Successful Colon Cancer Treatment – Colon Treatment in Turkey 2022

Colon cancer is a type of cancer that requires good treatment. Treatment of this cancer is often possible with early diagnosis. For this reason, a check-up should be made every year and it should be checked if there is anything wrong with the body. You can get more detailed information about colon cancer treatment in Turkey by reading the article we prepared about the advantages of Turkey in colon cancer treatment.

What is Colon Cancer?

The last part of colon cancer is called the colon. Cancer cells formed in this region are called colon cancer. It usually starts as small, non-cancerous clumps of cells that form inside the colon. Over time, some of the polyps can develop into colon cancer. For this reason, it is necessary to have regular check-ups after the age of 40.

Colon Cancer Symptoms

  • A persistent change in your routine bowel movements, including diarrhea or constipation
  • rectal bleeding or blood in the stool
  • Persistent abdominal discomfort such as cramps, gas or pain
  • A feeling that your bowels are not completely empty
  • Weakness or fatigue
  • unexplained weight loss

Types And Stages of Colon Cancer

Stage 0: There is no cancer. There are cells with abnormality.
Tis: Cancer cells are found only in the upper layers lining the colon or rectum, or in the lamina propria.
Stage 1: The tumor has grown into the layer of tissue below the mucosa or lining of the colon.
Stage 2: The tumor has grown into the muscularis propria.
Stage 3: The tumor has grown from the muscularis propria and into the subserosa, a thin connective tissue layer from the large intestine, or has grown into the tissues surrounding the colon and rectum.
Stage 4a: The tumor has grown through all layers of the colon.
Stage 4b: The tumor has grown or has spread to other organs.

Colon Cancer Survival Rate

Cancer Stages Colon Cancer Survival Rate
Stage 0TisStage 1 %90
Stage 2 %80
Stage 3 %70
Stage 4aStage 4b %10

Colon Cancer Treatment

Colon Surgery: Involves the surgical removal of cancerous cells in the colon. In the title below, you can read the types of surgery.

Chemotherapy: It involves taking knaser drugs to treat colon cancer. This treatment is sometimes given to you with the help of a vein, and sometimes it is given orally. Thanks to the blood circulation of the body, cancer cells in every part of the body can be treated.

colon cancer

Radiation therapy: It helps to reduce side effects in patients who are not suitable for surgery. It can be taken in conjunction with chemotherapy.

Targeted drug therapy: It is often used in the treatment of advanced colon cancer. It can be combined with chemotherapy. It treats cancerous cells in the targeted area.

Immunotherapy: With this method, the patient’s immune system is trained to kill cancer. The white blood cells taken from the patient are found in the laboratory environment in the same environment as colon cancers. It is trained to fight cancer cells, thanks to a kind of acid used. The white blood cells that are returned to the patient’s body fight the cancer cells and kill the cancer.

Types Of Surgery For Colon Cancer

  • Colonoscopy: It involves removing small cancer cells in the very early stage.
  • Endoscopic mucosal resection: It involves removing a small amount of the inner lining of the colon. This is for larger cancer cells.
  • Laparoscopic surgery: This method is used in cases where the above-mentioned treatments cannot be applied. It is done closed. At the same time, the lymph nodes are checked.
  • Partial colectomy: involves removing the cancer-containing part of the colon and the margin of normal tissue on either side of the cancer.

Are There Risks To Surgical Treatment Of Colon Cancer?

Colon cancer surgery, like any surgery, includes risks. bleeding, infection, and blood clots in the legs. In rare cases, you may experience leakage where your colon joins. This will cause infection. In this case, you may need to have surgery again.

Nutrition After Colon Cancer Surgery

After colon cancer surgery, you should eat according to a diet program of 3-6 weeks. You will need a Dietitian for this diet program. This is all that is needed in order not to radiate any pain or digestive difficulties. To give an example of the foods that should not be consumed;

  • Fresh fruit
  • raw vegetables
  • cooked corn
  • Mushrooms
  • Bean
  • Peas
  • legumes
  • Boiled potato
  • Onion
  • Cabbage
  • fresh juices,
  • dried fruits
  • canned fruit
  • frozen fruits
  • Salami, sausage, sausage
  • pickled meats
  • spicy meat and meat products
lug cancer

Best Country For Colon Cancer Treatment

Many countries provide treatment for cancer treatments. However, we cannot say that they are all good. For a Country to be good, it must have many features. These features are;

  • Ability to give treatment without waiting period
  • I can provide personalized treatment
  • Technological Hardware
  • Experienced Surgeons
  • Hygienic Rooms
  • Affordable Treatments
  • Comfortable Treatments

Success Hospitals in Turkey’s Colon Cancer Treatment

With its success in every treatment, Turkey has high success rates in cancer treatments. Being treated in Turkey provides all kinds of advantages. It has more than all the features that a country should provide in Cancer treatments. You can learn more about the advantages of getting cancer treatment in Turkey by continuing to read our article. The features required for a good Cancer Treatment are as follows;

  • It should have state-of-the-art devices in cancer treatment
  • No Waiting Time
  • Hygienic treatment rooms should be
  • Access to the Expert should be Easy
  • Able to Provide Comfortable Treatment
colon cancer

Technological Devices

Turkey has made a name for itself with its achievements in many fields. In recent years, the success of cancer treatments in Turkey has started to be discussed. Because he can use technology in the most appropriate way. Every device used in cancer treatment is technological. For this reason, state-of-the-art devices should be used in cancer treatments and the latest tried and applied treatments should be presented.

In this way, the patient can get rid of cancer earlier. Thanks to the devices used in Turkey, patients who prefer to be treated in Turkey can have much more detailed information about the types of cancer they have and receive special treatments. In order for the patient to respond to treatment earlier, personalized treatments are important.

Successful and Experienced Surgeons

Due to the lack of specialist doctors in many countries, patients receive treatment both far from comfort and late. Turkey also provides quite an advantage in this factor. The number of specialist doctors in Turkey is quite high. There is more than one doctor who takes special care of patients. 3 doctors work for a patient. They strive to give the best treatment in harmony. In this way, the patient can share their questions and fears at any time.

On the other hand, doctors are doctors who specialize in the treatment of colon cancer. For this reason, they will offer better treatment. At the same time, doctors in Turkey are experienced in providing treatment to foreign patients. This experience of the doctors also gave them the ability to communicate easily with the patient. In this way, the petient will receive a comfortable treatment.

No Standby time

Waiting times. Even in the most developed countries there is a waiting period that puts patients at a great disadvantage. As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, thanks to the high number of specialist doctors in Turkey, patients can receive treatment easily and quickly. Due to the large number of specialists, patients can choose doctors. On the other hand, they can start treatment whenever they want. This is very important in a disease like cancer. Patients who prefer Turkey can receive treatment even on the first day of their arrival. Thus, faster treatment is provided without staging the cancer.

Hygienic Operating Rooms in Turkey

Cancer patients have a very weak immune system. The treatments they will receive will only worsen the situation. Therefore, patients should avoid infection. Patients receiving treatment in hospitals in Turkey also benefit from this factor. In Turkey, there is a filtering system called hepafilter in the rooms of the patients. This prevents the patient from getting an infection from any doctor, nurse or attendant. In this way, the patient fighting the disease does not tire himself by fighting the infection. A better and hygienic treatment is provided.

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