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Total Knee Replacement in Turkey: Both and Single Knee Replacement

Why Prefer Single and Both Knee Replacement Surgery in Turkey?

Since the average waiting time for getting knee replacement in the UK is more than 15 weeks, you can get your surgery in Turkey quickly. Until you get an appointment in the UK, you will be in a lot of pain that compromises your mobility and general health. Read our article about cost of knee replacement in the uk.

Elderly people keep complaining about their knee pain and this has become a common age-related health issue. Chronic knee pain affects their mobility and increases the dependence on their caregivers.

Turkey has been one of the best medical tourism destinations, especially for knee replacement surgery, because there is almost no waiting time to be treated by the best surgeons in Europe. The procedure is the most affordable here than anywhere in the world and Cure Booking makes sure you get the best care and treatment by the most experienced, esteemed doctors in Turkey.

Because of these reasons, the medical tourism industry in Turkey is growing fast. Thousands of patients travel to Turkey for dental, aesthetic, weight loss, orthopedic treatments and return to their country safely. If you are also looking for a high quality total knee replacement in Turkey, Cure Booking is here to provide the necessary assistance to all such people coming to Turkey for both knee replacement and single knee replacement. Our doctors and hospitals are chosen according to the success rates of procedures, patient reviews, expertise of doctors and affordable prices.

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Both Knee Replacement in Turkey

Both knee replacement in Turkey, commonly known as total knee arthroplasty (TKA), is a procedure in which a diseased or severely damaged knee is replaced with an artificial joint (prosthesis) composed of titanium and polyethylene. The prosthesis can be fixed directly to the bone or using bone cement, depending on the patient’s health. If both techniques are necessary, surgeons may utilize both.

Total knee replacement in Turkey can be performed on adults of any age, although it is most commonly done on patients between the ages of 60 and 80. Patients with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or posttraumatic arthritis are ideal candidates for the procedure.

Our surgeons will offer thorough information about the intended operation, post-operative care, and the recovery process during the consultation to select the most appropriate surgical choices for the patient’s particular circumstances.

Single Knee Replacement in Turkey

A single knee replacement in Turkey is a surgery that replaces only a portion of a damaged knee. It can be used to replace the medial, lateral, or patella parts of the knee.

Partial knee replacement in Turkey provides a number of advantages to complete knee replacement, including a faster recovery period and a greater range of motion after surgery. However, partial knee replacement is only a possibility for patients who have injury to only one portion of their knee, such as the lateral, medial, or patella.

Total knee replacement is a surgery that replaces the entire knee joint.

Single-compartmental knee injury from advanced osteoarthritis is the most prevalent cause for partial knee replacement.

Individuals with joint illness caused by Rheumatoid Arthritis, post-traumatic arthritis, and mild deformity of the knee may benefit from partial knee replacement.

In patients with osteoarthritis that affects only one compartment of the knee, partial knee replacement surgery improves pain and function in a comparable way to whole knee replacement surgery. In addition, partial knee replacement surgery is less expensive.

Cost of Single and Total Knee Replacement in Turkey

Single and Both Knee Replacement in Turkey

We have extensive understanding of Turkey’s health-care sector. To ensure that our patients receive trustworthy and effective medical treatment, we handpick the greatest doctors and top hospitals to join our exclusive network. We are able to provide our patients with coordinated multidisciplinary care, high quality clinical outcomes, access to cutting-edge technology and clinical trials, cost-effective care, outstanding patient experience, research and innovation, and a holistic approach to patient care thanks to our partnership with Turkey’s leading hospitals and world-renowned orthopedic surgeons.

Our exclusive network of surgeons are among Turkey’s most successful joint replacement providers. They have 20 to 30 years of expertise in their profession and have been at the forefront of using the most cutting-edge minimally invasive surgical alternatives for joint replacement procedures. Minimally invasive surgery is less intrusive than open surgery, which reduces the risk of infection, minimizes scarring, and allows patients to recover faster.

Cost of Single and Total Knee Replacement in Turkey

Total knee replacement costs in Turkey start at USD 15,000 for both knees and range from USD 7000 to USD 7500 for a single knee (bilateral knee replacement). The cost of surgery may vary based on the type of surgery (partial, total, or revision) and the surgical technique employed (open or minimally invasive).

Other factors that may affect the cost of a knee replacement in Turkey include:

Hospital of choice and location

Experience of a surgeon

Implants of high quality

The length of time spent in the hospital and the country

Room classification

A need for additional tests or procedures

The average price of knee replacement in Turkey is $9500, the minimum price is $4000, and the maximum price is $20000.  If you are seeking treatment for both the knees, the expense ranges from $15,000 and above. 

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