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How Much Is Smile Design in Istanbul?

There’s no need to spend a fortune on dental care at your neighborhood dentist. Istanbul Smile Center is the ideal location for high-quality, low-cost dental care. Our clinics are one of the few that treats and cares for patients on an individual basis. We do not accept patients in groups or treat them in batches. We feel it degrades the quality of the treatment and the patient’s comfort. We don’t think of patient numbers and therapies as a numbers game. We never sacrifice quality in the name of quantity. In Istanbul Smile Design, you will feel like a one-of-a-kind individual. Because you, like every other patient, are unique to us. Who wouldn’t want to combine their dental treatment with a vacation in a beautiful and historically significant city like Istanbul? During your visit, take in historical landmarks, the Bosphorus, Istanbul’s cosmopolitan lifestyle, and our delectable Turkish cuisine.

What is the criteria to get a smile design in Istanbul?

The teeth must be in proportion to each other and to the face for good smile aesthetics. There are several factors that influence this.

A particular golden ratio must be followed while sizing the teeth.

There must be no gaps between the teeth.

The gums must be symmetrical around the teeth.

When smiling, the gums must be visible under the lips at a specific distance.

When smiling, the teeth must be seen to the maximum extent possible.

According to the midline, the teeth must be symmetrical.

Gums must be in good shape.

Every letter must be spoken correctly and with exquisite phonation.

Digital smile design in Istanbul, also known as smile aesthetics, involves a thorough examination of the patient’s lips and gum tissues. Examining the forms, size, and placements of the teeth, a smile is created for the patient.

Is smile design or smile aesthetics in Istanbul specific for each patient?

Before taking any steps to fix a person’s grin on a digital platform, it’s important to remember that everyone’s aesthetics are different. It is designed to fit the person’s face proportions and smile opening. In grin design, the color and form of the teeth, the location of the lips, and the color of the skin are all essential considerations.

What is the procedure for smile design (digital smile design) in Istanbul?

Photographs taken by dentists are highly significant in Smile Design. Both the teeth and the surrounding tissues are imaged in dental photography. Taking measurements as well as pictures is necessary for transferring information to the dental laboratory for a three-dimensional smile design in Istanbul. In order to evaluate what may be done with the teeth for maximum face attractiveness, videos are made to examine which portions of the mouth are visible while the patient is talking and laughing.

How Much Is Smile Design in Istanbul?
How Much Is Smile Design in Istanbul?

What does pink aesthetics mean in terms of smile design?

Beautiful gums that surround the teeth are part of the pink aesthetic. The important factors examined for pink aesthetics are symmetrical gum levels and the gum color being light pink, which is a healthy gum color without bleeding. The smile line emerges when the smile muscles are fully clenched, and the top teeth replace the upper lip. The amount of teeth and pink gums visible inside this grin line is measured.

When it comes to Istanbul smile design, what treatment procedures are used?

Tooth whitening after gingivectomy

Application of the adhesive (composite aesthetic fillings)

Treatment with braces (with or without braces)

Treatment for implants

Porcelain veneers made of zirconium or porcelain

Porcelain laminates can be used in a variety of ways.

Aesthetics in pink

Do age and gender have a role in smile design?

Women and men have different criteria for the perfect smile. Because women’s faces are more oval, an oval shaped tooth form is more appealing. More sharp-lined tooth shapes are envisaged for guys. Teeth with an angular shape better represent the cosmetic differences between men and women. In the smile design of Istanbul, age is also a significant factor. Because the tone of the face muscles deteriorates with aging. Corrosion of the enamel layer of the teeth, also known as the hard tissue, leads a person to lose confidence. The patient develops an aversion to smiling and exposing his or her teeth. We propose a smile design treatment to help the patient recover confidence.

How much does a smile design – teeth aesthetics in Istanbul cost?

Smile design prices in Istanbul are determined on a patient-by-patient basis and vary depending on the type of treatment to be performed. For example, lost teeth may necessitate implant therapy, or the patient may just require zirconium veneers. Your dentist will decide the cost of smile design (tooth aesthetics) following an examination.

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