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Turkey Hair Transplant Cost 5000 Grafts: Is It Risky?

How Much Does it Cost to Get 5000 Graft Hair Transplant in Turkey?

The cost of 5000 grafts of hair transplantation is the most commonly requested question regarding hair transplantation. Many individuals assume that a low price equates to poor treatment quality, even to the point of eliminating intervention, but this is not the case.

Turkey is situated in a healthcare environment where quality and safety are associated with the efficacy of patient care and intervention. This is proven by the satisfaction of patients who visit the clinic in Turkey from all over the world.

It’s one of the explanations for why the pricing is so low. It should be noted that the clinic’s personnel wages and administrative expenditures are far less than in European countries.

Hair transplantation can be described as a “redistribution” intervention. The transfer of hair from the occipital area (donor area) of the scalp to the thinning or bald area is an example of this (recipient area).

It’s a microsurgical procedure that surgeons use magnification equipment to conduct in order to preserve all of the follicle’s essential components.

Doctors conduct hair transplants under local anesthetic, which means the patient will be able to relax while listening to music, watching a movie, or resting throughout the procedure.

It covers or thins out bald or thinned regions, but it does not prevent or cure hair loss. To get the greatest outcomes of 5000 graft transplant in Turkey, the transplant should be combined with a healing path that can stabilize baldness and slow its progression over time.

What is a Hair Graft and How Does it Work?

The surgeons remove a tiny piece of the scalp and utilize it for the transplant. These extracts are made up of 1 to 4 hairs and are called follicular units. Because up to 5,000 hairs can be implanted in a single session. It will be able to densify a bald surface or complete a hairline to various degrees.

The procedure might take anything from 2 to 4 hours. A doctor performs the procedure under local anesthesia, which is rendered painless by the use of anesthetic cream beforehand. Before the procedure, a little pre-medication and a preoperative medical examination are required.

The procedure is almost painless. The basic surgical suites allow patients to leave one to two hours following the procedure. The patient can return to work one to two days later, depending on the grafting technique used by the surgeons and the size of the area they are treating.

Hair Transplant Cost for 5000 Grafts

In general, clinics charge a fee based on the amount of graft or per session in FUE Technique Hair Transplantation. However, we are not able to limit patients to grafts. As Curebooking, our package prices are 1650 euros so that our patients can receive treatments at more economical prices than the average prices. 2 days hotel accommodation and all transfers are included in the package.

Graft Transplantation Using the FUE Technique Offers Benefits:

During each session, doctors remove as many ampoules as feasible and transplant them according to the breadth of the balding region, hair density, and the donor area capacity of the patient.

In 70% of the individuals, the full task of covering the bald region may be done in a single session using this approach.

Assume that the quantity of ampoules anticipated at the medical consultation is fewer than the patient’s bald region requires during surgery.

Is Hair Transplantation with 5000 Grafts Risky?

The basic objective of hair transplantation is to cover balding regions and enhance hair density. This is accomplished by transferring grafts from the donor area to the balding areas. Depending on the extent of the balding region, the quantity of grafts needed may vary. The question of whether hair transplantation with a large number of grafts is conceivable and if this surgery is risky arises at this point. Is it possible to transplant 5000 grafts in a single session? Are there any potential dangers? How much does it cost? All of the answers have been gathered for you.

Is it possible to transplant 5000 grafts of hair?

When considering hair transplantation in general, we can determine that the average number of grafts utilized is between 2000 and 3000. However, it may be required to utilize additional grafts in some individuals. Although 5000 grafts can be used, several particular criteria must be followed in order for this to be done.

The availability of 5000 grafts in the donor location is the first need for 5000 graft hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is achievable if there are that many viable grafts. It should be noted, however, that this process is far more sophisticated. As a result, the surgeon and healthcare team doing the hair transplantation should have appropriate knowledge and experience.

Is it possible to perform 5000 graft hair transplantation in a single session?

The hair transplantation procedures utilized now are far more advanced than those employed previously. Many grafts can be transplanted in a single session using these efficient hair transplantation procedures with high success rates. It should be mentioned that 5000 grafts of hair transplantation in Turkey may be completed with two surgeons and a sufficient number of expert health staff. The hair transplantation will be completed in 3-5 hours by such a team.

How Much Does it Cost to Get 5000 Graft Hair Transplant in Turkey?
How Much Does it Cost to Get 5000 Graft Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Is Hair Transplantation with 5000 Grafts Enough?

The quantity of suitable grafts is chosen by the doctor based on the size of the bald region on the scalp. However, given that hair transplantation typically uses 2000 to 3000 grafts, 5000 grafts will suffice.

Graft Structure and Properties

Grafts have a structure that contains several hair strands. While some grafts contain just one hair strand, the majority have two or three. As a result, when 5000 grafts are used in hair transplantation, it indicates that 10,000 or more hair strands are transplanted. This amount will be sufficient to cover the bald spots.

While 5000 grafts are utilized in hair transplantation, grafts with a single hair strand are employed in the anterior areas to achieve a realistic hair appearance. On the top, those with more than one hair strand are typically chosen. As a consequence, the final product is flawless.

In light of all of this, the cost of a 5000-graft hair transplant in Turkey appears to be quite reasonable. Furthermore, the operation success rate is pretty good here. The fact that tens of thousands of individuals choose Turkey for hair transplantation each year is the clearest indication of its high quality and low cost.

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