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Hair Transplant 7000 Grafts Cost in Turkey: How Many Do I Need?

Is It Possible to Get 7000 Grafts Hair Transplant in Turkey?

The majority of patients who choose to undergo hair transplant surgery have already tried other methods to halt hair loss. Individuals are frequently irritated and insecure as a result, which can lead to rash actions. Many people who have already spent money on alternative hair-loss treatments are wary of spending additional money or are anxious to find a solution to their baldness.

A donor region, which is generally the back or sides of the head, is used for FUE hair transplant grafts. The hair follicles are removed via a punch incision to ensure that they remain intact and may be harvested for re-implantation into the scalp.

The procedure is identical to that of a FUT hair transplant, except that the grafts are removed from the strip rather than the scalp.

It is critical for potential patients to conduct research and gain a thorough understanding of the clinic with which they will be undergoing hair transplant surgery, as untrustworthy and unreliable facilities are more likely to overstate the number of grafts required in order to charge a higher price. Alternatively, rather than pricing for the entire process, some clinics will charge a fee per graft for hair transplantation. However, Cure Booking works with some of the best clinics and makes sure that you are satisfied with a 7000 graft transplant in Turkey at the most affordable prices.

In some cases, patients are dissatisfied with the final result, and hair growth seems artificial or uneven.

This is because, while the projected number of hair transplant grafts may have been stated as high as 7000, many less are actually implanted. Even if 7000+ grafts of hair transplant are implanted, the donor region may suffer from “over-harvesting.”

This article may be used as a resource for patients and people who want to learn more about the hair transplant process and how many grafts they’ll need

7000 Grafts Hair Transplant in Turkey

Any transplant procedure begins with a hair transplant graft. Hair tissues are obtained from other parts of the scalp that are still alive and healthy. The extraction of a hair transplant graft must be accurate and thorough. This is the only technique to prevent transection, which occurs when the hair follicle and strand are separated. The hair graft will not grow in certain cases, and the final treatment will not appear full or generate healthy hair.

A healthy donor site will have plenty of hair follicles and thick hair, with many hairs emerging from a single follicle. Experienced surgeons will be able to remove follicles with many hairs. A follicle can have up to four stems (hair strands) sprouting from it.

These are recommended for transplant because they provide dense hair growth and a thick, healthy look. This also reduces the impact on the donor site.

Is It Possible to Get 7000 Grafts Hair Transplant in Turkey?

To evaluate the degree of hair loss, the Norwood Scale is employed. This is also a good predictor of how many grafts each individual hair transplant will require. The more hair transplants a patient needs, the worse their hair loss is. Because their donor area cannot sustain or fill the bald area, patients in the later phases of the Norwood scale are likely to have a scant outcome. Hair growth may still be accelerated with the right treatments and methods.

We discuss a patient’s intended goal and manage expectations at CureBooking. 

If the donor area is not appropriate or does not have enough follicles to feed the balding area, we may prescribe other treatments, such as PRP injections, to address thinning hair or hair loss.

The quantity of grafts required is determined by the donor region’s hair density and the size of the balding area. A 5000-graft hair transplant is quite common, and it may take many sessions to complete. A 5000-graft hair transplant might cost somewhere between £1000 and £8000. This is generally determined by the clinic’s repute. However, we are making sure that you the most affordable 7000 graft hair transplant in Turkey. (Get a personal quote now!)

What Factors Go Into Calculating Graft Costs?

The price of a 7000 graft hair transplant procedure varies. Some shady clinics are only interested in making a profit and will generate a quote based on the degree of hair loss. This implies they’ll say they can help people who are at an advanced level on the Norwood scale get outcomes. They will overstate the amount of grafts needed, claiming up to 7000, and then charge per graft or as a bundle. Because a patient may only require 1500 grafts, this is impractical and unjust.

Thanks to Cure Booking, you will get your grafts of 7000 hair transplant in Turkey by the most trusted and experienced doctors. We make sure our patients feel comfortable and safe before, during or after their journey. 

For hair transplant Turkey, Cure Booking does not charge a fee per graft. Because we quote for the greatest amount of grafts accessible and appropriate for transplant, we charge a very affordable fee for high-quality transplants. This avoids the donor region from being over-harvested and guarantees patient satisfaction.

In most situations, 7000 grafts will be sufficient to cover your balding region. We use cutting-edge methods and world-class surgeons to provide outstanding results for our patients. Contact us immediately to schedule a consultation to determine how many grafts you require and how much they will cost.

When Do I Need 7000 Grafts Hair Transplant in Turkey?

A complete head of hair may or may not be feasible in the end; nevertheless, a significant improvement in covering your baldness and improving your face look is always conceivable. Hair loss sufferers in grades 7-8 should consider FUE transplantation if they have reasonable expectations. The sole exception is for patients who have extremely few or no donors. In grade 7 and 8, there is no hair on the top of your head and it has progressed to the back.

Depending on the hairline shape and the size of the transplant region, a Grade 7-8 hair loss area often requires 6000–7000+ grafts. In any case, 4000-5000 grafts may be sufficient to cover the front, middle, and vertex with sufficient hair density.

During our preoperative consultation, we create the hairline according to the patient’s desires and our expert assessment. To provide the highest possible coverage and density, we always transplant a maximum and infinite number of grafts. The maximum number of grafts depends completely on the donor area’s safe grafts capacity, which is defined by the donor area’s size and hair density.

Send us the pictures of your hair from different angles and we will make a personal treatment plan for you at the best prices.