.

Breast Reduction Surgery Price In Turkey

Many people prefer Turkey for breast reduction operations. Because Turkey is the only country that offers affordable and top quality treatments. In addition to the cheap cost of living in Turkey, the high exchange rate ensures that the treatment of patients comes at an affordable price. Curebooking provides service with the best price guarantee. Curebooking, treatment service, 2100 Euros. At the same time, patients prefer package prices to provide more affordable treatment. Package prices are also 2400 euros.
services included in the package price;

  • 1 day hospitalization
  • 6-Day Hotel Accommodation
  • Airport, hotel and clinic transfers
  • breakfast
  • PCR test
  • nursing service
  • Drug treatment

Breast Reduction Surgery Before- After

Tummy tuck Surgery

A tummy tuck is the operation preferred by many to achieve a flat stomach. Sagging in the abdomen can cause a very bad appearance. Depending on factors such as rapid weight gain and loss, birth, the abdominal region may sag. This should be able to affect people psychologically badly. On the other hand, it can cause the individual to be physically ashamed of herself. Thanks to the latest technology, all these problems can be solved quite successfully.

However, tummy tuck operations are treatments for aesthetic purposes. For this reason, it is not covered by insurance. This results in very high prices. Instead of paying such high prices in his own country, the patient prefers to be treated in Turkey at very affordable prices. In addition to being able to receive affordable treatments in Turkey, it is also preferred that it offers very high quality treatments. For more detailed information about Tummy Tuck operations in Turkey, you can read our Content about Tummy Tuck in Turkey.

Tummy tuck Surgery Price In Turkey

As with every operation in Turkey, tummy tuck operations can be performed at very affordable prices. The high exchange rate allows foreign patients to receive treatment in Turkey at very affordable prices. On the other hand, patients who want to be treated can benefit from Curebooking’s best price guarantee and get the most affordable and successful prices in Turkey. Curebooking-specific tummy tuck surgery costs 2300 Euros. However, many patients prefer Curebooking Package prices in order not to spend too much money for expenses other than their treatment needs. Curebooking package prices are 2600 Euros. Package prices include 2 days of hospitalization.

  • 2 day Hospitalization
  • 5 Days Hotel Accommodation
  • Airport, hotel and clinic transfers
  • Breakfast
  • PCR test
  • All tests were done at the hospital.
  • nursing service
  • Drug Treatment

Tummy tuck Surgery Before- After

Face Lift Surgery

Facelift is a surgical procedure that lifts and tightens facial tissues.
It may include removing excess skin and smoothing wrinkles or tightening facial tissue. Many people complain of sagging face and neck over time. This situation does not look aesthetically pleasing physically. This causes patients to experience psychological problems such as self-shame and dislike. Face lift operations are very popular procedures that are performed under general anesthesia and give the face a natural and taut effect. For more detailed information about facelift, you can read our article about Facelift in Turkey.

Face Lift Surgery
Price In Turkey

For facelift, patients usually decide on Turkey by looking at the general prices of many countries. Turkey is known for its quality and affordable treatments. On the other hand, it has more experienced doctors than other countries. This is very important for natural face lift procedures. With the best price guarantee in Turkey, We work with the most successful and experienced surgeons. In this way, the patient receives the best treatment. Therefore, you can safely treat with Curebooking. Facelift is 2500 Euros in Curebooking.

Face Lift Surgery Before- After

Otoplasty Surgery

Otoplasty is a plastic surgery treatment preferred by many age groups. Genetically, some people’s ears don’t look the way they should. This treatment method, which is preferred by people with an ear shape called prominent ear (otapostasis ), is a procedure preferred by many people. This procedure, which is done to reduce the ear and pull it backwards, is very often preferred in Turkey. This situation, which causes psychological problems especially for young children, can be easily solved. The earliest age at which otoplasty can be performed was declared by the doctors as 4 It is also known that taking this treatment at an early age is more advantageous.

Otoplasty Surgery Price In Turkey

Ear aesthetics prices start from 1800-2000 Euros in many countries, while this price is only 1000 Euros with Curebooking best price guarantee in Turkey. You can have this treatment done by experienced plastic surgeons in Turkey. For this, you can call us or send a message via Whatsapp.

Otoplasty Surgery Before- After

BBL Surgery

This process, which has become very popular in recent years, is preferred by many people. You know that body shaping with sports takes a lot of time. On the other hand, it is always needed. This method, which is preferred by people who cannot shape their body by doing sports, is the process of transferring the fat tissue taken from the desired areas to the butt.

Fats taken from the waist, thigh or arm are transferred to the patient’s buttocks. Thus, the patient can have a more voluminous and aesthetic looking buttocks. On the other hand, this procedure does not require any incisions and stitches like the implant. The procedure with the injection needle is quite easy and results in success.

BBL Surgery Price In Turkey

BBL Surgery prices are quite high in many countries. This causes patients to search for prices in other countries. On the other hand, patients are aware that they can get the best prices and the most successful treatments in Turkey. Curebooking in Turkey provides treatment with the best price guarantee. Curebooking BBL Surgery costs 2400 Euros. However, most patients prefer Package Services instead of this price. This allows patients to spend less and save more for non-therapeutic needs. Our package prices are 2700 Euros. Package Prices include;

  • 1Hospitalization
  • 6DayHotelAccommodationduring
  • Airport,hotelandclinictransfers
  • Breakfast
  • PCRtest
  • Allteststobedoneinthehospital
  • Nursingservice
  • DrugTreatmen

BBL Surgery Before- After

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