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IVF Treatment Protocols in Turkey- Legislation for IVF in Turkey

Most Recent Legislation in Turkey for IVF Treatment

IVF therapy in Turkey is a long and arduous process that requires both the couple’s and the team’s commitment. Despite major advancements in the area, not every couple will be able to conceive. The treatment’s success is determined on the woman’s age and ovarian reserve. Women who generate a sufficient number of eggs and are under 39 years old have a good chance of conceiving after three treatment cycles, with cumulative conception rates of 80 percent. For example, when three treatment cycles are completed, about 80 couples out of 100 will conceive. 

However, in women over 39 who get IVF in Turkey, especially when their ovarian reserve is depleted, the prognosis is grim, with cumulative conception rates ranging from 10% to 30%.

IVF Therapy Stages in Turkey- Basic Process

IVF therapy consists of three main stages that are generally similar across the world. The ovaries are stimulated to generate a large number of eggs as the first step in treatment. The next stage is to harvest eggs and fertilize them in order to create embryos. The embryos are maintained in incubators for around 3-5 days following fertilization before being put into the mother’s womb. Ten to twelve days following the transfer, a pregnancy test will be performed.

IVF Treatment Protocols in Turkey- Legislation for IVF in Turkey
Most Recent Legislation in Turkey for IVF Treatment

Despite the uniformity of treatment methods, there is a broad range in pregnancy rates due to laboratory conditions, medical staff expertise, and embryo transfer policies. Patients and rivals have put pressure on IVF facilities to increase the number of embryos transplanted into the uterus. However, this has been linked to an alarming rise in the number of multiple pregnancies. Most European nations, as well as Australia, have established regulations limiting the number of embryos that can be transferred to a patient.

For the first two treatment cycles in women 35 years of age, Turkey’s most current regulation for IVF, passed in 2010, permits just one embryo to be transplanted.

The best fertility clinics in Turkey have a lot of experience working with couples that have a bad prognosis (age > 39, poor quality embryos, low ovarian reserve, and many unsuccessful procedures). In Turkey, third-party reproduction including the use of donated gametes is prohibited. 

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