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Economic Travel Guide In London

The Best Cheap Travel Guide in London

1.Watch Shakespeare Plays for 5 Pounds at the Shakespeare Globe Theater

Shakespeare Globe Theater is the reconstructed version of the Globe Theater, which was built in 1599, when Shakespeare plays were played, but was destroyed by the fire in 1613. An open-air theater on the banks of the River Thames where you can watch Shakespeare plays at ticket prices starting from 5 pounds. The performances take place between the end of April and the beginning of October. It also includes a mini Shakespeare exhibition. Address: 21 New Globe Walk, London SE1 9DT  phone number :44 20 7902 1400 

2. Free Panoramic London Skyline at the Sky Garden

When you say Sky Garden, you can really think of a garden above the clouds. Moreover, this is a public garden, a public space. It is a surprising place where you can sit on the open-air terrace and gaze at the 360-degree London skyline for free, eat and drink in a pleasant botanical garden. To enter, all you have to do is make an online reservation in advance. Tickets are issued daily and are valid for the day they are booked. In addition, you only have 1 hour from the time of entry. The terrace receives a limited number of visitors a day, so reservations are made days in advance. If you say that 1 hour is not enough for me, I will stay for dinner at the restaurants on the terrace, you have to make a reservation long before. Open between 10.00 – 18.00 on weekdays and 11.00 – 18.00 on weekends. Address: 1 Sky Garden Walk, EC3M 8AF  phone number :+44 20 7337 2344 

3. Watch London From The Window For 1.5 Pounds On The Public Bus 

You are not obliged to take tour buses and their expensive fees for a city tour in London because the public bus number 74, which runs between Putney and Baker Street, travels through London through places such as Kensington, Harrods, Hyde Park, Selfridges. Moreover, for a very reasonable price of 1.5 pounds.

4.Watch Royal Opera House Performances for 3 Pounds, BBC Concerts for 6 Pounds 

Every year, the BBC organizes a 2-month concert series called “BBC Proms” in the Royal Albert Hall in the summer, at an affordable price and without the known official atmosphere of classical music concerts. The program finale is also making outdoor fireworks shows in Hyde Park. The most affordable tickets for these concerts start from 6 pounds. In addition, a limited number of concert tickets are on sale at the door on the day of the event for affordable places that are empty. A limited number of tickets starting at £ 3 are on sale for theater, musical and opera performances at the Royal Opera House. Of course, these most affordable places should not be considered as comfortable wide seats. These places are generally not seats but places for standing, lining the stairs, sitting cross-legged, squeezing. Still, those concerts and performances are worth watching live, albeit from the stairs.

5.Pick up Tickets at the TKTS Box Office in Leicester Square 

The TKTS ticket booth in Leicester Square sells discounted tickets daily and up to 1 week in advance to all events in London from musicals, theaters, operas to dance shows. TKTS, the only official discount ticket office for all events, is operated by the NGO Society of London Theater. You can find the full list of events on both the box office list and the UK website. Hours of Operation: Monday – Saturday 10.00 – 19.00 Sunday 11.00 – 16.30 Address: The Lodge, Leicester Square WC2H 7DE

6. Follow January Discounts  

When the shopping season before Christmas passes, all brands in London, from furniture to textiles and electronics, go on sale from the end of December to mid-January. Especially the day that comes right after Christmas and goes as “boxing day”, the day with extra discounts. Apart from shopping malls, regions such as the West End, Covent Garden and Westfield are especially preferred point-of-sale shopping areas. While Kings Road and Bond Street are areas of more upscale brands, places like Oxford, Regent, Carnaby, Seven Dials are places where you can bargain. Tottenham Court Road is ideal for electronic and computer shopping.

7. Travel 60 Places With One Ticket With the London Pass

 You can take part in more than 60 events on your London to-do list, from the Tower of London to Westminster Abbey, from London Bridge to the River Thames, and boating. Moreover, by gaining entrance priority and being much more advantageous in terms of price. When you buy your London Pass online and choose the option to send it to my phone, your card is instantly directed to your phone. You can get your London Pass either for one day or for 2, 3, 6, 10 days. All of them also have Travelcard features valid up to the 6th zone in subways and rail systems. You can add this feature to your pass by paying an extra fee. 

