Best Nursing Homes in Germany- Affordable

Choosing the best nursing homes can sometimes result in quite high cost. Therefore, by reading our content, you can learn how to stay in the best nursing homes at the best prices.

What is a Nursing Home?

We can say that nursing homes are facilities that take care of the elderly for money. Nursing homes are the facilities preferred by the elderly with a monthly salary to have a peaceful life, or by families who do not have time to care for their elderly relatives. These facilities are places that have the capacity to meet every need of a person and are privately operated for the elderly.

Best Nursing Homes

Admission Conditions to Nursing Homes

  • Be over 60 years of age
  • Not having a disease that prevents them from meeting their own needs, being able to independently perform daily living activities such as eating, drinking, bathing, toilet and so on.
  • Being in good mental health
  • Not have a contagious disease
  • Not to be addicted to drugs or alcohol
  • It has been determined by a social examination report that he/she is in social and/or economic deprivation.

What kind of care is provided in a nursing home?

While the care services offered to nursing home residents may vary with personal preferences, they are mostly provided with psychological services to meet their basic needs.
In addition to providing many services such as nutrition, medication follow-up, and exercises, many trainings such as psychological support, hobby and friendship are provided in nursing homes. In short, it is possible to meet the nutrition, medication follow-up and many other needs of an elderly person in accordance with the diseases he/she has.

They are facilities that enable the elderly to live in a peaceful and hygienic environment for money. For this reason, it is possible to receive variable maintenance services, as a basis for each facility. These services should be chosen according to the expectations of the person staying in the nursing home. Thus, the person can adapt to the environment he lives in faster and be happier.

  • Medication follow-up of people who use regular medication
  • Physical Activities
  • Psychological support
  • A safe living environment
  • Close Health Check
  • A friendly environment where you won’t get bored
  • Hobby courses

Things to Consider When Choosing a Best Nursing Homes

The choice of nursing home should be determined according to the needs of the person staying. However, basic services must be available and special care services must be provided. The chosen retirement home is very important in order for the person to continue to live in peace. However, of course, the price to be paid to the facility is also important.

Therefore, when deciding on a facility, take note of all the services and prices offered by the facilities. Thus, you can choose nursing homes that provide affordable care. Because Germany is a country that demands very high costs for nursing and nursing homes. The prices are also will be different if the person staying in the nursing home has any illness that requires care.

Nursing Home
  • Care should be taken to have a place with a garden. Because having an area where the elderly can go out and get air and wander will be good for them both physically and mentally. Therefore, a nursing home without a closed environment and garden cannot make the elderly feel bad. Psychological disturbances may develop.
  • It is important to provide a comfortable communication and information exchange with the nursing home. It is an important note that the elderly can express their needs without hesitation and receive service. At this point, it should be known that the elderly person will live in a comfortable and peaceful environment.
  • Care should be taken to have health and care personnel in number and quality in accordance with the standards in nursing homes and nursing homes, and that these personnel are experienced and trained in the care of the elderly.
  • Since the negative effects of frequent personnel changes on patients are known, centers with long-term staff are more advantageous for patients.

Best Nursing Home in Germany

There are many nursing homes and home care companies and facilities in Germany. However, the prices are extremely high. For this reason, in addition to staying in the most suitable nursing homes for the elderly, they may prefer to stay in the most affordable nursing homes. Careship Elderly Care is a very successful nursing home in Germany. You can continue reading our content to get detailed information about this nursing home.

Careship Elderly Care

It is a nursing home with the basic features of every nursing home. In addition, its employees are experienced and experts in their fields. This, of course, can make a big difference in elderly care. The features offered by this facility, where the elderly spend a very happy time;

Pharmacy and Medical Care, Community and Care: Biography Study, Cooking Together, Card Games, Memory Exercises, Leisure Accompaniment, Accompaniment and Housework, Housework, Housework, Crafts, Gardening, Washing and Ironing, and Cleaning Windows

Nursing Home Prices in Germany

The cost of living in Germany is quite high. For this reason, the price of nursing homes is high. In public nursing homes, some of the prices are covered by insurance, while individuals have to pay the rest. However, the prices one will pay are extremely high. For this reason, elderly people who want care to spend their retirement life have to start looking for a nursing home in different countries. However, if you are still wondering about the nursing home prices in Germany, the minimum price you will pay is; 4.000€ per month

Nursing Home

Best Country for Retirement Vacation

Retirement is one of everyone’s dreams. In particular, retiring and settling in a house or retirement home near the sea in a different country and continuing your life there sounds quite attractive, doesn’t it?

For this reason, it is necessary to review the countries that are most suitable for retirement. Among these countries, Turkey is the country that the elderly prefer first from many countries. Turkey is a country with both extremely low living costs and extremely luxurious nursing homes. For this reason, people start to look for a nursing home in Turkey to live their retirement. So why Turkey? What makes nursing homes in Turkey different from other countries?

Services in Nursing Homes in Turkey

  • Pharmacy and Medical Care
  • Community and Care
  • Biography Study
  • Cooking Together
  • Card Games
  • Memory Exercises
  • Leisure Accompaniment
  • Handicraft Trainings
  • Garden Hobbies
  • Hairdresser Services

Best Nursing Home in Turkey

Turkey has two types of retirement homes, both public and private. Although public nursing homes are also highly equipped and provide private care, meals are more nutritious, healthy and activities are more suitable for the elderly in private nursing homes. If you want to find the best nursing home with saddles in Turkey, you can contact us. You can choose one of the large capacity nursing home facilities we have. If you need to look at the features of the nursing homes we offer to you as Curebooking;

Nursing Home
  • We work with personnel who are experts in the field of aged care.
  • All meals are recommended by a dietitian and are prepared by a cook. Nutrition, which is very important for the health of the elderly, is thus met in the best way.
  • They are facilities that allow you to live in the most hygienic environments with private cleaning companies. You will live in a clean and hygienic environment at all times.
  • There are special alarm systems for the elderly who need to take medication. For each patient, there will be a staff member who will follow up their medication.
  • Thanks to the trainings given regularly for the elderly who want to acquire a hobby, each elderly person will be able to choose the best hobby for himself.
  • The heating and ventilation systems in each room will be at their best settings. You will not sweat in summer and you will not feel cold in winter.
  • You will be close to the emergency team that is always on call. In the smallest case, you will be taken to the nearest health facility by ambulance on duty.
  • You will be able to spend as much time as you want in the library and hobby rooms.
  • The nursing home is designed precisely to make walking easier. For this reason, the elderly who have difficulty in walking will be able to walk at any time with support.
  • Do not hesitate to call us for more detailed information. Thus, you can learn more about the maintenance services we offer.

Why Should I Choose a Nursing Home in Turkey?

Although there are many reasons for this, to answer this by considering nursing homes, nursing homes in Turkey are well equipped. The services provided by elderly caregivers, nurses and educators who are experts and experienced in their fields are important for the elderly to lead a peaceful life. It is possible to find all these in nursing homes in Turkey. In addition, the high exchange rate in Turkey helps foreigners stay in top quality nursing homes at extremely affordable prices.

Nursing Home Prices in Turkey

Although the prices of the nursing homes you will prefer in Turkey vary according to the equipment they have and the location you will choose, even if we look at the highest prices, which are extremely luxurious, nursing homes with special assistants for individuals, each nursing home for 1 caregiver. has. Prices start from 700€. You can also call us for detailed information. Thus, you can stay in the most luxurious and equipped nursing homes at the best prices.

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