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Freezing Embryo Process in Turkey

The term “Embryo Cryopreservation” refers to the freezing of embryos. In other words, this is a procedure in which the couples decide whether or not to freeze and retain unwanted embryos for future IVF operations; it is one of the most well-developed ways for preserving unused embryos.

We encourage our patients at IVF Turkey to freeze embryos after fertilization in case they wish to use them in a future IVF round.

For patients, freezing the remaining healthy embryos offers significant material and psychological benefits. The freezing of embryos can also be considered a factor that enhances the likelihood of a successful fertilization in Turkey.

What would happen if a couple chose to use frozen embryos?

Many people come to IVF Turkey for a second IVF cycle for their second child after a successful initial round of IVF therapy. If this is the case, the embryos are thawed and placed into the uterine cavity with the use of a thin catheter while being monitored by ultrasound. This treatment is completely painless and does not require anesthetic. Preparation of the endometrium (uterine mucosa) with hormone preparations is sometimes and always required before the embryo is transplanted to the uterine cavity.

Freezing Embryo Process in Turkey

In addition, ultrasonography control is required during embryo transfer, although unlike a fresh IVF cycle, recurrent stimulation and ovarian puncture are not required.

If spare embryos are in good form and have a suitable proportion of blastomeres, they are worth freezing.

Is freezing embryos a good and safe idea?

No one can say for sure that it is 100 percent safe because it is a novel technique and further study is needed to discover whether there are any long-term health implications. Hundreds of thousands of children have been born from frozen embryos throughout the world since the birth of Zoe in 1984 in Australia. One of the most often asked concerns we get from patients who want to freeze their embryos is if the amount of time the embryo is frozen has an impact on IVF success rates.

The answer is no; we can affirm that there is no difference in pregnancy rates between frozen and fresh embryos thanks to today’s modern technology and great facilities.

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