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Age Limit for IVF in Countries- Comparison of Age Limit

IVF Age Limit in the UK, Cyprus, Spain, Greece and Turkey

Many believe that there should be no maximum age restriction for IVF, claiming that the health of the womb, uterus, and ovaries vary from woman to woman. As a result, the age restriction for IVF therapy should be decided between the doctor and the patient. Others, on the other hand, argue that the hazards are too obvious and that age limitations should be enforced to protect the health of all patients.

Donation sperm and egg donor programs are now highly effective in enabling older patients to have a safe pregnancy and, in many respects, minimize the probability of problems emerging solely due to the patient’s age.

In the United Kingdom, there is an age limit for IVF.

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) has structured NHS fertility care in the UK, which includes information on the age limit for IVF treatment UK. According to the most recent NICE recommendations on the upper age restriction for IVF, subsidised treatment should be available to women up to the age of 42. (if certain criteria were met)

In Cyprus, there is an age limit for IVF.

In Cyprus, there is no particular legislation governing medically assisted reproduction; instead, general health statutes provide recommendations and restrictions that are quite broad. In most cases, the highest age restriction for treatment is 45 years old, however in certain cases, this might be raised to 55 years old.

IVF Age Limit in the UK, Cyprus, Spain, Greece and Turkey

In Spain, there is an age limit for IVF.

In Spain, there is a particular legislation on assisted reproduction, but it does not include any restrictions on the age at which IVF can be used. Many of the top Spanish clinics have their own specialized ethical committees that facilitate rules and best practice, and they have typically advised that women patients be limited to the age of 50 – but other clinics may take patients as young as 52.

Age limit for IVF in Greece

IVF clinics in Greece are regulated by the Greek Ministry of Health, which has protocols in place to allow it to inspect facilities as necessary. It also regulates the treatments available, with a 50-year-old IVF age restriction in Greece now in effect for women seeking treatment.

No Age Limit for IVF In Turkey

Although there is no legal upper age limit for IVF in Turkey, there is an age limit in effect because egg donor procedures are not permitted in the nation. This restriction is entirely reliant on the patient’s capacity to generate viable eggs that can be fertilized using traditional IVF methods. This would be determined by a screening process at the start of the treatment. As a result, the age restriction for IVF therapy varies.

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