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Bodrum Overview

Bodrum is one of the places frequented by many tourists. It is a lively and fun location in the summer months. It is able to meet everything a tourist needs. For this reason, it is preferred very often. On the other hand, it is a successful location in terms of health tourism. Many tourists take a vacation in Bodrum during all kinds of treatment. You can continue reading the content for detailed information about holiday and treatment in Bodrum. You can better understand the services it offers for the holiday and the possibilities it provides for treatment.

Bodrum Dental Holiday

Turkey is a frequently preferred location for dental treatments. Patients receiving treatment in Turkey return home satisfied. Thanks to the advantages provided by the basement, patients can have a perfect holiday while having dental treatment at the same time. Thanks to its lively nightlife and daytime activities, patients accumulate many memories while being treated.


Bodrum Dental Clinics

The advantage of Bodrum depends on the success of dental clinics. Dental clinics in the basement are very hygienic and equipped. Every device used is sterilized before and after use. Most of the time, disposable products are used. On the other hand, the devices used in the laboratories have the latest technology. In this way, it is possible to obtain the most compatible dentures or veneers for the patient’s original teeth. Thanks to these advantages provided by the clinics in Bodrum, many patients can receive successful treatments.


Bodrum Dentist

One of the most important factors in dental treatments is the success and experience of the doctor. In the clinics located in Bodrum, this feature is very advantageous. Dentists are experienced and successful surgeons in their field. At the same time, due to being a touristic location, doctors can easily communicate with foreign patients. Because they are experienced in this matter. Doctors who treat dozens of patients every day are self-developed doctors who speak more than 1 language.

Bodrum Hair Transplantation Clinics

It is known that the first thing that comes to mind when Turkey is mentioned is hair transplantation. It is possible to receive these successful treatments, which are known by the whole world, in the clinics in Bodrum. Hair transplantation clinics in Bodrum provide treatment by experienced surgeons in hygienic environments. In this way, the risk of hair loss is minimized. The experience of the specialist doctor is very important in terms of making a decision about the area to be selected for Donor hair and application. You can meet all these in Bodrum. On the other hand, you can enjoy the Bodrum sea as soon as you recover.

Bodrum Aesthetic Centers

Another frequently preferred treatment in Bodrum is aesthetic operations. Aesthetic operations are often not covered by insurance. For this reason, many countries ask for thousands of dollars to provide these treatments. It is much more convenient to receive treatment in the basement. The expectations of the patients from this treatment are usually a natural appearance. Thanks to experienced aesthetic and plastic surgeons, it is possible to get natural-looking treatments at very affordable prices.

Historical Places to Visit in Bodrum

  • Mausoleum at Halicarnassus
  • Bodrum Antique Theater
  • Bodrum Maritime Museum
  • Myndos Gate
  • Ottoman Shipyard
  • Karakaya Village

What to do in Bodrum?

As I mentioned before, the basement has the potential to meet all your entertainment needs. For this reason, it is possible to spend time day and night without getting bored.

  • You can participate in extreme sports and collect wonderful memories.
  • By joining boat tours, you can swim in places where there is no land access.
  • You can travel to the past by visiting historical places.
  • If you join the Cultural Tours, you can see the cultural richness in Bodrum.
  • You can dive in the water sports centre.
  • You can enjoy water and entertainment in water parks.
  • You can take a walk in the basement streets for interesting building decorations.

Places to Visit in Bodrum

  • You can visit many touristic places in these places.
  • Bodrum Castle
  • Karakaya Village
  • Etrim Village
  • Zeki Müren Art Center

Places to Shop in Bodrum

Bodrum is a small place. For this reason, there are not very large shopping centers. There are markets and Art galleries. You can shop from these places.

  • Bodrum Bazaar
  • Bodrum Neighborhood Markets
  • Olive Grove The Olive Grove

What To Eat In  Bodrum

  • Onion Pastry
  • Stuffed zucchini flowers
  • Kopoglunu
  • Curd and Pumpkin Pie
  • Manti
  • fava

Bodrum  Nightlife

Bodrum’s nightlife is very lively. The pavilions and bars, which are famous in the Turks, offer many options with their nightclubs. Those who want to spend their holidays in the basement would have made an excellent choice. It is possible to have a good night in this location where all kinds of entertainment centers are available. On the other hand, you should eat fish while drinking Raki at the Restaurants located on the Bodrum coast. This is a Turkish alcohol and it is quite delicious.

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