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What is the Process of IVF Treatment in Turkey?

How Many Days Are Needed for IVF in Turkey?

The IVF technique in Turkey involves a few fundamental phases, although it may be tweaked based on patient-specific circumstances. After a thorough medical examination, the IVF specialist will go over the procedure in detail. Age, ovarian reserve, blood hormone levels, and height/weight ratio are some of the essential criteria evaluated by the medical team.

Initial Test: This is the first stage in the IVF procedure. This includes blood tests to monitor hormone levels and imaging procedures to evaluate the female reproductive organs, such as vaginal ultrasound.

Medications: Following the blood tests and scans, the doctor decides the treatment regimen to be followed as well as the proper drug dosages to stimulate the ovaries.

Egg collection is an outpatient operation that can be done under general anesthesia or under local anesthesia with sedatives. The oocytes are collected with the aid of ultrasound guidance using a very thin needle introduced via the vaginal canal. Depending on the amount of oocytes or follicles to be extracted from the ovaries, it usually takes 20 to 30 minutes. Following egg retrieval, there are no wounds or scars on the body.

ICSI or sperm preparation: The male partner supplies a sperm sample, which is treated if necessary. In a culture plate, the sperm will be combined with the recovered egg, and fertilization will be permitted to take place. 

ICSI is a technique that involves picking up a single sperm with a needle and injecting it directly into an egg. This raises the likelihood of conception.

Embryo development and growth: After fertilization, the embryo develops and grows in an incubator until it is transferred.

Embryo Transfer: The final clinical stage of the IVF treatment is embryo transfer. The embryo(s) are implanted in the female partner’s uterus. It’s an outpatient treatment that’s usually painless.

After 10 days following the embryo transfer, the patient should perform a home pregnancy test or have a blood test done.

What is the Process of IVF Treatment in Turkey?

IVF Process in Turkey

The following items are included in a full IVF treatment in Turkey (for the 21-day process):

The first day is spent traveling.

Initial Tests on Day 2

Day 6–9 – Follicle Tracking and Ovarian Stimulation (blood hormone analyses and vaginal ultrasound)

Injection of Ovitrelle on Day 12

Day 13/14 – Collecting Eggs

Embryo Transfer Day 22

What should you look for while selecting the finest IVF clinics in Turkey?

IVF therapy in Turkey entails a variety of medical and surgical procedures, and it is not always effective. It may be emotionally draining for both couples. Researching and familiarizing yourself with the procedure is a good place to start, but picking the appropriate facility is as important.

The hospital or clinic you choose for your treatment might affect your chances of a favorable outcome. The decision to choose a hospital that meets your needs and budget is a significant one that should be made only after careful consideration. We, as a medical tourism company, are working with the best fertility clinics in Turkey. Contact us to get more information.