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The Best Breast Reduction Surgery in Turkey (Mammoplasty)

Low Cost Breast Reduction Operation in Turkey

Breast reduction surgery is becoming a more common option for both men and women in the United Kingdom. Women breast reduction surgery in Turkey provides relief from a variety of complications caused by extra weight, including nausea, aching, and pain in the shoulders, back, and spine, all at a cheap cost. Excessive pressure may also cause skin discomfort between the breast and the chest wall, or at the site of the bra straps.

In situations where men are retaining extra fat and tissue under their breasts, male breast reduction Turkey procedures may help them achieve a flatter chest. About 40 and 60 percent of men will undergo breast tissue enlargement at some point in their lives, and in situations where this is impossible to eliminate by exercise or dietary modifications. Therefore a male breast reduction surgery Turkey will help to minimize these tissue loads.

Breast reduction surgery for man and woman, commonly known as mammoplasty, is a procedure that reduces aches and pains while also improving self-esteem in Turkey. Based on the patient’s intended goal, anatomy, and the tissue that needs to be cut, surgeons may use one of many approaches to obtain these results.

Liposuction for Breast Reduction in Turkey

In cases where the tissue to be extracted is mainly made up of fat, liposuction for breast reduction in Turkey may be used. This is most common in men who have had their breasts reduced, but it may also happen in women who have lost a lot of weight or are pregnant. As opposed to incision procedures, liposuction is a faster and less invasive technique, but it is only suitable for those that need a minor reduction in size and little if any sagging.

The plastic surgeon in Turkey will make a smaller breast while still delivering a breast lift by extracting the tissue and fat. Although scarring will be present for this procedure, it will only be visible on the lower half of the breast.

The anchor procedure is identical to the vertical incisions in that it has a third incision around the breast crease. This approach is common with those who want a more drastic reduction in size or who have noticeable sagging or asymmetry that they want to correct. 

Your low cost breast reduction surgery in Turkey will be performed under general anaesthesia, and you will be given absolute overnight treatment in the hours after. Patients are given detailed guidelines for aftercare, including dosage expectations, procedures for minimizing soreness, how to adjust bandages, and how to use the surgical bra.

Breast Reduction Surgery for Male and Female in Turkey

Per case of male and female breast reduction in Turkey at our trusted medical clinics is fully customized and individualized for each patient. We will be available to provide information, assistance, and travel advice as appropriate, whether it is about the surgical procedure or the travel.

Low Cost Breast Reduction Operation in Turkey

Surgery Procedure in Turkey in Detail Day by Day

You will be taken to the hospital on the day of the operation, where you will consult with your surgeon and your host to plan the procedure. You will be able to ask any questions you may have, share your surgical preferences, and sign the final consent papers.

The breast reduction operation in Turkey will take two to three hours, and you will be expected to spend the night in the hospital afterward. In certain cases, you will be discharged from the hospital and instructed to spend the next few days at your preferred hotel. You will be able to participate in fun events such as a tour or going out for a meal on the second day following surgery, although it is advised that you spend the majority of the day recovering and resting.

You will be allowed to return home on the third day of your breast reduction in Turkey, but you will be given a thorough examination to ensure that this is the case. Your aftercare, which includes 12 months of assistance, check-ins, and upgrades, is included in the initial price.

We take pride in providing low-cost breast reduction in Turkey, meaning that all of our treatments are available to the general public. Average cost of breast reduction surgery in Turkey is £3400 for the full package, which includes all prescription costs, transportation from the airport, accommodations, and a 12-month aftercare program. These prices may depend on the region, location of clinic and experience of the doctor. Minimum cost for breast reduction surgery in Turkey is £1800, while the maximum cost of breast reduction surgery in Turkey is £5450. 

Our medical center offers you a high-quality and the most affordable breast reduction in Turkey.