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How Long Does IVF Treatment Last in Turkey? IVF Process

Stimulation of the Ovaries for IVF Treatment

The ovaries must be stimulated to generate more than one egg for IVF/ICSI treatment in Turkey to be successful. Potent medicines known as gonadotropins are delivered in a regulated manner to achieve this aim. Most modern medicines may be given subcutaneously, thus gonadotropin therapy is self-administered.

How does IVF therapy begin in Turkey?

When the patient arrives in Istanbul, an ultrasound checkup is done. Because we generally employ a brief antagonist regimen, this test should take place on the second day of menstruation. If you don’t have any cysts and your uterus’ inner lining is thin, therapy will begin. If your doctor thinks it’s essential, you could require a blood test to evaluate your estrogen levels.

What is the duration of IVF treatment in Turkey?

The therapy generally lasts 10-12 days for stimulation of the ovaries. During this time, you will be requested to come in for ultrasound examinations on a regular basis. As the therapy continues, the frequency of these tests will increase. When the eggs are judged ripe, a last injection will be administered at a certain time, and the eggs will be retrieved after around 36 hours. But the whole IVF process in Turkey will last a month or more. 

What is the duration of IVF treatment in Turkey?

How much medicine will I be taking?

The number of drugs needed to stimulate the ovaries is determined by the woman’s age and ovarian reserve. While younger women with normal ovarian reserve require lower doses, elderly women and women with reduced ovarian reserve require higher doses. The dose of a medication for IVF in Turkey might vary by up to twofold.

Is it possible to postpone my treatment?

If the ovaries do not respond adequately (poor response), meaning they do not generate enough eggs to be effective, the therapy may be stopped and restarted with a different regimen. Only one egg can sometimes establish control and inhibit the development of other eggs (asynchronous growth). Another reason for terminating the therapy is because of this. If the therapy is maintained, there may be an overabundance of eggs stimulated (hyper response), which can lead to ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. There are numerous alternatives available to you in this situation.

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