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Turkey Smile Design Prices- 2600€

How Much Is Smile Design in Istanbul?

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What is the criteria to get a smile design in Istanbul?

For a good-looking grin, the teeth must be in proportion to one another and to the face. This is affected by a number of things.

  • The teeth must be measured using a specific golden ratio.
  • No spaces should exist between the teeth.
  • Around the teeth, the gums must be symmetrical.
  • When grinning, the gums must be close enough to the lips to be seen.
  • The teeth should be as visible as possible when smiling.
  • The teeth must match the midline in symmetry.
  • Gums need to be healthy.
  • Each letter must be uttered with perfect phonation and accuracy.

Digital smile design, sometimes referred to as smile aesthetics, in Istanbul entails a careful assessment of the patient’s gum and lip tissues. A grin is made for the patient by looking at the shapes, sizes, and positions of the teeth.

Custom Smile Design in Istanbul

It’s crucial to keep in mind that everyone has various aesthetic preferences before making any attempts to alter someone’s smile on a digital platform. Its shape and smile opening are tailored to the wearer’s face dimensions. The position of the lips, the color of the skin, and the shape and color of the teeth are all crucial factors in smile design.

What is the smile design procedure in Istanbul?

Dental professionals’ photographs are very important for Smile Design. In dental photography, both the teeth and the surrounding tissues are photographed. For a three-dimensional grin design in Istanbul, it is important to take measurements in addition to photos and send the data to the dental laboratory. Videos are made to check which parts of the mouth are visible while the patient is talking and laughing in order to assess what could be done with the teeth to maximize facial attractiveness.

What does pink aesthetics mean in terms of smile design?

The pink aesthetic also includes the gorgeous gums that encircle the teeth. Symmetrical gum levels and light pink gums, which are a healthy gum color without bleeding, are key considerations for pink aesthetics. When the grin muscles are tightly contracted, the top teeth take the position of the upper lip, and the smile line appears. Inside this grin line, the number of teeth and pink gums that are visible is counted.

What procedures do Istanbul smile design treatments include?

  • Tooth whitening after gingivectomy
  • Application of the adhesive (composite aesthetic fillings)
  • Treatment with braces (with or without braces)
  • Treatment for implants
  • Porcelain veneers made of zirconium or porcelain
  • Porcelain laminates can be used in a variety of ways.
  • Aesthetics in pink

What is the age limit in smile design?

Different standards for the ideal smile apply to men and women. An oval-shaped tooth form is more attractive because women’s faces are more oblong. For men, sharper-edged tooth forms are anticipated. Angled teeth more accurately depict the differences in appearance between males and women. Age also plays a big role in Istanbul’s smile design. because as people age, the tone of their facial muscles deteriorates. One loses confidence when the hard tissue, or enamel layer, of their teeth begins to corrode. The patient starts to dislike smiling and showing off his or her teeth. To assist the patient in regaining confidence, we suggest a smile design 

How much does a smile design – teeth aesthetics in Istanbul cost?

Depending on the type of procedure to be done, smile design costs in Istanbul are established patient-by-patient. For instance, the patient might only need zirconium veneers if they have lost their teeth, which would not require implant therapy. After an inspection, your dentist will determine the cost of smile design (tooth aesthetics).

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