In addition, if you buy tickets online in advance to ticketed events and places to see in London, you will both save up to 10% and save time by getting rid of the ticket line at the door.

The Best Cheap Travel Guide in London

8. All Museums Are Free In London! 

Yes, you didn’t hear it wrong. London museums are free of charge for citizens and tourists. This means that being exempt from the museum entrance fees you pay in other capitals of Europe will be very good for your budget.

9. Shopping at Brick Lane Market 

Although it is referred to as Brick Lane Street in many places, it is actually a huge flea market. Especially in the last decade, it has become a place frequented by many people going to London from a very convenient market known only to locals. Here you can find vintage mainly designer clothes, antique items or candy items that you can usually find in boutiques. In our opinion, it is much more enjoyable to search for unique pieces from such flea markets than to buy them from chain stores. 

If you say to have a snack in Brick Lane, you will see a restaurant where you can eat a lot of Asian food. Also, we recommend you to take a look at the details of the surrounding while visiting Brick Lane because you will see a great street art culture. The walls are decorated with massive murals and graffiti. If you say that traveling on your own is not enough, I want to learn more about this place and the street artists who do wonders, taking a walking tour may be an option. Bitpazarı is only open on Sundays between 10.00-17.00.

10. Drinking Tea at Twinings Tea Shop (Twinings Tea Shop)

British tea is one of the most famous experiences that should be experienced in London, but it is necessary to sacrifice an average of 40 pounds. While searching for a more budget friendly tea experience, we found Twinings, which we are already extremely familiar with. As you know, Twinings is one of the best known and oldest tea brands in England. The brand initially opened as a tea house, so one of the oldest shops, “Twinings Tea Shop”, has remained as a shop where you can still go and sit and drink tea. 

Established in 1706, when the shop became one of the oldest teahouses in England, some of them turned into a museum. Not exactly an afternoon tea experience, but economical to drink an English tea.

When you go towards the back of the shop, you will see the museum part, you can learn a lot of information about tea and taste tea in the museum. Sometimes tea tasting is free, but if you are not on your lucky day, it will not cost more than £ 5 out of your pocket. Address: 216 Strand, London 

11. Free London Tour 

Shake Hop On – Hop Off buses or something. They are both very touristic and expensive. Sandemans New Europe is an operator of free city tours and volunteers in many cities in Europe. You visit the most important places of the city on foot under the guidance of a London volunteer. Oftentimes the guides are students who do masters / PhDs in fields such as history / art history. They’re both information and fun. The tour is free but of course you are expected to tip the guide at the end of the tour. The suggested fee is 5 Pounds, but of course it is at your discretion.

 Every day in London starts from Covent Garden at 10.00, 11.00, 12.00, 13.00 and 16.00. Make sure to book your place in advance. 

12. Check Out the Speaker’s Corner Where Political Speeches Are Made

 There’s a place in Hyde Park’s Speaker’s Corner that has been the cornerstone of many political campaigns for nearly a hundred years. Speakers, mostly political, come here to speak on different topics, and many people stop and listen. Over the years, this place has hosted many political campaigns and even the presence of Vladimir Lenin and Karl Marx among the crowd that stopped and listened in time. So this is one of the important points in the history of England.

13. “Meet Ups” – Meet New People While Tasting British Pub Culture 

When planning your trip, we say leave a few hours’ gap, because it is not possible to go to England and return without tasting pub culture. You will find that the British are very friendly and cheerful people. If you want to have a drink and meet new people, a site called meetup has activities like going to the pub all together. In our opinion, this is a great opportunity to meet new local people or travelers like you. A beer costs 2 to 4 pounds. 

We hope economical travel guide in London that we prepared will be helpful in your journey.