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How Can I Find the Most Affordable Country for a Kidney Transplant?

Countries That Offer Kidney Transplant

Most Affordable Country for a Kidney Transplant

Chronic kidney diseases affect more people than you can imagine. Chronic kidney disease affects more than 850 million people globally, according to the European Renal Association, European Dialysis and Transplant Association, and American Society of Nephrology. This is more than 20 times the number of diabetics and twice the number of cancer patients. End-stage renal disease (ESRD) affects 10.5 million of them, necessitating dialysis or a kidney transplant.

While none of these treatments can reverse end-stage renal illness, a kidney transplant in Turkey is the most effective way to return to a normal life because the donated kidney can completely replace the failing kidneys. You may also look at our Should I Choose Turkey for a Kidney Transplant?article to understand why so many patients choose Turkey as a kidney transplant destination.

You should know that the most affordable country for a kidney transplant is Turkey without being compromised by the quality of doctors, hospitals and a treatment service. Today, we will talk about countries such as the U.S.A which is the most expensive one, Germany, The United Kingdom, South Korea and Turkey.

While national health care institutions and programs provide kidney transplants, they are overburdened with requests, and many patients wait and sometimes die in line for this treatment. As a result, many patients prefer to receive a kidney transplant as a private medical service, either in their own country or overseas, rather than waiting in a queue for a kidney transplant donor.

This article compares the price of kidney transplants in health tourism destinations.

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Kidney Transplant Cost in the USA: The Most Expensive

In the United States, there are currently over 93.000 persons on the waiting list for a kidney transplant. The wait for a deceased donor can be as long as five years, and in other places, it can be as long as ten years. Patients are ranked according to how long they’ve been on the waiting list, their blood type, immunological status, and other variables.

The cost of a kidney transplant includes not only the kidney and the operation, but also pre- and post-operative care, hospital stays, and insurance.

The cost of getting a kidney transplant in the U.S.A is €230,000 on average which is a significant amount of money for many people. Why pay thousands of money when you can get the same quality treatment at the most affordable prices? If you choose to get a kidney transplant overseas, your hotel accommodation and transfer services will be met and you will get an all inclusive package. 

Kidney Transplant Cost in Germany

Whether in engineering or medical services, Germany is known for its commitment to quality. We can locate top-of-the-line facilities and specialists in Germany, but they are not cheap. The cost of a kidney transplant in Germany is projected to start at €75,000. As a result, it is a viable choice for individuals with renal disease who value quality over quantity when it comes to kidney transplant surgery. However, who does not want to get the same quality treatment at low prices? You can be sure that hospitals in Turkey will offer more than this.

Kidney Transplant Cost in the United Kingdom

Kidney transplant cost in the UK starts from $60,000 to $76,500. England is known for its expensive cost of living and there is no surprise that medical care will be expensive too. Also, the high cost of medical fees make this country not affordable for a kidney transplant. You should always be careful and search for the doctors’ experience and success in the field. Since the operation requires a high level of expertise and carefulness, it is important to learn all the details about a kidney transplant in the UK.

Kidney Transplant Cost in South Korea

Foreign patients can only have a kidney transplant in South Korea if they go to the nation with their donor. In addition, the donor must be blood related who can prove it with documentation. South Korea is ranked third among countries with the most affordable kidney transplants. The procedure costs around $40,000, which is around 20% less than European prices, but not cheaper than the prices in Turkey. The doctors may have lots of experience performing kidney transplants in South Korea, but it is the same case in Turkey. 

Kidney Transplant Cost in Turkey: The Cheapest Country with High Quality

Kidney Transplant Cost in Turkey: The Cheapest Country with High Quality

Another famous health tourism location is Turkey. Affordably priced medical services of high quality are provided here. Kidney transplant costs are relatively modest, especially considering that transportation and lodging are both inexpensive due to the country’s proximity to Europe and the MENA area. The average cost of a kidney transplant in Turkey is €32,000. However, in the case of Turkey, it’s important to remember that the kidney transplant donor must be a relative, according to Turkish law.

Since 1975, Turkish doctors have been doing kidney transplants. Patients pick this country because of the relatively inexpensive cost of surgery – 30-40% less than in comparable clinics in Germany and Spain. The cost of a kidney transplant in Turkish facilities, for example, starts at $17,000. However, kidney transplantation at the Quiron Barcelona center in Spain starts at €60,000. Turkish doctors perform fourth-degree transplantation from a related donor. Wives and husbands who have received official marriage certification are also considered relatives.

According to the article of DailySabah, Turkey’s Health Ministry records reveal that the number of foreign transplant patients increased in 2018, up from 359 in 2017, with 391 foreigners obtaining kidney transplants and 198 obtaining liver transplants. It implies that Turkey’s high transplant survival rate and high-quality health-care facilities are among the factors luring patients from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

What is the Main Reason Patients Go to Turkey for Kidney Transplant?

Low treatment expenses are one of the reasons why individuals choose Turkey for a kidney transplant. In comparison to other developed and western countries of the world, the cost of kidney transplant surgery in Turkey is cheaper and more inexpensive. Cost is another factor when deciding on a kidney hair transplant in Turkey. You will get the most affordable kidney transplant abroad because of the cost of living, low medical fees and employee salaries. But, it does not mean that you will get a low quality treatment because the doctors in Turkey are highly educated and have years of experience in their field. 

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