Otoplasty Surgery Prices in Turkey – Before After Photos

Otoplasty treatments are the preferred treatments to improve the appearance of the ears. You can read our content for detailed information about Otoplasty treatments.

What is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty includes operations performed for the purpose of ear shaping due to the deformation of the ears due to birth or any accident. Although Otoplasty treatments are also referred to as ear surgery, they are often used as Otoplasty. The purpose of otoplasty is to straighten the prominent ear, balance unbalanced ears and heal the unsightly protrusions in the ear.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Get Otoplasty?

Although otplasty is a treatment in the field of plastic surgery, it is very important to have children done at an early age. It is important to receive nutritional therapy for Otopalast after the age of 5 so that children are not bullied by their peers and do not have a devastating effect on the child’s self-confidence. For this reason, the earlier otoplasty is performed in children, the better.

Apart from that, children who receive treatment at a later age unfortunately lose the necessary self-confidence due to the bullying of their peers and it may take a long time to regain it. There is no age or other criteria for otoplasty treatments. You can contact us to get the necessary information and to get the best price otoplasty treatment in Turkey.

What Are the Risks of Ear Surgery?

Although Ear Surgery is a highly invasive treatment, it is important to receive treatments from successful surgeons. Although the surgeries often have complications such as infection and bleeding, sometimes the wrong doctor choice of the patients brings with it some risks;

Scar: After Ear Surgery , of course, there will be scars. However, these scars will be hidden behind the ear and in the folds. Therefore, it will not look bad. However, in the event of an unsuccessful sewing operation, the seams can be very visible and result in an extremely unsightly appearance. However, sutures that have advanced into the skin may require further surgery.

Asymmetry in ear placement: Although Ear Surgery surgery is to treat prominent ear and correct asymmetries, sometimes doctors cannot do this successfully and a new surgery may be required. In this case, our recommendation would be to choose a good surgeon for the treatment and never get a second surgery from the same surgeon.

Changes in skin sensation: Otoplasty treatments require incisions, which can sometimes cause loss of sensation after treatments. For this reason, it is possible to experience permanent numbness after the operation, although it is mostly temporary.

Overcorrection: Otoplasty can create unnatural contours that make the ears look like they’re leaning back.

Otoplasty Treatment in Turkey

Turkey is a country that is frequently preferred for Otoplasty treatments. Otoplasty prices in Turkey are quite affordable. However, there are many successful hospitals for Otoplasty treatment in Turkey. Foreign patients generally prefer Ear Surgery treatments in Turkey for better treatment prices and more successful treatments. Since Turkey is a very successful country in the field of health, ear aesthetic treatments can be provided in the best way in Turkey.

If you are planning to receive Otopalsty treatments in Turkey, you should take care to get treatment from the best surgeons at the most affordable prices. Otherwise, as we mentioned above, it will unfortunately be possible for you to experience the risks of Otoplasty treatments. In order to avoid these and get successful Ear Surgery in Turkey, you can contact us and guarantee the success rates of the treatment.

Is It Possible to Get Successful Otoplasty in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the best countries for Ear Surgery treatment. It offers treatments at affordable prices and offers successful treatments. This causes foreigners to frequently prefer Turkey for treatment. The cost of living in Turkey is extremely cheap and the exchange rate is quite high. This makes it very advantageous for foreign patients to have Otoplasty in Turkey.

Patients can also opt for a unique holiday opportunity by having Otoplasty in Turkey. There are Hospitals in Turkey equipped with the latest technology. These hospitals are located in the most preferred cities in terms of tourism. The number of equipped hospitals is extremely high in Izmir, Istanbul, Antalya, Marmaris and many other cities. This allows patients to have a unique holiday while undergoing otoplasty treatment in Turkey. Would you like to receive treatment at the most affordable prices in equipped hospitals in Turkey and at the same time turn these treatments into a holiday? For this, you can call us and get information.

Are Plastic Surgeons Successful in Turkey?

Otoplasty treatments in Turkey are performed by plastic surgeons as in every country. This is important for the success of plastic surgeons in the country. If patients do research to get Otoplasty treatments in Turkey, they can already see how successful the plastic surgeons in Turkey are. Plastic surgeons in Turkey are mostly educated in a language other than Turkish at the Medical School. This enables him to open in a different country and to communicate easily with foreign patients who want to receive treatment in Turkey. In short, Turkish plastic surgeons are extremely successful and offer the best treatments. You can safely choose Turkey for your Otoplasty treatments.

How Much Is Otoplasty in Turkey?

Otoplasty treatment prices in Turkey are highly variable. Prices will vary depending on the city where you will be treated and the surgeon’s experience. For this reason, it would be correct to give a single price. For example, in a big city like Istanbul, you have more options for Ear Surgery treatment. There are many more hospitals and clinics. This ensures that prices are, of course, competitive. However, in smaller cities, the asking price for treatments will be slightly higher, as there will be fewer hospitals. For this reason, you should of course look at the largest cities for the best prices. Or, you can get Ear Surgery treatment at the best price in Turkey by contacting us.

Turkey Otoplasty Prices

Turkey Otoplasty treatments are extremely convenient. While many countries demand thousands of euros for these treatments, Ear Surgery treatments are extremely affordable in Turkey. Although otoplasty prices in Turkey differ in many cities, they are often much more affordable than in other countries. However, if you are looking for an affordable treatment for Ear Surgery , this is perfectly natural.

Because you do not need to make high payments to get Ear Surgery treatment in Turkey. Treatments can be successfully obtained at an extremely affordable price. For this reason, you should definitely do a good research about prices before getting treatment. Or by choosing us as Curebooking, you can get treatment with the best price guarantee. We provide service in Turkey with the best price guarantee. Our price for Otoplasty; 1800€