Is It Safe to Go to Turkey for Weight Loss Surgeries?

How Safe is Turkey to Do Gastric Sleeve, Balloon and Bypass?

How Safe is Turkey to Do Gastric Sleeve, Balloon and Bypass?

Medical tourism in Turkey has exploded in recent years, owing to a high touristic value (e.g., location, climate, culture, history, and several luxury vacation resorts) as well as inexpensive costs for surgery and medical treatment overseas. It’s no surprise that many people chose Turkey as their treatment location. Weight loss surgery is a popular choice among people (known as stomach surgery, bariatric surgery, or gastric surgery). Obesity surgery in Turkey results in rapid and significant weight loss, as well as the elimination of numerous obesity-related chronic conditions.

In Turkey, there are three primary types of low-cost weight-loss surgery:

  • gastric sleeve
  • bypassing the stomach
  • a stomach balloon

There are, of course, additional types of weight loss surgery available in other countries, but they are less prevalent.

People are increasingly opting for low-cost bariatric surgery in Turkey, not because of the low cost, but because of the good quality of the procedure and surgeons’ qualifications. Cure Booking only offers bariatric surgery in the greatest private clinics in Turkey, in collaboration with world-class bariatric surgeons.

Many types of bariatric procedures are performed by Turkish surgeons to the highest standards.

Turkey has a large number of well-educated and skilled weight-loss doctors. The bulk of elite bariatric surgeons studied or obtained experience and qualifications working for international hospitals abroad (for example, in the United States, Poland, or Austria). Cure Booking selects Turkish bariatric surgery surgeons with great care, giving patients the assurance that they will be treated by a professional with extensive knowledge and experience.

To create trust and make patients feel protected, we always share the surgeons’ biographies and CVs with them. The gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, gastric balloon, gastric band, and duodenal switch are all weight loss surgery possibilities in Turkey. Patients may also choose from a variety of less prevalent ways and less popular sorts of weight loss surgery. A knowledgeable bariatric surgeon will always prescribe the best weight loss surgery in Turkey for each patient.

Do Turkish Doctors for Weight Loss Speak English?

It is widely believed that communicating in English in Turkish clinics and hospitals is difficult. It may have been accurate a few years ago, but it is today completely incorrect thinking. There are thousands of English-speaking doctors in the United States, including some of the best bariatric surgeons. Due to the growth of medical tourism in Turkey, clinics and surgeons have no alternative but to learn English in order to communicate with overseas patients. So, in addition to being qualified and educated, surgeons can converse fluently in a variety of languages, including English, German, Russian, and French. Cure Booking works with Turkish clinics that satisfy international quality standards, employ qualified weight loss doctors, and communicate in English on a daily basis.

Are Turkey’s bariatric clinics sophisticated and well-equipped?

The Ministry of Health and the Independent Turkish Medical Associations oversee clinics and hospitals in Turkey. JCI, ISO, and JACHO accreditation are also available at various clinics. Clinics that fulfill JCI certification requirements, in particular, are among the best in the world. 

In general, clinics that cater to medical tourists employ the most advanced procedures and medical equipment, adhere to all international standards, and closely observe medical and healthcare norms.

Is Turkey a Safe Country for Weight Loss or Other Medical Treatments?

Patients considering a gastric sleeve procedure in Turkey often have one nagging concern: Is it safe to travel to Turkey, or is Turkey safe? Yes, Turkey is a peaceful country with no internal or external conflicts. 

It is well known that riots and attacks occurred in Turkey a few years ago, which is why there is now a heavy security presence on the streets, airports, tourist attractions, galleries, shopping malls, and hotels. Turkey has never been safer or more secure than it is right now. Both the police and the army are involved in maintaining the country’s order. Of course, while in a foreign nation, patients should always be cautious of themselves and their staff, avoid risky or suspicious areas, and check official comments about the current situation in a specific country. 

However, we, as Cure Booking, guarantee that you will be safe in your hotel room and clinic. Turkish people are very friendly and hospitable. You will feel safe in your travel to Turkey for weight loss or other medical treatments.

How Safe is Turkey to Do Gastric Sleeve, Balloon and Bypass?

Prices for weight loss surgery in Turkey

Many patients find that the cost of weight loss surgery abroad is far less than in their home country. Europe is one of the most cost-effective regions for gastric surgery, even more so than Thailand, the United States, or India. Turkey is a leader in low-cost weight-loss surgery; the cost of bariatric surgery in Turkey is so low that even Americans are willing to undergo the procedure. Weight loss surgery in the United Kingdom or the United States is frequently more than three times more expensive than in Turkey.

Hotel and airfare charges are the additional weight loss surgery charges that patients bear; however, the good news is that flight tickets are incredibly cheap (beginning at just 20 GBP) and hotel costs are relatively low for persons from Western Europe or the United States. Furthermore, many clinics include hotel and transportation fees in the cost of weight reduction surgery abroad, so there are no additional fees associated with the stay in Turkey.

The following are the costs of weight loss surgery in Turkey:

From 3800£ for a gastric sleeve

3200£ for gastric bypass

From 1900£ for a gastric balloon

From 3100£ for a gastric band.

The greatest places to visit in Turkey for Weight Loss Surgeries

Patients seeking a weight loss clinic in Turkey can choose from a variety of cities that provide bariatric clinics. Istanbul is the most favored destination. It is Turkey’s most populated city and the country’s economic, historical, and cultural hub. The top bariatric centers with world-renowned surgeons can be found in Istanbul. Antalya is the second most popular destination. Antalya is Turkey’s most popular vacation destination. The city is situated on the Mediterranean Sea’s southwest coast, making it a popular tourist destination.

Patients should be able to locate a clinic that meets their needs among the many clinics and hospitals that offer bariatric surgery. Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya are Turkish cities with international airports, making travel there convenient, quick, and inexpensive. Istanbul, Antalya and Izmir are ideal Turkey holiday locations for medical tourists due to their simple accessibility, top clinics, free all-inclusive packages, and significant touristic value.

It is our priority to provide you with the best doctors and clinics in Turkey for all medical treatments. Contact us to get a personal quote about all inclusive weight loss turkey packages at the cheapest prices.