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Robotic vs. Traditional Hip Replacement in Turkey

What Should I Choose? Traditional vs Robotic Hip Replacement Surgery?

Only a few years ago, robotic hip replacement surgery seemed like a distant dream – something that might happen someday, but not in our lifetimes. However, the new robotic hip replacement procedure has arrived sooner than many had anticipated, and it offers a number of advantages. Before choosing on a procedure, it’s important to grasp the differences between robotic and traditional hip replacement surgery in Turkey.

Robotic hip surgery has a number of advantages.

During robotic hip surgery in Turkey, the surgeon retains complete control. Not everything in the world is automated. The surgeon still performs the procedure; however, they do it with the assistance of a sophisticated robotic arm that allows them to be more exact in their movements and aids in the creation of a better surgical plan. Patients profit from this surgery in a variety of ways.

1. Remarkable Accuracy

Physicians can perform more precise surgery with robotic hip surgery. They are better at preserving healthy bone in and around the hip while eliminating any diseased or unhealthy bone and cartilage. A higher level of precision allows the replacement to last longer without causing difficulties.

2. Minimal İnvasion

Minimally invasive surgeries take less time to recuperate from. The fewer prods and pokes a surgeon makes in your body, the faster you’ll heal. Minimally invasive techniques may also result in less blood loss and less muscular damage or discomfort.

The robotic procedure’s precision allows the doctor to make smaller incisions, reducing the need to “search” for the root of the problem. Before a standard hip replacement surgery is even completed, you could be on your way to the recovery room.

3. Improved Patient Satisfaction

People prefer procedures that save them time and money, so it’s no surprise that patients who have had robotic hip replacement surgery have overwhelmingly endorsed it. The procedure’s efficiency is praised by the majority of people. Additionally, you may experience less early hip joint degradation or impingement, which can occur after surgery when the parts of the hip joint rub against each other.

In Turkey, robotic vs. traditional hip replacement

4. Joint with a Natural Feel

Any joint replacement surgery in Turkey aims to make you feel and walk better than you did before the procedure, when you were maybe in pain. Patients who have robotic surgery report that their new joints feel natural and pleasant, and that they have less weight-loading difficulties that cause back pain. The majority of people who receive robotic surgery have little trouble getting back to their pre-surgical routines.

Is Robotic Hip Replacement Surgery a Better Option Than Traditional Hip Replacement Surgery?

Many of our patients prefer robotic hip surgery to traditional methods because of its numerous advantages. If medicine and physical therapy have failed to provide relief, robotic hip replacement surgery may be the best option for you. Patients with arthritis or other degenerative hip illnesses, as well as those with hip problems induced by an injury, are suitable candidates for the operation.

Robotic hip replacement surgery can help you save money and time throughout your recuperation. Contact us today to learn more about our robotic hip replacement options if you’re considering hip replacement surgery.

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