Stomach Botox Price in Albania – Best Price

What is Stomach Botox?

Stomach botox is a weight loss method for overweight people. However, it is an operation that can never be compared with stomach botox and other bariatric surgery treatments. While other treatments aim to make a permanent change in the digestive system, stomach botox involves changing the functioning of the stomach for 6 months.

No incisions or stitches are required during the operation. The patient is anesthetized and botox liquid is injected into the stomach muscles. Thus, the patient digests the food he eats later and experiences fullness for a long time. This allows the patient to lose weight.

How Is Stomach Botox Surgery Performed?

When the patient comes to the clinic for the procedure, he is taken to a surgical room. A thin tube is lowered into the stomach of the patient, who is put to sleep in this room. This tube has a high image quality camera at the end. This camera is connected to the monitor. So the doctor can see where he is from the camera and the process continues in this way.

At the same time, botox is injected into the stomach muscles with the help of a needle that is lowered into the stomach. Thus, the patient does not feel anything and the procedure is completed. After the procedure, the patient is awakened.
You can be discharged on the same day. However, because he has been put to sleep, it is possible for him to experience drowsiness after waking up. Therefore, in order for him to return home, he must have someone with him.

Stomach Botox

What is the Difference Between Gastric Balloon and Stomach Botox Surgery?

In fact, although the purpose of both is the same, the way they work and the extraction is completely different. Firstly;

Gastric balloon: It is attached to the patient with the same procedure. The deflated balloon is filled with saline. The balloon inflating in the patient’s stomach will give the patient a feeling of fullness. Thus, the patient will not be hungry or will be less hungry. This will allow the patient to quench his hunger with less food and will allow the patient to give kilos.

Stomach botox: After meals, it will keep the satiety period long. Although the patient can eat in the same way, it will take a long time to digest the food he eats. Thus, he will take fewer calories and lose weight.
6 months later;

Gastric Balloon: At the end of 6 months, the patient will visit the surgeon again to have the gastric balloon removed. The procedure for inserting the gastric balloon will be carried out this time to remove it. The patient will be put to sleep and the balloon in the stomach will be removed with the help of an endoscope. Thus, the patient can be discharged easily.

Stomach Botox: Botox is a substance that is highly compatible with the human body. (For those who are not allergic to Botox) At the same time, it is not a permanent substance. It is excreted from the body spontaneously. Therefore, the patient does not need to visit again after the first visit. Botox will be eliminated from the body by itself at the end of 6 months.

What Affects Stomach Botox Prices in Albania?

Things that increase the price of stomach botox are often not the amount of botox or anything else;
Hospital or clinic location
Expertise of the doctor who will apply stomach botox
State or private health insurance can cover stomach botox treatment.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Cost in Turkey: Most Affordable Country

How Much Is Stomach Botox Surgery in Albania?

Albania is a country that demands extremely high prices for those who want to have stomach botox. Since the cost of stomach botox treatments is much more affordable in neighboring countries, patients who want to be treated often travel to a different country. Therefore, Turkey is the most preferred country. If you look at the advantages, it would be better to get treatment in hygienic and quality clinics in Turkey instead of getting stomach botox for 6,000 Euros in Albania. Therefore, if you are planning to have stomach botox treatment in Albania, you can take a look at Turkey. It will probably be more attractive. Wouldn’t it be more advantageous to be treated in world-class, highly successful clinics?

Does Health Insurance Cover Stomach Botox Procedures?

Although private health insurances sometimes cover these treatments, most of the time you may have to have the treatments yourself. Or some of the treatment will be covered. This is a case of your insurance policy. For this reason, get in touch with the clinic where you will receive treatment and have them contact your insurance company. Thus, you can get more precise information. If your insurance covers some of this cost, you’ll likely have to pay €1500.

Which Country is the Best for Stomach Botox?

Although stomach botox treatments are extremely invasive treatments, there are of course some risks. Therefore, it is important to get treatment in successful countries. But if you’ve done even a little research for it, you know how high prices many countries charge. If this is the first site you enter for research, you can find the prices of the most preferred countries from the table below. For this reason, many patients who want to receive treatment prefer Turkey for treatments. Turkey will allow you to easily receive this treatment, which you see as inaccessible in many countries, by giving extremely successful treatments at very affordable prices.

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Which Country is the Cheapest for Stomach Botox?

If you examine the table below, you can see that most of them are close in price. So which one is the cheapest? The answer to this is clearly Turkey. The low cost of living and the high exchange rate in Turkey ensure that foreign patients can receive treatment easily. You can also plan to receive treatment in Turkey. So if you look at even the cheapest countries, you can save up to 60%. You can continue reading our content to find out the prices requested for stomach botox in Turkey.

Price Comparison List Between Countries

Germany6.000 €
Albania6.000 €
Austria7.000 €
Azerbaijan7.000 €
Belgium9.000 €
Belarus6.000 €
Bosnia and Herzegovina7.000 €
Bulgaria6.000 €
Czech Republic6.000 €
Denmark7.000 €
Armenia5.000 €
Estonia7.000 €
Finland7.000 €
France9.000 €
Georgia7.000 €
Croatia7.000 €
Netherlands6.000 €
United Kingdom6.000 €
Ireland6.000 €
Spain7.000 €
Sweden9.000 €
Switzerland12.000 €
Italy9.000 €
Iceland7.000 €
Latvia7.000 €
Liechtenstein12.000 €
Lithuania5.000 €
Hungary7.000 €
Macedonia7.000 €
Malta7.000 €
Moldova7.000 €
Monaco9.000 €
Norway8.000 €
Poland7.000 €
Portugal8.000 €
Romania7.000 €
Russia7.000 €
San Marino9.000 €
Serbia6.000 €
Slovakia7.000 €
Slovenia5.000 €
Ukraine7.000 €
Greece6.000 €

Stomach Botox in Turkey

Turkey is a country that is frequently mentioned in the field of health. It is a country that allows you to successfully receive many treatments, not only for weight loss operations, but also for health. For this reason, you can successfully receive stomach botox treatments in Turkey. You can understand this by examining the comments of patients receiving treatment in Turkey. Doctors give a lot of information to patients who receive stomach botox in Turkey and help them lose weight with the support of a dietitian. For this reason, you can choose Turkey for successful treatments.

Stomach Botox Price in Turkey

The cost of stomach botox treatments is often quite affordable. Because they do not require any preparation and are highly invasive treatments. Therefore, patients who want to receive treatment in Turkey do not have to worry about prices. Receiving treatment in Turkey will save up to 80% unlike Albania. The low cost of living and high exchange rate, as well as the large number of clinics, make the prices competitive.

This is another important factor that enables patients to receive treatment at affordable prices. At the same time, patients who plan to be treated in Turkey can choose us as Curebooking. So they can get treatment with the best price guarantee. As Curebooking, our price is 850€. Our package price is only 1150€ If we need to examine this a little bit, you can see how much more advantage it will provide from the treatments you will receive in Albania. You can contact us for detailed information.