What Is Gastric Botox Injection? Is It Work?

What is Gastric Botox?

The non-surgical technique of gastric botox, also known as stomach botox or gastric botox injection for weight loss, is often carried out through endoscopy. By relaxing the stomach muscles with a stomach Botox injection, which will momentarily result in less muscle contractions, weight reduction can be accelerated. Additionally, the stomach Botox (Botulinum toxin) injection seeks to make the patient feel satisfied for a longer period of time to help them eat less.

Can the Gastric Botox Injection procedure help you to lose weight?

Botox injections into the stomach are a new innovation in the field of obesity treatment. People who are overweight and have tried everything to lose weight but have not been successful may benefit from this non-surgical treatment. If you are considering any weight loss surgery, you should speak to a qualified surgeon first. Choose the bariatric procedure that will best serve your needs and current health condition. When it comes to weight loss, it is possible to get different results for each patient. For more detailed information on the procedure, contact us.

Who are the suitable candidates for this procedure?

Not all obesity-related disorders can be treated with stomach Botox injections. People who have significantly gained weight are not candidates for this treatment. It is appropriate for people who are overweight or have trouble controlling their appetite, nevertheless. There are numerous ways to lose weight. How can I tell whether I’m a good candidate for stomach botox injections? In general, we advise starting stomach botox or gastric balloon surgery for those with a BMI (body mass index) below 35. Additionally, it’s crucial that the patients range in age from 118 to 65.

Is gastric Botox safe?

Botox for the stomach is fully risk-free and has no negative effects on the patient’s health. Prior to the injections, you should adhere to the doctor’s recommendations, which may include fasting and quitting blood thinners. If carried out properly, stomach botox is regarded as a safe operation. The effects, however, are temporary, and some individuals frequently put on weight after losing it. As a result, it is not usually chosen as a procedure. Within six months, the effects of Botox will fade. After six months, you can begin to put on weight once more.

What Is Gastric Botox Injection? Is It Work?

What are the side effects of the stomach Botox Procedure?

Sedative-induced adverse effects from this surgery could include nausea, fever, and vomiting. Rarely, bleeding may result from it. This is extremely unlikely, though. Despite being a safe surgery, stomach botox injection can have major adverse effects such breathing difficulties, double vision, and muscle weakness. This has an extremely low likelihood. Consequently, there is no need for concern. Our patients frequently leave the hospital without experiencing any issues. Additionally, Botox can migrate from the place of injection to other body areas, but only when working with dishonest medical professionals.

Is gastric Botox FDA approved?

Botulinum toxin used in weight loss botox injection is an FDA-approved drug, according to the National Library of Medicine. Therefore, you can safely receive the treatment.

How do you prepare for this procedure?

Even though this weight loss method is simple, it is not random. Before the procedure,

it would be best if you meet your doctor, who will :

  • Make some physical examinations and stomach endoscopies and ask for different lab tests.
  • Check your medical history by asking questions like your medical problems, previous surgeries, and used medication.
  • Explain to you all the risks and complications associated with the procedure.

If you are eligible for gastric balloon treatment, you must comply with the following;

  • Refrain from food and beverages 12 hours before the treatment.
  • Stop using some medications one day before, like aspirin, to avoid bleeding.
  • Avoid taking antacids one day before

Choosing a highly skilled surgeon is essential to achieve the best results and avoid medical errors. Otherwise, as mentioned above, it is possible to experience many side effects. We provide treatment in highly equipped hospitals with our successful bariatric surgeons. You can also send us a message via whatsapp to take advantage of this privilege.

What to expect during the Stomach Botox Injection Procedure?

To ease discomfort before beginning the surgery, your specialist could use an oral spray. An endoscope will then be inserted from your mouth to your stomach. A needle containing Botox will be injected at the conclusion of this endoscopy. Following the completion of the stomach endoscopy, the doctor will begin injecting botox into specific locations along the stomach wall, causing the stomach muscles to relax.

Additionally, the doctor will administer Botox to block the central nerve of the stomach, which regulates emotions of hunger and fullness, making you feel fuller and longer than usual after the treatment. Botox will be administered in precise amounts based on your needs, not randomly. Stomach botox is an outpatient procedure that doesn’t call for a night in the hospital. It takes 20 to 30 minutes; the next day, you can go straight home and carry on with your regular activities.

Stomach Botox

What to Expect After Stomach Botox Procedure?

Because the endoscope is introduced through the mouth and passed through the throat during the surgery, you can experience throat soreness afterward. It is also possible to feel uncomfortable, worn out, and exhausted for days. These emotions will eventually pass. However, the day after the surgery, you can resume your normal activities.

Once the oral spray medication has completely worn off and you feel your throat returning to normal, the surgeon will ask you to wait a few hours before eating or drinking. Immediately following the injection, you will start to experience a sense of fullness and satiety. However, it would be better to hold off until shedding a sizable amount of your excess weight for four to six months.

How much does Gastric Botox cost?

Turkey receives a lot of annual medical tourism. Reasons for this include reasonable costs, great medical services, and highly qualified physicians. In recent years, bariatric operations have risen to prominence as a treatment option in Turkey.

Like any other operation, the price of this procedure varies depending on a number of variables, including the surgeon’s credentials and the location of the facility. It is important to remember that in some countries, expenses like anesthesia and post-operative care may not be included in the surgery’s total cost. However, we guarantee the best price on all of the treatments we offer. Thus, the cost of our treatment is 1255 €

What are the possible stomach Botox complications?

Like with the majority of medical procedures, you must balance the benefits and hazards. The test will be examined by the physician who ordered it. The invasive process of gastroscopy with Clostridium botulinum injection (Botox) carries risks and potential side effects. Risks that are quite real include:

  • Disturbance of heart rate and breathing.
  • Bleeding from the injection; usually resolves itself.
  • A small tear or damage to the lining of the upper digestive tract.
  • It may require an operation to repair any damage.
  • A reaction to any of the medication
  • pain in the throat and abdomen.

Is the effect of the stomach Botox for weight loss permanent?

As we mentioned, you will start noticing some of the results immediately. The impact, however, only lasts for six months. As a result, once the injection impact has worn off, you will need to repeat the process if you don’t lose weight. You must keep in mind that while this strategy aids in weight loss, it will not be as effective as usual if you do not maintain a good diet and regular exercise.

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