Dental Implant Cost in Gurgaon India

Dental Implant Cost in Gurgaon is very cheap compared to most countries. For this reason, it is a city preferred by many dental patients. However, is it right to buy inexpensive dental implants with uncertain success? You can continue reading our content to learn more about dental implants and the importance of having successful dental implants.

How Much are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are treatments that have been used for a long time. However, many people see them as new treatments. Therefore, most people do not know much about Implants. To understand what affects prices and what kind of prices implants have, you must first understand what implants mean. Thus, it will be easier for you to understand the prices. The prices of dental implants may seem expensive at first. You should know that this differs between countries. At the same time, you should not forget that there are different treatments than other dental treatments.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are dental treatments used to correct missing tooth problems. Dental implants involve fixing special surgical screws to the jawbone, designed to complete the deficiencies in the jawbone. It is possible to have fixed and permanent dental prostheses thanks to the crowns placed on the screws fixed to this bone. These processes, which require opening a gap in the jawbone, are somewhat troublesome. On the other hand, since there are permanent treatments, it is necessary to wait a little longer for the treatments to be completed. This, in turn, has led to an increase in the cost of treatments.

Procedures That Can Be Used as Alternatives to Implants

Dental implants are a treatment for missing teeth. So is there any other procedure? Can missing teeth be treated only with Implants? Of course no. There are bridge treatments you can choose instead of dental implants. You can read a subheading for a brief description of this process as well.
Dental Bridges Procedure
Dental bridges are procedures used in the treatment of missing teeth, just like dental implants. However, bridges are treatments that require 1 or 2 solid teeth. People can get a dental bridge if there are 2 healthy teeth on the right and left of the area where the missing tooth is located.

The creation of new teeth by taking support from these healthy teeth is called a bridge. However, bridges require the cutting of intact teeth, thus jeopardizing dental health, making them more susceptible to sensitivity and decay. On the other hand, once properly placed and maintained, dental implants usually function for a very long time or even a lifetime without damaging natural teeth.

Benefits of Dental Implant

Dental implants look like natural teeth
Since they are placed on the jawbone, they will look quite natural. No one can guess that they are prostheses without telling you.

Dental implants are easy to use.
They do not require any special packaging and can be used easily because they are stable. It cannot be removed or damaged.

Dental implants may prevent bone loss
By placing a dental implant in your jawbone, it stimulates new bone growth through a process called osseointegration. This can help prevent future bone loss.

Dental implants support your facial structure
After the 3rd point above, it is bone loss that can give people with missing teeth a sunken, aged appearance around the mouth and affect the structure of the entire face. Dental implants can help preserve your facial structure by helping to keep your jawbones strong.

Dental implants are long lasting
Since they are permanent treatments and do not require special care, you can use them for life with routine dental hygiene.

Dental implants are cost-effective
Considering that they can be used for life, it turns out that they are quite cost effective treatments. As long as you take good care of them and have hygienic oral health, you can use them for quite a long time.

Dental implants don’t limit what you eat
While you should limit yourself and be careful in other dental treatments, this is not the case with dental implants. You can eat anything with your teeth, which are quite strong.

Dental implants are easy to maintain
Dental implants are easy to care for because they require the same care as natural teeth, meaning brushing and flossing at least twice a day, regular dental checkups and routine hygienist appointments are all it takes to keep them healthy.

Dental Implant Cost in Gurgaon

Dental Implant Risks

Although dental implants are preferred and useful treatments, they are very risky treatments unless they are successful. For this reason, it is necessary for patients to receive hygienic treatments from good doctors. Otherwise, they can cause very painful treatments. On the other hand, Failed Dental implants may include;

  • Permanent Tooth sensitivity problem
  • Infection at the implant site
  • Injury or damage to surrounding structures such as other teeth or blood vessels
  • Nerve damage to your natural teeth, gums, lips, or jaw that can cause pain, numbness, or tingling
  • sinus problems
  • Prosthetic teeth that are not suitable for mouth sizes

What Does the Cost of Dental Implants Depend on?

1-To the Brand of the Dental Implant

There are many implant brands used all over the world. Among these brands, there are successful and high quality implant brands, as well as cheaper and poor quality implant brands. These are one of the factors affecting the cost of implant treatments. Prices in Gurgaon are as follows;

Dental Implant BrandDental Implant Cost
Adin, Alpha-Bio200€ – 300€
Osstem, Dentium300€ – 450€
Nobel Active, Straumann450€ – 550€

2Prosthetic Teeth Type and Cost

Dentures are placed on dental implants. Therefore, artificial tooth quality should be the best in its class in terms of material quality, aesthetics and the skill of the implant technician. Although there are many laboratories in India, it is possible to find very few places that do well. This of course affects prices.
The cost of a Dental Implant Crown can range from €50 to €300, depending.
The cost of dental implants will vary according to the laboratory you will choose and the types below;

  • Material ( Porcelain fused to metal, Zirconia, Hybrid Prosthesis )
  • Dental Implant Prosthesis Type (Screw Retained, Cement Retained)
  • Warranty on Dental Implant crown (up to 5 years lifetime warranty)
Type of Implant CrownCost
PFM (Cement Retained)50-90€
PFM (Screw Retained)75-100€
Zirconia (Cement Retained)100-180€
Zirconia (Screw Retained)180-300€

3-Temporary Implant Tooth Cost

We need to provide a temporary denture specifically for a front tooth or a full tooth for a few months until the recipient implant provides a crown or bridge. The cost of a temporary prosthesis can range from 6 to 35 € depending on its material and aesthetics.

