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What is the Age Limit for IVF Treatment in Turkey?

Is There Any Age Limit in Turkey for IVF?

The age restriction for IVF varies by country, and men and women are treated differently. Is there a biological basis for a ceiling to be set based on age, or is it a decision made after an ethical debate? It’s a difficult issue to answer, and one that healthcare professionals face when they’re asked to treat elderly people. True, when egg quality deteriorates, the success rate and birth rate drop, and the risk to the patient and kid increases. When it comes to determining “how old is too old for IVF” for patients to undergo an IVF cycle, each country has its own set of standards.

IVF Treatment Age Limits – Health Risks, Consequences, and Issues When Treating an Elderly Patient

For women, ‘advanced reproductive age’ is often defined as 37 and up. The quality and quantity of a woman’s eggs decreases as she gets older. As a result, fewer eggs are accessible for recruitment and maturation, and her egg quality jeopardizes her prospects of a successful treatment as well as her child’s health. Miscarriage also has a larger risk of affecting treatment outcomes.

What is the Age Limit for IVF Treatment in Turkey?
What is the Age Limit for IVF Treatment in Turkey?

For men, ‘advanced reproductive age‘ is often defined as 40 and higher. Unlike women, who lose the quality of their eggs as they age, males never stop generating sperm unless they are sick or have structural damage. As a result, many nations do not attempt to set an age limit for male ivf therapy.

No Age Limit in Turkey for IVF 

Although there is no legal upper age limit for IVF in Turkey, there is an age limit in effect because egg donor procedures are not permitted in the nation. This restriction is entirely reliant on the patient’s capacity to generate viable eggs that can be fertilized using traditional IVF methods. This would be determined by a screening process at the start of the treatment. As a result, the age restriction for IVF therapy varies.

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