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Is It Worth Getting a Gastric Balloon? – Prices- Procedure

Gastric balloon treatments help the patient lose weight. They are often preferred because they are more invasive than other obesity treatments. You can read our content to learn more about this treatment.

What is a Gastric Balloon?

Gastric balloon is a weight loss method preferred by people with weight problems. This surgically placed balloon allows patients to lose weight easily with diet and sports support over time. Thus, patients can lose weight without the need for any permanent digestive system changes. After the balloon is removed after 6 months, if the patient pays attention to his diet and continues to do sports, he will continue to lose or maintain his weight. You should not forget that this operation is not a definite weight loss and is a support for weight loss.

Who Can Have a Gastric Balloon?

Patients who want to receive gastric balloon treatment should have a body mass index of 27 and above. Otherwise, they would not be suitable candidates for this operation. On the other hand, patients must be between the ages of 18 and 65. Gastric balloon treatment can be applied to every patient who meets this criterion. At the same time, you should not forget that patients with gastric balloon should experience a weight loss process with a dietitian. Otherwise, they cannot lose enough weight. They can even damage the balloon.

Types of Gastric Balloons

Gastric Balloons Are Actually Divided Into 2 Types: Smart Gastric Balloon and Traditional Gastric Balloon. There is quite a difference between these balloons.

Smart Gastric Balloon: It is placed in a single session without the need for anesthesia or any surgical procedure. The balloon is inserted after the patient swallows the deflated balloon, which has a thin tube at the end, with a glass of water. An X-ray is taken to make sure the balloon is in place. The balloon is then filled with a gas. The balloon reaches approximately the size of a large orange.

Another X-ray is then taken to make sure it is full. If all is well, you are done. Thus, the balloon is placed without any side effects. At the same time, at the end of 16 weeks, the balloon is expelled from the body by itself. The patient does not feel it. In short, there is no need for a second appointment to get it. This makes patients often opt for this procedure.

Traditional Gastric Balloon: The patient is put to sleep for the gastric balloon. The balloon, which is lowered into the patient’s stomach with the help of the endoscope, is filled with saline. The endoscope is a thin tube with a camera at the end which gives it a very high quality look. This tube is connected to the monitor and the doctor can monitor it. After the balloon is placed, it is removed and the patient is awakened. Process completed. After 6 months, the patient goes to the doctor again to remove the balloon. The same procedure is done this time to remove the balloon.

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Risks of Gastric Balloon

  • Low weight loss
  • Stomach discomfort
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Belly or back pain
  • Acid reflux
  • Digestion issues
  • Blockage of food entering the stomach
  • Infection

Advantages of Gastric Balloon

  • Does Not Include Any Incisions
  • Provides Significant Weight Loss
  • It is reversible.
  • It is more suitable than other weight loss operations.

Gastric Balloon FAQs

Are There Any Foods I Can’t Consume?

Certain foods, such as spicy, rich/oily, or hard foods that don’t spoil, can cause symptoms. Red meat and especially steak can cause indigestion. Fish and chicken are generally good. Fibrous vegetables should be cooked until soft.

How Much Weight Can I Lose After Gastric Balloon?

The weight you lose with the gastric balloon is entirely up to you. You must be willing to lose weight after the procedure. For this, you should eat with the support of a dietitian and limit your calorie intake. On the other hand, you have to exercise. So you will lose weight. To give an average number, it is possible to lose about 20% of your body weight.

Does Gastric Balloon Definitely Lose Weight?

No. No procedure, including the Gastric Balloon, guarantees that you will lose weight. This is a supportive procedure only. If you continue to consume excessive calories after having a gastric balloon and do not do any exercise, you will continue to gain weight. Therefore, to lose weight, you should pay attention to nutrition. Of course, you can lose weight if you eat with a dietitian.

Elipse Stomach Balloon

Will I Feel the Gastric Balloon in My Stomach?

It is normal to feel some discomfort in your stomach for a day or two after the procedure. On the other hand, you will forget the existence of the balloon during the day. At the same time, if you put a little pressure on your stomach, you can feel the bubble being there. But after a while you will forget its existence.

Can I Drink Alcohol With a Gastric Balloon Inserted?

You can take it in moderation. However, you should not take it continuously and regularly.

What Happens If The Balloon Pops In My Stomach?

During insertion, your doctor will fill the balloon with a colored dye called methylene blue. This will help you clearly identify deflation or leakage early on as it will turn the color of your urine green or blue. In such a case, you must immediately notify the clinic for the balloon to be removed within 48 hours.

Which is the Best Country to Get a Gastric Balloon?

Although the treatment is quite invasive, there are of course some risks as well. Therefore, patients should choose a country where they are confident that they will receive successful treatment. If you are looking for a country that will have successful gastric balloon surgeries like most patients, you can choose Turkey. In addition to offering successful treatments, Turkey provides treatment at very affordable prices.

Compared to many countries, it is a country that saves up to 80%. If you are looking for a country to get a gastric balloon, you can consider Turkey.
By getting treatment in Turkey, you avoid countries that offer cheap and unsuccessful treatment at the same time.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Cost in Turkey: Most Affordable Country

Gastric Balloon in Turkey

Turkey has provided thousands of treatments not only for gastric balloon but also in many areas such as oral and dental health and aesthetics. On the other hand, it is a country that hosts hundreds of thousands of patients every year. This is because it gives successful treatments. Turkey has announced the success of the treatments it offers to the whole world. At the same time, it offers treatments at affordable prices, allowing patients to receive treatment in Turkey instead of being treated in any country. So, does being treated in Turkey really save that much?

Yeah. You can find out the prices requested to get gastric balloons in Turkey by continuing to read the content. Thus, you will give rights to patients who are treated in Turkey.

Is It Safe to Get a Gastric Balloon in Turkey?

When Turkey is examined in general terms, it is an extremely safe country. It is still quite safe if we need to examine it in the health field. Turkish surgeons always have surgeons who improve themselves and provide meticulous treatment to their patients. On the other hand, hygiene, which is one of the most important elements in every treatment, is at the highest level in Turkey. These are the factors that make it safe to be treated in Turkey.

If you are planning to be treated in Turkey, this will be a very good decision. However, there is a point you should pay attention to, as in every country, there are unsuccessful clinics in Turkey. You should avoid being treated in these clinics. Thus, your treatment success rate will be very high. For this, you can get treatment from us as Curebooking. Thus, the success of your treatments will be guaranteed and you will be treated with the best price guarantee in Turkey. You can call us for more detailed information.

Advantages of Receiving Gastric Balloons in Turkey

Affordable Price Guarantee: If you decide to get treatment in Turkey, you should know that you will definitely get treatment at very good prices. Probably even the highest prices in Turkey will be half the prices in your country. This is one of the advantages of receiving treatment in Turkey.

Successful Treatments: You can travel to receive successful treatments. Getting treatment in Turkey will definitely increase the success rate. Both the hygiene of the treatment environment and the experience of the doctor will ensure successful treatments. This ensures that you will receive better treatments than in many other countries.

Why is Gastric Balloon Cheap in Turkey?

The low cost of living is the first factor. In other words, it is cheaper to live in Turkey compared to many other countries. This ensures that the cost of the treatments is low. The biggest impact is the Extremely high exchange rate. This factor, which ensures the high purchasing power of foreigners in Turkey, is the most important factor that enables you to receive treatments cheaply.

On the other hand, the competition among clinics is one of the factors that makes getting treatment cheap in Turkey. There are many clinics in Turkey. This allows clinics that want to attract patients to offer the best prices, which allows patients to choose the best prices.

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