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Am I Eligible For Breast Reduction Surgery in Turkey?

Good Candidate for Breast Reduction Procedure in Turkey

Anyone considering a breast reduction in Turkey is likely to be eligible, as long as they are sufficiently fit to perform any kind of surgical operation. A reduction will offer a long-term alternative if your breasts have stopped maturing and the size is causing you pain or poor self-confidence.

If you want to have children in the future and plan to breastfeed, make sure you tell the surgeon of your concerns before the surgery. Although it is rare that a breast reduction would harm the milk glands or the nipple, if you tell the surgeon, additional precautions can be taken and the process of breast reduction can be changed to meet your needs.

Our breast reduction surgeons in Turkey are board-certified and have decades of experience performing active breast reduction surgery on both men and women. As a result, while there are risks to address, they are mitigated by the personalization and application of available approaches, as well as the treatment provided by your preferred practitioner. The below are some of the complications involved with breast reduction surgery: 

  • General Anesthesia Risks, 
  • Unfavorable Scarring Infection, 
  • Blood Clots or Bleeding,
  • Discoloration of the skin,
  • Deeper Structures Are Affected,
  • Pain That Is Possibly Persistent, and
  • Necrosis of the Fat.

Your surgeon will take every precaution to minimize or remove complications, and our aftercare packages will provide complete and continuous treatment for up to 12 months after your surgery. In this way, we will be able to help avoid and reduce the consequences of any delayed healing until they have a long-term impact on you and your breasts.

It is crucial to remember that the above threats are extremely uncommon at our medical clinics in Turkey; however, we have the necessary advice and strategies to ensure that any contingency is addressed.

Would I Qualify for Breast Reduction?

One of the most common questions that we get asked is “Would I qualify for breast reduction in Turkey?”. Breast reduction may be done at any age in Turkey, but most plastic surgeons advise waiting before the boobs are fully grown. Breast size and appearance can be affected by pregnancy and breastfeeding in unpredictable ways. Many Turkish women, on the other hand, prefer to have boob reduction surgery before having children.

If you have one or more of the following factors, you might be a suitable candidate for breast reduction in Turkey:

Breasts that are too big in comparison to the rest of the body.

Breasts that are saggy and large, with downward-pointing areolas and nipples.

Breasts that are too big which trigger back, neck, and shoulder pain.

The bra straps have left sinking traces on the skin of the shoulders.

Physical movements are restricted due to the height and weight of the breasts.

Breasts that are asymmetrical (one larger than the other).

Irritation in the region behind the breasts.

Good Candidate for Breast Reduction Procedure in Turkey

Cost of Breast Reduction in Turkey

Another common concern among candidates debating a breast reduction in Turkey is, “How much does a breast reduction cost?” Although the cost of breast reduction surgery varies by clinic, it is evident that plastic surgery clinics in Turkey offer affordable breast reduction surgery.

Our trusted medical centers deliver very satisfactory boob job results in Turkey obtained by the top plastic surgeons in highly-developed health services, as part of the all-inclusive plastic surgery packages in Turkey. You should simply ask our medical experts online for more details on the estimated cost of a breast reduction.

The cost of breast reduction surgery in Turkey is influenced by a number of factors. Preoperative testing, surgery, drugs, surgical bras, and other costs are included in the cost of breast reduction. You should also consider the cosmetic surgeon’s expertise, the scope of the operation, any additional treatments such as a breast lift or liposuction, and the technique. With its all-inclusive plastic surgery packages in Turkey that includes treatment, lodging, a personal host, and transfers, our medical center offers competitively reasonable breast reduction prices.