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Egg Retrieval (Egg Collection) Process in Turkey- IVF Treatment in Turkey

Egg Retrieval IVF Treatment in Turkey

Egg retrieval in Turkey is a technique that involves retrieving developed eggs using ultrasonography. A tiny needle is inserted into the ovaries from the vaginal canal under the guidance of a transvaginal ultrasonography probe, and the follicles containing the eggs are aspirated. This aspirate is submitted to an embryology lab, where the egg in the fluid is identified.

Egg Collecting Procedure in Turkey

The eggs will be ready for harvest in 34-36 hours after the Ovarian Stimulation. The procedure takes about 15-20 minutes and is performed under local anaesthetic (general anaesthesia is also available).

The fertility doctor in Turkey will use a cutting-edge ultrasound technology to determine how many eggs are eligible for extraction during the egg retrieval stage. Between 8 and 15 eggs per person are estimated to be gathered on average.

A needle is used to extract the eggs, and ultrasonography aids the fertility specialist in guiding the needle through the ovaries. This step is equally critical, and an experienced fertility specialist may make a huge difference since collecting the maximum amount of eggs takes personal skills.

Because the mother will be drugged, there will be no discomfort. After the procedure, you may require a 30-minute rest period to recover from the anesthetic effects. You can simply resume your normal routine once you’ve rested.

Egg Retrieval (Egg Collection) Process in Turkey- IVF Treatment in Turkey

Is the egg retrieval procedure painful? Is anesthesia required?

Egg collecting in Turkey is a generally painless procedure that can be performed under intravenous sedation or local anaesthetic. 

However, if accessing the ovaries is problematic, your doctor may recommend general anesthesia. Prior to the surgery, this will be addressed with you.

Is there a risk of problems with egg retrieval?

There may be some discomfort following the surgery, but it generally subsides with the use of mild painkillers. After egg retrieval in Turkey, the doctor or nurse coordinator will prescribe medicines for you to take. The majority of complications that develop following egg extraction are infectious in origin, however they are quite rare (1/3000-1/4500 instances). There may be some little vaginal bleeding that may go away on its own. Please notify your doctor or the nurse coordinator if the bleeding is significant.

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