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Revision (Secondary) Rhinoplasty Cost in Turkey- Getting Nose Job

Getting Secondary Nose Job in Turkey

A patient’s initial rhinoplasty is called primary rhinoplasty. In most situations, primary rhinoplasty is the sole surgery required to achieve optimal, long-term results.

However, in rare cases, poor outcomes or future damage may need further surgery. A revision rhinoplasty is what it’s called.

Although both treatments appear comparable, revision rhinoplasty necessitates extra caution around scar tissue. It is critical to select a surgeon who completely comprehends your goals and provides you with reasonable expectations about your prospective outcomes.

Patients who are unsatisfied with the results of a previous nose surgery, have reached the end of their growth, are in excellent health, and have reasonable expectations for their outcome are great candidates for rhinoplasty revision.

The fundamental reason for rhinoplasty surgery is quite straightforward. A nose that complements your features. Your other facial characteristics are balanced by your natural-looking nose. If your appearance does not meet these basic requirements, you may be a good candidate for revision rhinoplasty. Also Read: Should I Get a Nose Job in Turkey?

Revision Rhinoplasty for International Patients from UK, USA and Europe

It is extremely advised that if you are traveling to Istanbul for rhinoplasty surgery, you bring a partner with you.

For post-surgery consultations, a seven-day stay would suffice.

If you feel comfortable following the operation, you may travel about Istanbul at your leisure for the next 24 hours.

Please make your accommodation reservations at least 5 days prior to the procedure date.

Please double-check that your country’s nationalities are not required to obtain a Turkish visa. (Visas are not required for EU citizens or nationals of most Middle Eastern countries.)

Second Nose Surgery (Revision Rhinoplasty) in Turkey

Rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult procedures in all of cosmetic surgery. Millimetric inaccuracies in the operating room can result in cosmetic abnormalities and functional issues. When compared to other cosmetic procedures, rhinoplasty has a high rate of revision.

Revision rhinoplasty in Turkey is a more complicated and difficult procedure than initial rhinoplasty. It needs a great deal of expertise, knowledge, and abilities.

Many patients return to our clinics for revision rhinoplasty after having their original surgery elsewhere. They commonly appear with deformities as a consequence of excessive nose reduction, as well as pits in the middle of the nose, nasal tip issues, asymmetries, and nasal blockages, among other things. Aesthetic abnormalities and functional issues can both be addressed with a revision rhinoplasty procedure. In most over resected noses, intranasal cartilages are insufficient to rebuild the skeletal structure, necessitating cartilage transplants from the ribs or ears. 

Revision (Secondary) Rhinoplasty Cost in Turkey- Getting Nose Job

What to Aim in Secondary Rhinoplasty in Turkey?

The objective of secondary rhinoplasty in Turkey should be to restructure the nasal framework in order to provide cosmetic and functional benefits. Functional abnormalities are addressed using structural rhinoplasty principles to restore a normal and balanced nasal shape, reestablish nasal support, restore tip projection, and cure airway issues.

The revision nose surgery in Turkey takes longer to do than the original rhinoplasty. Patients are generally released from the hospital the same day as their procedure. In certain revision situations, particularly in over resected noses, postoperative treatment is identical, although swelling may take longer.

When Should You Have Secondary Rhinoplasty Surgery in Turkey?

The essential aspect to remember is that surgery should not be performed too soon. It is incorrect to contact a physician in such a manner that the nose shape is hated after a short time of 3-4 months after the initial procedure. It should be remembered that rhinoplasty is a time-consuming procedure. First, the swelling and edema should go away. It takes at least a year for the nose to attain its ultimate shape.

One year should be allowed to pass before doing a complex surgical procedure. Smaller camouflage operations, on the other hand, can be done after six months if necessary.

Almost all corrective procedures need the insertion of cartilage. These cartilages can also be acquired through the nose from cartilage tissues.

However, because these cartilages have not been treated and are inadequate, they can be replaced by cartilage from the ear or rib.

The tip of the nose is generally the region that requires revision surgery. Much attention should be devoted to the nose tip cartilage structure because of its flexibility and endurance capability.

Recovery After Secondary-Revision Nose Job in Turkey

After the procedure, staying in the hospital for one night is sufficient. A specific corset should be worn immediately following the operation. To decrease the production of edema and swelling and to get better outcomes, this corset should be worn for 3 to 4 weeks.

For many days following the procedure, the patient should expect some discomfort, soreness, and trouble moving, which may be managed by taking medications orally.

Because these procedures are not conducted in the sitting region, there is no pain or discomfort when sitting, although it may be difficult to get up and sit in the first few days following the surgery.

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