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Can I Find Affordable Dental Implants in Durban, South Africa?

Affordable Teeth Implants Cost in Durban

Dental Implants are no exception that you get what you pay for.

The most significant advantage of Dental Implants is that you can bite and chew food again, smile and laugh without fear of them slipping or falling out. You’ll be able to talk clearly again, particularly if you need front-tooth implants. All speech disorders are eliminated with dental implants. 

In the long run, Dental Implants are the most cost-effective treatment because they do not need as much care and repair as dentures do.

The overall cost of Dental Implants in Durban is determined by the scope of services offered. Additional bone grafting procedures may or may not be necessary prior to implant placement. The amount of bone you have to deal with will determine this.

The longer a bone goes without a tooth to sustain it, the more bone it loses. That is why it is often preferable to position an implant as soon as possible after a tooth is extracted in order to avoid the additional expense of bone grafting on top of the Dental Implants cost in Durban.

You should also understand how low-maintenance Dental Implants are. Unlike crowns, bridges, and dentures, which are less expensive at first but need more maintenance in the long run, Dental Implants, while initially more expensive, also end up being less expensive in the long run because they have a much longer lifetime (mostly permanent) than a crown or bridge, which might need to be replaced every 5-10 years.

Affordable Teeth Implants Cost in Durban

How much does dental implants cost in Durban?

Dental implants cost in Durban range in price from R10,000 ($680) to R22,000 ($1365) per tooth, depending on the manufacturer, the number of implants needed (the more implants required, the less costly they become), and whether or not bone grafting is required. 

You should also think about the expertise and credentials of the dental implant specialists in durban south africa who will be operating on your case. Dental implants are a specialized area of dentistry, and success requires a high level of care and experience.

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