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Best Nursing Homes in the UK – Affordable Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are facilities that allow retirees to receive good service and care in return for money. It is important for the elderly to receive good care and choose a good nursing home for a good quality of life. That’s why you can read our content to find out about the best nursing homes in the UK.

What is a Nursing Home?

It is not possible to care at home; It is the place where elderly people stay, who do not need to be hospitalized. Nursing homes are set up like hospitals; They provide medical care, physical and psychological therapy.
Nursing homes work to provide the best care for their residents. They act with the ideal that everyone in their old age should receive good care. At the same time, they ensure that the elderly are happy while having a good time in harmony with their peers. The advantages of the elderly who prefer a Nursing Home will be as follows;

  • Help will always be nearby.
  • Nutritional needs will be met regularly.
  • It will continue to live in a safe environment.
  • He will receive special care services.
  • Personal cleanliness will always be at the highest level.
  • It will continue to live in a clean environment.
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Admission Conditions to Nursing Homes

  • Be over 60 years of age
  • Not having a disease that prevents them from meeting their own needs, being able to independently perform daily living activities such as eating, drinking, bathing, toilet and so on.
  • Being in good mental health
  • Not have a contagious disease
  • Not to be addicted to drugs or alcohol
  • It has been determined by a social examination report that he/she is in social and/or economic deprivation.

What kind of care is provided in a nursing home?

Boarding social service organizations established to protect and care for the needy elderly people in a peaceful environment and to meet their social and psychological needs. Considering this definition, it is possible to say that nursing homes meet all the needs for the care of the elderly;

  • Medication follow-up of people who use regular medication
  • Physical Activities
  • Psychological support
  • A safe living environment
  • Close Health Check
  • A friendly environment where you won’t get bored
  • Hobby courses

Things to Consider When Choosing a Nursing Home

  • Care should be taken to have a place with a garden. Because having an area where the elderly can go out and get air and walk around will be good for him physically and mentally. Therefore, a retirement home with a closed environment and no garden can make the elderly feel bad. Psychological disturbances may develop.
  • It is important to establish a comfortable communication and exchange of information with the nursing home. It is an important note that the elderly can express their needs without hesitation and receive service. At this point, it should be known that the elderly person will live in a comfortable and peaceful environment.
  • Care should be taken to ensure that there are health and care personnel in number and quality in accordance with the standards in nursing homes and nursing homes, and that these personnel are experienced and trained in the care of the elderly.
  • Since the negative effects of frequent staff changes on patients are known, centers with long-term staff are more advantageous for patients.

UK Best Nursing Home

Having a large number of nursing homes in the UK is very advantageous for the elderly to lead a comfortable life. But, of course, it takes some research to live in a good nursing home. It is important to find nursing homes that are fully equipped and worth the price. The most preferred facility among them is listed below. By continuing to read the content, you can find the most suitable facility for you.

Admiral Court (Hallmark Care)

Admiral Court (Hallmark Care) is the first choice of the elderly looking in England because it attracts a lot of attention, considering the nursing homes in England. Although it is a very safe and fun place to spend time, considering the prices, it will be possible to stay in one of these companies for very high prices. In addition, aging is a process that many people want to be calmer.

People prefer nursing homes to relax and get away from the crowd. Unfortunately, the Admiral Court (Hallmark Care) does not have the means to meet this. It is extremely full and crowded as it is among the facilities that are the first choice of many elderly people in the UK. Therefore, seniors may seek different facilities.

UK Nursing Home Prices

Nursing home fees are incredibly expensive. The average weekly cost of a nursing home in England and Wales is stated to be £800, or £41,600 per year. This figure is often even higher in certain areas and where the individual has complex care needs and requires a specialist EMI at home, weekly costs can exceed £1,000.

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But what if you thought of continuing your life in another country instead of paying these costs in England? Like many seniors, you can have fun and receive full care by choosing a good nursing home in a different country. Although there are many countries for this, it is difficult to find a well-located and affordable nursing home that has all the equipment a nursing home should have.

