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Gastric Balloon Cost in Istanbul- Ellipse and 6 Month Balloons

Types of Gastric Balloon Operations and Costs in Istanbul

Medical tourism in Turkey has exploded in recent years, owing to a high touristic value (e.g., location, climate, culture, history, and several luxury vacation resorts) as well as inexpensive costs for surgery and medical treatment overseas. It’s no surprise that many individuals pick Turkey as their treatment location. Weight loss surgery Turkey is a common choice among individuals. The gastric balloon (also known as the stomach balloon or orbera balloon) is at the forefront of non-surgical weight reduction techniques. Gastric balloon surgery in Istanbul is a very successful, non-invasive, and safe treatment that allows patients to lose a significant amount of weight in a short period of time. 

The cost of a gastric balloon in Istanbul, Turkey is incredibly inexpensive, making it a suitable alternative for those who cannot afford one in their own country or whose NHS waiting list is too long. Thousands of individuals choose a gastric balloon in Turkey every year, and the fascinating truth is that the reason for selecting a foreign nation is not only the cheaper cost, but also the quality of the treatments and the reputation of the physicians.

Gastric Balloon Combined with Family Holidays in Istanbul

Turkey is among the top ten tourist destinations in the world. Millions of tourists choose Turkey for vacations because of its distinctive Mediterranean environment – Turkey weather is ideal for individuals who enjoy the sea, sandy beaches, and plenty of sunshine. Turkey’s greatest assets are its historical sites (after Hellens, Byzantines, Ottomans, Hittis and many other civilizations),

Turkish cuisine,

The amusement (especially in Istanbul, Antalya or Bodrum),

Place to stay (there are the most luxury hotels at the affordable price),

Shopping (many boutiques, traditional rugs and carpets, and very low prices),

Several business options available to everyone.

Medical tourists visiting Turkey nearly invariably receive free all-inclusive packages, which often include airport transfers, hotel accommodations, and cab transfers to the clinic. Medical tourism in Turkey is known for its all-inclusive packages. What’s more, most Asian and European nations provide a variety of low-cost flights to Turkey. The rise of medical tourism is further aided by easy access to major Turkish cities.

The Latest Model Gastric Balloon Cost in Istanbul

Allurion (previously known as Elipse) balloon in Istanbul is an intragastric balloon that is ingested and subsequently inflated with a saline solution, providing a sense of fullness and speeding up weight loss.

It’s the first gastric balloon that can be placed without an endoscopic procedure. You won’t have to return for a removal operation because Allurion deflates on its own after four months.

Over 18-year-olds with a body mass index (BMI) more than 27 are good candidates for this balloon weight loss treatment. It’s an excellent choice for people searching for a less intrusive weight loss technique than bariatric surgery.

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Types of Gastric Balloon Operations and Costs in Istanbul

Is It Safe to go to Istanbul, Turkey for a Gastric Balloon?

Patients considering a gastric balloon procedure in Turkey often have one nagging concern: Is it safe to fly to Turkey for gastric procedures, or is Turkey safe? Yes, Turkey is a peaceful country with no internal or external problems. It is well known that riots and attacks occurred in Turkey a few years ago, which is why there is now a significant security presence on the streets, airports, tourist attractions, galleries, shopping malls, and hotels. Turkey has never been safer or more secure than it is right now. Both the police and the army are active in maintaining the country’s order.

Of course, when in a foreign nation, patients should always be cautious of themselves and their staff, avoid risky or suspicious areas, and check official comments about the current situation in a specific country.

Price for Gastric Balloon Procedures in Istanbul

The price of a gastric balloon varies by nation. Gastric balloons are most expensive in Western European nations (e.g., the United Kingdom, Germany, Scandinavian countries, France) and the United States. Poland, Turkey, and Lithuania have the best pricing. In general, gastric balloon prices in Turkey are the most affordable, starting at about 2000Euros. In Turkey, this price generally includes hotel and transfers, so there are no additional costs. Turkey is one of the most popular locations for medical tourists searching for a non-invasive and safe weight loss surgery because prices for the gastric balloon are frequently 3-4 times lower than in Western Europe.

Allurion Gastric Balloon prices starting from- 2000 €

(All inclusive package prices.)

Turkey’s most popular city for gastric balloon procedures

Patients seeking a gastric balloon in Turkey have a variety of locales to choose from, all of which have bariatric centers. Istanbul is the most preferred location for gastric balloon surgery. It is Turkey’s most populated city and the country’s economic, historical, and cultural hub. The greatest bariatric centers with world-renowned surgeons can be found in Istanbul. 

The gastric balloon Antalya is the second most popular destination. Antalya is Turkey’s most popular vacation destination. The city is situated on the Mediterranean Sea’s southwest coast, making it a popular tourist destination. Patients should be able to select a clinic that meets their needs among the various clinics and hospitals that provide bariatric surgery. Istanbul and Antalya are both Turkish cities with international airports, making travel there simple, quick, and inexpensive. Istanbul and Antalya are ideal Turkey holiday locations for medical tourists due to their simple accessibility, excellent clinics, free all-inclusive packages, and high touristic value.

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