Root Canal Treatment Cost in Istanbul, Turkey: Average Prices

What Is Root Canal Therapy and How Does It Work?

Root canal therapy in Istanbul is the procedure of extracting the tooth’s nerve, cleaning and contouring the cavity, and filling it with specific canal filling materials. The state of the patient is crucial for the process’ progression. In one or two sessions, you can get results. Problems with the teeth, as well as the gums, may necessitate root canal therapy. Root canal therapy may be required in the following situations:

Intense discomfort while eating hot or cold foods

Unknown ailment

Sleeping with a lot of discomfort

What Is The Treatment Procedure Like in Istanbul?

To guarantee sterilization, a rubber cover is placed prior to the treatment. During canal treatment in Istanbul, the rubber cover is designed to prevent bacteria from entering the canal through saliva. As a result, the procedure is more pleasant and sanitary. After the rubber cover is removed, local anesthetic is administered.

To begin, any cavities on the tooth’s surface must be removed, and the decay must be cleansed. The entrance to the area known as the canal chamber begins in the middle of the tooth at this point. Signaling tools are used to determine the canal length, ensuring that the canal ends are detected perfectly. It is possible to open one or more canals depending on the situation. 

Canal formation techniques are conducted at this stage of therapy. At the start of the stage, hand tools are utilized. Interventions to shape the root canals are done using rotating instruments.

The canals are now available to the public and have been shaped. All canals are cleaned of germs with the assistance of an antibacterial solution. The procedure is completed by filling the canals with specific dental fillings after they have been opened, cleansed, and shaped.

Is Root Canal Painful?

There is no discomfort associated with root canal therapy. The patient is in no discomfort since local anesthetic has been used. It is conceivable, however, that some discomfort may persist following therapy. During the recovery time of the root canal in Istanbul, the patient should refrain from using that tooth. The toothache will then gradually fade away.

Root Canal Treatment Cost in Istanbul, Turkey: Average Prices

Is There a Root Canal Treatment Alternative?

If root canal therapy is not performed, the infection may spread and create more serious health problems. The only option to root canal therapy is to have the tooth removed. This option involves the loss of a tooth in the mouth, which may necessitate the use of dental implants in Istanbul.

The root canal system is a dental treatment that is used to treat bacterial infections in the center of a tooth. This is a great alternative to tooth extraction and can be utilized to salvage teeth that have been infected severely. To do this, the diseased contents of a root canal are evacuated and replaced with a specific substance, following which the tooth is capped with a crown or, if its condition prior to root canal treatment was satisfactory, with conventional filling.

Is a Root Canal Treatment Appropriate for Dental Vacationers?

Root canal procedures in Istanbul are appropriate for dental tourists, but they require several processes to be completed in their entirety, so you may need to stay longer than you expect. Because of the nature of root canal treatments, they cannot be finished in a single day, and you will need to return 5-7 days later for a permanent restoration (filling or crown).

Most individuals are terrified of the operation, however why this is is anyone’s guess. The procedure is no more unpleasant than a filling, with the anaesthetizing injection being the most painful portion.

You won’t feel any pain after the anaesthesia has taken effect—but the worst aspect about the procedure is that it can take a long time, depending on how many dental roots your tooth has and how many root canals each root has. You should expect to remain in the dentist’s chair for several hours, but there will be minimal rest thereafter (apart from having to wait a few hours while the anaesthetic wears off). After that, you may just relax and enjoy your vacation.

The average price for root canal in Istanbul is between 100 and 300 euro, we can say. As Cure Booking, we are trying to find you the most affordable price with high quality materials and technology as well as experienced dentists. 

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