If you are having trouble deciding about the country, you can continue reading our content and choose a nursing home in this country, which is preferred by many countries.

Best Country for Retirement Vacation

Many Retirees prefer different countries to have a good retirement life. Would you like to learn new customs and traditions, taste local dishes and change the weather? For this, by choosing one of the nursing homes located in many parts of the world, you can spend a good retirement in a country other than your country of residence. People from many parts of the world mostly prefer Turkey for this.

Thanks to its geographical location, Turkey is a country with many coastlines. In addition, the health infrastructure system, which is health, ensures success in health tourism. For this reason, retirement homes in Turkey have both fully equipped care and are a very suitable place for a holiday. Thus, the residents of the nursing home can continue their lives without getting bored and receiving a full care service.

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Countries with the Best Nursing Homes

The following countries are the top selected countries for seniors. To address these results, which come out of the evaluation of the countries with the highest survival rate and the happiest elderly people, this is the country with the best. Among them, the most preferred country is often Turkey. The fact that the health infrastructure system is developed and that it provides care and treatment at world health standards and that it is the country with the best potential for holiday tourism makes it a country where the elderly can live in peace. You too can choose to spend the rest of your retirement life with the high quality care and fun time provided in Turkey.

  • Finland
  • Denmark
  • UK
  • Netherlands
  • Turkey
  • Canada
  • USA

Best Nursing Home in Turkey

Turkey has two types of retirement homes, both public and private. Although public nursing homes are also highly equipped and provide private care, meals are more nutritious, healthy and activities are more suitable for the elderly in private nursing homes. If you want to find the best nursing home with saddles in Turkey, you can contact us. You can choose one of the large capacity nursing home facilities we have. If you need to look at the features of the nursing homes we offer to you as Curebooking;

Nursing Home
  • We work with personnel who are experts in the field of aged care.
  • All meals are recommended by a dietitian and are prepared by a cook. Nutrition, which is very important for the health of the elderly, is thus met in the best way.
  • They are facilities that allow you to live in the most hygienic environments with private cleaning companies. You will live in a clean and hygienic environment at all times.
  • There are special alarm systems for the elderly who need to take medication. For each patient, there will be a staff member who will follow up their medication.
  • Thanks to the trainings given regularly for the elderly who want to acquire a hobby, each elderly person will be able to choose the best hobby for himself.
  • The heating and ventilation systems in each room will be at their best settings. You will not sweat in summer and you will not feel cold in winter.
  • You will be close to the emergency team that is always on call. In the smallest case, you will be taken to the nearest health facility by ambulance on duty.
  • You will be able to spend as much time as you want in the library and hobby rooms.
  • The nursing home is designed precisely to make walking easier. For this reason, the elderly who have difficulty in walking will be able to walk at any time with support.
  • Do not hesitate to call us for more detailed information. Thus, you can learn more about the maintenance services we offer.

Why Should I Choose a Nursing Home in Turkey?

As mentioned above, Turkey is well equipped in terms of nursing homes. With the health infrastructure system it has, there are definitely doctors in the peace houses and the emergency aid team is always on duty.

Thus, in the smallest injuries of the elderly, all kinds of emergency assistance can be provided immediately. In addition, at the age when nutrition is most important, the elderly will have menus that are extremely rich in protein and suitable for elderly nutrition.
There are areas suitable for all kinds of hobbies so that the elderly do not get bored. (Painting, music, theatre…)

You can better understand why you should choose Turkey by reading the nursing home services mentioned above and by calling us for more detailed information. In addition, elderly people in Turkey pay very good prices for all these facilities, while the prices in nursing homes in many countries are extremely high even if most of the above-mentioned care is not available. The low cost of living in Turkey and the extremely high exchange rate offer a luxurious and quality life at the most affordable prices for retirees who prefer Turkey.

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Nursing Home Prices in Turkey

First of all, considering the other best-chosen countries in nursing home care, they do not provide many services in Turkey, as well as their prices;

CountriesMonthly Cost