Aesthetic TreatmentsBreast Augmentation (Boob Job)

What is Involved in a Breast Enlargement/Augmentation in Turkey?

How is the Procedure for Boob Job in Turkey?

Our trusted medical clinics in Turkey have years of experience performing breast augmentation surgery in Turkey. This common aesthetic treatment will be performed by ISAPS (International Society Of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) certified surgeons in clinics, where you will be greeted by your assigned plastic surgeon as well as a devoted host.

You will discuss the breast enlargement Turkey treatment with the doctor at this appointment, and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have. Other than that, they will examine before the breast enlargement surgery in order to help assess the form, height, and type of implant that is best for you. Any expectations you have will be discussed and choosed. And then, you will sign the forms of consent. 

The procedure will be held under general anesthesia after taking a series of basic checks if you are a good candidate for the breast implant surgery in Turkey.

The breast enlargement surgery in Turkey takes two to three hours, depending on your situation, and you will be expected to stay overnight after the procedure to ensure that you are monitored by a professional doctor during the night and in case any need for changing bandages. 

You can stay in the hospital for 4 days, but it is your choice to go to your hotel and rest there on the second day of your breast implant/ boob job surgery in Turkey.  You may also participate in some relaxing events or opportunities near your hotel. 

How many days after the surgery can I return to my country?

After the fourth day and your appointment to the doctor’s private clinic to remove the drainage and change the dressing, you will be given a complete aftercare schedule, which will include drugs, things you should do, and all other recommendations specific to your situation.

After that, you have the choice of flying home and being in touch with our doctors during the recovery process, or staying in Turkey for a few more days to enjoy the vacation.

How is the Procedure for Boob Job in Turkey?

You should get in touch to attend one of the private hospitals in your home country as part of your aftercare services if you notice any side effects or the manifestation of any threats once you have returned home.

As in any aesthetical procedure, there are some risks of breast augmentation/enlargement surgery in Turkey. These are bleeding, infection, inadequate healing of the breast, sensation changes in the breast, breaking off of an implant, blood clots and wrinkling of the skin. However, this risk percentage is very low. Although there are risks involved, we take every precaution to ensure that your breast enlargement Turkey operation is done correctly and safely. If you have any medical problems, you must inform the surgeon before the surgery to guarantee that it is healthy and may not have a long-term impact on you or your safety.

Why Choose Turkey for Breast Implants/ Augmentation Surgery?

Our plastic surgeons in Turkey have performed a variety of procedures, but breast enlargement is the most popular and the most common one. Regardless of why you want to augment your breasts, you will find internationally accredited hospitals and specialist clinicians who are well-versed in not only the surgery but also the medical tourism sector as a whole.

Each of our boob job full packages in Turkey includes airport transfers, lodging, the surgery, and the required aftercare for up to 12 months after the operation. Our aftercare program, in particular, provides help during any pain, irritation, or concerns you might have after your operation, as well as guidance on how to care for your recovering breasts and what activities you may engage in during that time.

It is important for breast implants to suit your body type and general health. Therefore, for the surgery of breast enlargement in Turkey, our surgeons will discuss the best type, style and shape of the implant not only for the good results.

We are committed to helping each of our patients achieve their goals, but your well being still comes first, so you can be assured that you are in capable hands. You can get more information about the low cost breast implants in Turkey.