Dental Implant Cost in Gurgaon
Dental Implant Treatment with Curebooking Before- After

4Tooth/Root Piece Extraction

Extraction from the dental implant site differs from normal tooth extraction in that it must be done slowly and precisely to preserve as much bone as possible, especially in ‘Immediate Implant Placement’. Or sometimes we do additional treatments such as ‘Socket Protector’ to preserve the remaining fine natural bone. Therefore, the cost can vary between 6-60€.

4-Bone Graft

Bone grafting is done to increase the volume of the healthy bone structure around the implant, to ensure the longevity of the implant, to reduce the possibility of infection and to provide better aesthetics.
The cost of bone grafting in dental implantology depends on the price of the Bone Graft material, the volume of graft material required, and the surgical cost.

Bone Grafting ProcedureCost
Single Tooth Bone Grafting25-50€
Indirect Sinus Lift100-150€
Direct Sinus Lift170-300€

All on 6 Dental Implant Cost in Gurgaon

This type of implants, which are used when only prosthetic teeth are required for the entire lower or upper jaw, are often preferred. Normally, one implant is required for a tooth, while only 6 implants are sufficient to have all the lower or upper jaw teeth. The procedure applied in this way is preferred by many patients. It is important that they receive treatment from a good surgeon for them to be successful.

Because it is a radical decision and there is no going back. Therefore, they are not treatments that can be obtained from every clinic in India. You need to find the best clinic in India for these dental treatments. Or you may need to seek treatment in a more successful country than India in general. This usually results in Turkey. Because the only factor that makes India preferred for dental implants is affordable treatments.

The fact that the same factor is found in Turkey and that it is more successful makes it possible for both Indians and other countries to prefer to have implants in Turkey. If you, like many health tourists, are looking for a country for successful and affordable dental implants, Turkey will be the most advantageous decision. You can contact us for dental implant prices and more information in Turkey.

As Curebooking, we have ensured that many patients receive the best dental treatment in Turkey. You can be one of those patients. At the same time, you should not forget that you will receive these treatments with the best price guarantee.

Nobel Biocare

All on 4 Dental Implant Cost in Gurgaon

All on 4 implants, such as all on 6, can be preferred for the lower or upper jaw. For these treatments, it means that 4 dental implants are needed to have all dental implants. This type of dental implant treatment is also quite radical. Sometimes it may be necessary to remove a solid or two teeth to get a full dental implant. For this reason, getting treatment from successful doctors is important for both conditions. Otherwise, many complications may occur and may also cause sensitive teeth. This explains how wrong it is for patients to get implants in India just because it is cheap.

If you are planning to receive All on 4 implants, but you want to be sure that these treatments will be successful, you may prefer to be treated in Turkey. Turkish surgeons guarantee your treatment and offer you free new treatment for any problem. At the same time, Turkey is the country where you can get the best dental treatments compared to many other countries. The fact that they provide such successful treatments at very affordable prices explains their success in health tourism.

Is It Risky To Get A Dental Implant In Gurgaon?

Dental implants are procedures that require successful treatments. For successful treatments, the use of original implants, an experienced doctor and a hygienic treatment environment are required. Getting dental implants in Gurgaon, a city in India, is not as safe as it is known.
In addition to providing treatment with original implant brands in India, treatment can also be provided with worse implants with Indian brands. This is the first risky part. Implants, which are not known how successful they are as a brand, may cause painful teeth in the future.

On the other hand, as for the Experienced surgeon factor, there are of course experienced surgeons in India. However, these surgeons often provide treatment at much higher prices than usual. This does not coincide with the main reason you are being treated in India. You also need to do some research to find successful and experienced surgeons. You should not risk radical and irreplaceable treatments such as implants.

Hygienic treatment environments are factors that are hardly ever provided in India. India is generally a dirty and unhygienic country. This, of course, is reflected in the treatments. The most important risk of receiving treatment in India is the possibility of contracting a post-treatment infection. Implants should be made under completely hygienic conditions. Otherwise it will require new treatments and will be quite painful.

Considering all these factors, most people prefer to be treated in Turkey instead of India. Turkey is a country that offers the most advantageous dental implant treatments not only for India but also for many countries. If you are planning to have implant treatment in Turkey, you can contact us. It is your right to receive treatment from Turkey’s most successful dentists with the best price guarantee.

Which clinic is the best for dental implants in Gurgaon?

Gurgaon is a location with very few successful dental clinics. For this reason, it is often best studied clinically. Unfortunately, it is not possible to give such a clinical name. Because if you are directed to one of these clinics that provide very faulty dental treatments, it will be very unwelcome to receive incorrect dental treatment. For this reason, although its failure has been accepted, if you are considering getting treatment in India, you will have to work hard to find a good clinic.

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