All Dental Treatments and Prices in Turkey

Dental Treatments are procedures performed to treat many problems of patients with dental problems. It includes completely treating missing teeth, tooth staining, yellowing, fractures or cracks. For this reason, treatments are determined according to the problems that patients have.
By continuing to read our content, you can learn about all treatments and learn the prices. In addition, you can see the before and after photos of the patients who received treatment with us.

What are Dental Treatments?

Therefore, worn teeth need to be treated. Otherwise, they can be uncomfortable or painful. These are the factors that persuade patients to seek treatment. Well, do you have any information about the different treatments applied for each dental treatment and how it is done?

How are dental veneers made? How Durable? Are dental implants a suitable treatment for everyone? For the answer to all these, you can read our content. Thus, you will learn more about the treatments.

Dental Implant Cost in Gurgaon

What Are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are dental procedures used for the treatment of teeth that cannot be whitened, for the treatment of broken or cracked teeth. These may include different types of veneers, depending on the area of the problematic tooth that the patients have. Coating types have different pricing. You can find the price for each type of coating in the table below.

Dental Veneers Prices in Turkey

Types Of Veneers Prices
Zirconium Crown130 €
E- max Veneers290
Porcelain Crown85
Laminate veneers225

Dental Veneers Before Afters

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are procedures that should be done if patients have missing teeth. Dental implants include fixed dental prostheses that thread patients over surgical screws fixed to the jawbone. Thus, with an easy operation, people will have durable teeth for life. It may also be necessary in some cases for the entire lower jaw or upper jaw. In such cases, all on 4, all on 6 or all on 8 implant treatments can be applied to patients.

These involve the attachment of all lower or upper jaw teeth to this number of implants, unlike regular implants. While a conventional implant requires one implant for one tooth, this type of implant requires fewer implants for all teeth.

Dental Implant Prices in Turkey

Implants are treatments that are more laborious and require preparation than other dental treatments. For this reason, the prices are slightly higher. However, if you think you will use it for a lifetime, you will see that the prices are quite affordable. Due to the low cost of living in Turkey, patients can easily have implants in Turkey that they cannot have in their own country. The best asking price for a single dental implant in Turkey is €199 with Curebooking. Isn’t that a very good price? It is obvious how much you will save according to many countries, and prices may vary depending on the brands you prefer.

Dental implant Before Afters

What Are Dental Bridges?

It can be said that dental bridges are used as an alternative to dental implants. Dental implants are treatments that patients may prefer if they have missing teeth. Although there is no need for any implant for these, there are also situations where they are needed. Dental bridges include installing new teeth by taking support from those healthy teeth, if the patients have two healthy teeth, on the right and left, in the area where the missing tooth is. While this can sometimes be done with a single healthy tooth, it can be done with implant-supported bridges in cases where there is no healthy tooth.

Dental Bridges Prices in Turkey

Types Of Bridge Prices in Euro
Zirconium Bridge 130€
E- max Bridge 290€
Porcelain Bridge 85€
Laminate Bridge225€

What Are Teeth whitening?

Teeth have structures that can lose their color over time or turn yellow with the drugs used. For this reason, they can cause a rather neglected appearance. Did you know that teeth stains and yellowing that do not go away with brushing or whitening at home can be easily treated with clinics? Also, because the rate of drugs that can be used in Turkey is higher, the teeth whitening you will get in Turkey will be whiter and brighter!

Teeth Whitening Prices in Turkey

It will be more advantageous to choose surgical whitening procedures that you can use for a long time, instead of spending thousands of liras by using home care kits repeatedly! Curebooking special price of 110€! You can contact us for detailed information.

Teeth Whitening Before Afters

Is It Safe To Get Dental Treatments In Turkey?

It is possible to come across negative news and blogs about dental treatments offered in Turkey. However, this is not because treatment in Turkey is unreliable. Citizens of many countries prefer Turkey because they can get treatments at a more affordable price with a higher success rate. In these countries, he tries to prevent patients from coming to Turkey by slandering Turkey. Isn’t that very normal?

If we examine the treatments in Turkey, it would not be a lie to say that it is the best country where you can get world health standards treatments at very affordable prices. So it’s pretty clear whether it’s a safe country or not.

Why is Dental Treatments Cheap in Turkey?

There are multiple reasons for this. Turkey is a very successful country in health tourism. This makes it easy to get successful treatments. Because there are many dental clinics in Turkey. This causes clinics to compete among themselves. Each clinic gives the best prices to attract patients. This ensures that patients can receive their treatment at the best prices. On the other hand, the cost of living in Turkey is quite low. This greatly reduces the cost required to run a clinic in Turkey. This, of course, is reflected in the treatment prices.

Finally, the biggest factor is the High exchange rate. The extremely high exchange rate in Turkey significantly increases the purchasing power of foreign patients. In other words, foreign patients could be treated at very affordable prices by paying foreign currency.

I Have a Dentophobia, is There a Solution for it?

For patients who are afraid of the dentist, there is the option of general anesthesia or sedation in Turkey. Thus, patients are anesthetized with these anesthetics just before they receive dental treatment, or they are rendered semi-conscious. Thus, patients can be treated easily. They do not feel anything during the treatment and cannot be afraid. Because even the patient under sedation will not be sober enough to react.

Laminate Veneers

How Long Should I Stay in Turkey for Any Dental Treatment?

TreatmentsLongest Time
Dental Crown3 Weeks
Dental Veneer3 Weeks
Dental ImplantYou can call for information
Teeth Whiting 2 Hours
Root Canal Treatment3 Hours
Dental Bridges 3 Hours