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Hip Replacement Surgery Cost in Turkey: Procedure and Quality

What is the Average Cost for Hip Arthroplasty in Turkey?

Total hip replacement surgery in Turkey, also known as total hip arthroplasty, is a surgical technique that involves replacing a broken or diseased hip joint with a prosthesis. The following three components make up the hip prosthesis:

A stem that is inserted into the thigh bone.

The stem has a ball that fits into it.

A cup that is put into the hip joint’s socket.

Best Candidates for Hip Joint Surgery

Bilateral hip replacement surgery is advised for patients who have the following symptoms:

Both sides of the hip are painful, limiting daily tasks such as walking and bending.

Pain on both sides of the hip that doesn’t go away even while you’re relaxing

Hip stiffness prevents mobility or elevation of the leg.

Anti-inflammatory medicines, physical therapy, and walking aids have provided little help.

Types of Implants Used in Hip Replacement Surgery

The physician removes a portion of the thigh bone, including the head, and replaces it with the prosthetic during the treatment. The acetabulum’s surface is roughened initially so that the new socket implant can properly connect to it. Acrylic cement is used to fix the majority of artificial joint components. Cementless fixation, on the other hand, has exploded in popularity in recent years.

Plastic, metal, or ceramic components can be found in hip replacement implants in Turkey. Hip replacements with metal-on-plastic implants are the most prevalent. In younger and more active individuals, ceramic-on-plastic and ceramic-on-ceramic are employed. In younger patients, metal-on-metal is rarely employed.

In Turkey, what does hip replacement entail?

Hip replacement is a surgical technique that uses artificial implants to replace a broken or diseased hip joint. During the procedure, the damaged hip joint is removed, the bones are resurfaced, and new metal, plastic, or ceramic prosthetic pieces are placed in the appropriate location. By lowering pain and discomfort, the technique seeks to improve the patient’s quality of life. The prosthetic implant mimics a normal joint, allowing the patient to maintain an active lifestyle.

Hip replacement surgery in Turkey can be performed on either one or both hips, i.e. unilateral or bilateral hip replacement. In addition, the treatment could be a partial or total hip replacement.

Hip Joint Surgery Abroad

Hip joint replacement is a procedure that allows individuals with coxarthrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other joint illnesses to regain their mobility. The technique entails removing the diseased joint and replacing it with an artificial hypoallergenic joint prosthesis. Hip replacement surgery in international clinics has a success rate of 97-99 percent. Hip replacement costs are determined by a variety of factors, including the country of treatment, clinic, doctor, diagnostics, prosthesis, length of hospital stay, and rehabilitation. The cost of a hip replacement surgery in Turkey varies between €5,800 to €18,000. Turkey offer the most affordable operations.

Patients can receive rehabilitation after hip replacement in specialized centers in Turkey. This will make adjusting to a new prosthesis much easier and quicker.

What is the Average Cost for Hip Arthroplasty in Turkey?

Why would you want to have your hip replaced in Turkey?

The cost of hip replacement surgery in Turkey is significantly lower than in other nations, particularly the United States and Europe.

Turkey’s hospitals have been accredited by leading accreditation organisations, such as the Joint Commission International, for the quality of their patient care services.

In Turkey, hip replacement surgeons are highly trained and qualified to conduct a wide range of joint replacement surgeries. They have a lot of experience with innovative surgical technologies when it comes to hip replacement.

There is little or no waiting time. As soon as the medical exam is completed, you can have an immediate appointment and be ready for surgery.

The hospitals provide a variety of foreign patient facilities in order to provide effective and comprehensive care to patients arriving from other countries.

Turkey is a stunning country with a plethora of high-end hotels and tourist attractions. During your stay in the country, you might have a good rehabilitation period.

How long does it take to recuperate from hip replacement surgery in Turkey?

The patient can now get out of bed and stand the day after surgery thanks to new technologies. To improve smooth movement, the physical therapist leads the patient through light activity and exercises. Regular workouts and physical therapy eventually increase range of motion (outpatient basis after discharge from the hospital). It could take 3 to 6 months or more to fully heal. Depending on the type of procedure and procedure used, most patients are able to return to their desk jobs and normal activities within 4 to 6 weeks of surgery, if not sooner. 

To achieve a proper recovery, it is critical to follow the physical therapy and other restrictions throughout rehabilitation. During your post-operative follow-up visits, you can talk to your doctor about resuming driving and strenuous activity.

After hip replacement surgery in Turkey, how long will I have to stay in the hospital?

This is dependent on the approach that is used. Patients typically need to stay in the hospital for 2-5 days, depending on their recovery speed and health status. In comparison to open surgery, healing is faster with a minimally invasive method, and the patient may be able to leave the hospital sooner.

What is the Cost of Hip Replacement in Turkey and Abroad? USA, UK, Mexico…

UAEStarting from $11,000
MexicoStarting from $15,900
USAStarting from $45,000
SpainStarting from $16,238
FranceStarting from $35,000
UKStarting from $35,000
TurkeyStarting from $6,000

The cost of a hip replacement in Turkey varies based on several aspects, including the implant quality, the type of replacement surgery, the methodology utilized, the facility used, the surgeon’s experience, and the room category.

Turkey is a fast-growing medical tourism destination. There are an increasing number of world-class hospitals in the country. They hire talented and experienced orthopedic surgeons who have received their training at some of the world’s leading medical institutions in Germany, France, the United States, and Israel. Turkey’s hospitals are well-funded, and as a result, they have high-quality equipment at their disposal.

In Turkey, hip replacement surgery price is less than in most other developed countries. At the same time, the quality of medical care is at an all-time high.

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