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Getting Robotic Knee Surgery in Turkey- Cost and Procedure

Robotic Knee Surgery in Turkey

With Robotic Knee Surgery in Turkey, knee arthroplasty operations are conducted with a near-zero margin of error. Prosthetic surgery is critical for successful prosthesis insertion in the knee joint. The mistake rate increases or decreases in traditional operations when the prosthesis is placed by hand, depending on the doctor’s expertise and skill. The most essential characteristic of robotic knee surgery is that the margin of error is reduced by 0.1 millimeter and 0.1 degree.

Many great developments in the health profession emerged with the advancement of technology. The advancement of surgical technology, in particular, has made both surgery and the postoperative procedure more comfortable.  One of these developments is robotic knee surgery in Turkey.

Arthritis of the knee refers to the deterioration of cartilaginous components in the knee. Some non-surgical options are considered if the arthritis is moderate. However, if arthritis has progressed to the point where the cartilages have completely degraded and the patient’s comfort has been considerably decreased, a full knee replacement operation is required.

The physician makes a 10cm incision on the front of the knee during robotic-assisted knee replacement surgery. Damaged joint surfaces are removed and replaced with prosthesis that mimic the structures in the knee using this hole. Once in place, the prosthetics work in the same way as the original joint, restoring the patient’s quality of life.

Robotic Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery in Turkey

Numerous improvements and developments in medicine have been created as a result of technological advancements, with the goal of making surgical and post-operative processes more comfortable. One of these advancements is the use of guided robotics in surgical procedures in Turkey. However, because robotic-assisted surgery for arthritis patients is a costly option in orthopaedics, there are few centers in Turkey that offer it, and we take pride in being one of the few clinics that perform total knee replacements guided by robotic navigation with success and safety across the country.

In our institution, robotic-assisted knee replacement in Turkey begins with a computer-aided procedure planning. The surgery is subsequently performed with accuracy using robotic guidance, guided by these designs. Robotic navigation in knee arthroplasty reduces potential errors and allows the surgeon to replace only the affected part of the joint. Robotic surgery in Turkey also allows surgeons to work with fewer incisions instead of removing the entire joint. The prosthetics that replace the cartilages are made to fit the contour of the bone perfectly and restore knee motion. The anatomically tailored prosthetics are meticulously placed in the ideal region to prevent abrasion or loosening, making the injected material more durable.

Benefits of robotic knee surgery in Turkey

More safety 

Soft tissue injury is reduced.

Hospital stays are shorter.

Faster recuperation and reintegration into daily life

Prosthetics that last longer

Application of cutting-edge robotic technology

Before surgery, a high-resolution, patient-specific imaging system allows for precise planning.

Keeping your bone stock in good shape

All ligaments in the knee are protected.

It takes a few weeks for them to get back to their normal routine. For a quicker recovery, good physical therapy support is required.

Robotic Knee Surgery in Turkey

How Does Robotic Surgery Help with Knee Prosthesis Surgery?

Before surgery, a computed tomography scan of the knee joint is performed. Tomography is used to build 3-dimensional model pictures of the knee bone and joint structure. The model information is combined with RIO software to design the operation according to the anatomy of the patient. This software gives real-time data that enables for precise implant location and alignment during operation.

The robotic arm gives real-time visual and tactile input to the orthopedic surgeon during surgery, allowing him to make the best use of pre-made kinematic calculations of the joint prosthesis while guiding the proper preparation and placement of the implant housing. The robotic device stops the surgeon from going off script and making mistakes while performing the surgery.

When manually modifying implant locations, even the most skilled orthopedic surgeon has a margin of error. During surgery, the compatibility of the implants is checked kinematically with the robotic system at all bending degrees of the knee.

During surgery, real-time adjustments can be made to guarantee precise knee kinematics and soft tissue balance. This reduces the risk of error by guaranteeing that the surgical treatment is carried out exactly and precisely, according to the patient’s anatomy. As a result, there is a low likelihood of additional problems (such as mechanical loosening and malposition).

Only the knee ligaments are preserved throughout the removal of the damaged joint surface and bone structures in the robotic knee surgery technique, giving patients a more natural knee sensation. The high accuracy and precision of the technological measurements and procedures used in robotic knee surgery in Turkey.

The great accuracy and precision of the technical measures, as well as the placement of the implant in the most suitable anatomical location for each patient, contribute to decreased wear and loosening of the implant in robotic knee surgery in Turkey, resulting in a longer prosthesis life.

Who Performs Robotic Surgery in Turkey? Surgeon or Robot?

One of the most commonly asked questions about robotic-assisted surgery is whether the physician or the robotic equipment does the procedure. Because the surgeon performs the surgery, controls the robotic devices, and operates the equipment, it is simple to provide a definitive answer to this question. The robotic equipment’s most significant function is to reduce the surgeon’s error margin. While the surgeon is the one who performs the surgery, the robotic-assisted technology eliminates any risk for human error.

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