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All About Gender Reassignment Surgery- FAQs

How is sex reassignment surgery done?

Gender reassignment surgery is performed with more than one operation. Therefore, it requires more than one change in patients. As for how it is done, if patients decide to have surgery, it will differ according to the transition process from woman to man or from man to woman. You should talk to a urologist if you are planning a male-to-female transition, and an obstetrician if you plan to switch from female to male.

This will allow you to start taking the necessary hormones. As a result of the hormone therapy you receive, you will be ready for sex reassignment surgery. This will involve making changes to your entire physical structure that needs to be changed one by one. The actions to be taken for you are listed below.

Who is Suitable Gender Reassignment Surgery?

Gender reassignment surgeries are very serious and radical surgeries. Therefore, patients should be both psychologically and physically healthy. The characteristics that should be present in patients who plan to have sex reassignment surgery can be listed as follows;

  • The patient must be over the age of 18.
  • Must have received hormone therapy for 12 months.
  • The patient should not have any bleeding disorder.
  • The patient should not have high cholesterol.
  • The patient should not have high blood pressure.
  • The patient should not be obese.
  • The patient should not have arthritis.
  • The patient must not be diabetic.
  • The patient should not have severe allergies.
  • The patient should not be coronary.
  • The patient should not have lung disease.
  • The patient should not be severely depressed.
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Which Department Surgeon Will Perform the Male to Female Transition Surgery?

Male-to-female transition surgery plans patients to work with Urologist, general surgeon and Plastic surgeon, Urologist will remove the existing penis and testicles. The plastic surgeon will create the vagina. In addition, the general surgeon must also be in the operation and evaluate the general condition. In short, three areas must be in operation at the same time. In addition, while the plastic surgeon will continue the operation for facial features and breast work, the operation will continue with an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor for the vocal cords.

Which Department Surgeon Will Perform the Female to male Transition Surgery?

Obstetrician, plastic surgeon, otolaryngologist and plastic surgeon will perform the female to male transition surgery. A woman who has a vagina will know the general structure of the vagina of the patient better and will be able to prevent loss of function. A plastic surgeon will be able to make a realistic penis. In addition, an otolaryngologist will be in the surgery of patients who want to thicken their vocal cords. Some patients may have a deeper voice, even if they are biologically female. In this case, the patient may not prefer to have vocal cord surgery.

Is Gender Reassignment Surgery Painful?

Gender reassignment surgery will require reproductive organ, cheekbone, jawbone, vocal cord surgery and breast costs. Whether the surgery is mesh or not will depend on which treatment combinations you prefer. Gender reassignment surgery will generally be somewhat painful. Therefore, the patient should be prepared for this before the operation. However, these pains will be alleviated with the drugs prescribed to Patient. In addition, patient should rest during the healing process. Well-rested patients will have a more pain-free period.

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Is There Any Scar After Gender Reassignment Surgery?

Sex reassignment surgery requires more than one operation. It requires changes not only in the reproductive organs, but also in facial features, vocal cords and breast volume. For this reason, it is possible for patients to have some scars, of course. It will especially be seen in breast augmentation or breast reduction surgery and penis or vagina construction. However, the scar that remains in the breast process is often hidden in places that cannot be seen. In female-to-male conversion surgery, it is placed under the breast fold. In the breast reduction process, it will leave less scars. Therefore, do not expect large and disturbing scars to remain after the operation.

What Are the Different Types of Gender Reassignment Surgery?

Gender reassignment surgery treatments are treatments that enable patients to turn from male to female or female to male. Varieties vary accordingly.
(MTF): Male-to-female transition surgery is the surgery preferred by trans women. Procedures include Hormone Replacement Therapy, Facial Hair Removal, Facial Feminization surgery, Breast Augmentation, etc. includes surgeries. patients

Female to Male (FTM): These surgeries preferred by trans men involve the biological conversion of women to men. This of course they prefer other less extreme options such as Bilateral Mastectomy (removal of the breasts), Breast contouring (to maintain a male physical shape) and Hysterectomy (removal of the female genitalia). FTM procedures are also initiated with Hormone Replacement Therapy using Testosterone.

Is gender affirmation surgery the only treatment for gender dysphoria?

Gender reassignment surgeries depend on patients’ preference. Therefore, surgery is not the only way. There are also some things patients can do. Patients who are not ready for a sex reassignment surgery may prefer these;

  • Hormone therapy to increase masculine or feminine characteristics, such as your body hair or tone of voice.
  • Puberty blockers to prevent you from going through puberty.
  • sound therapy to help with communication skills, such as adjusting your voice or tone or introducing yourself with your pronouns

In addition, people can also socially transition to their true gender, with or without surgery. As part of the social transition, you can:

  • Adopt a new name.
  • Choose different pronouns.
  • Present it as your gender identity by wearing different clothes or changing your hairstyle.
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What is the Post-Surgery Diet in Gender Reassignment Surgery?

A good diet should be avoided after sex reassignment surgery. Before the treatment, you should know that the weight of the patients is important. For this reason, patients should be prevented from having a good fluid diet to relieve edema after treatment. Because;

  • A liquid diet is recommended in the morning immediately after surgery.
  • A balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables and fiber is recommended for the first few weeks after surgery.
  • Meat should be consumed.
  • Eating cheese should be avoided.
  • Smoking should be avoided to accelerate recovery.
  • A Low Sodium Diet should be followed as sodium causes water retention.
  • Alcohol intake should be kept to a minimum for the first few weeks. It is recommended that the patient not drink at all.

What Are the Realistic Expectations of Gender Reassignment Surgery?

Expectations from gender reassignment surgery are important for patients to have realistic expectations. Patients should be aware that they will not be able to reach their preferred gender immediately after surgery. Therefore, patients should not expect to be a handsome man or a beautiful woman immediately after surgery.

It should be known that the treatment process continues after the operation. For this reason, patients should be aware of this and know that they will not be able to see themselves well immediately after the operation. Therefore, they should not experience post-operative regret.

Although more than 97% of people who have surgery find the results of gender reassignment satisfactory, it is best to be sure of the results of treatment before starting treatment. For this, both psychological and physical therapy should be avoided.

You should consult your doctor in detail whether you are an ideal candidate for surgery, as the surgery is irreversible and takes a lifetime. You should know that you can get the best approval from a psychiatrist for this. Although you may think that you were born in the wrong gender, this situation may change in the future or it would be better to try with temporary methods without surgery.

What are the Pros and Cons of Gender Reassignment Surgery?

  • Gender reassignment surgery has many advantages. These enable the person to feel more comfortable mentally and to enjoy life.
  • Finding the right doctor and getting the desired treatment can provide psychological happiness for the patient.
  • With the rise of medical tourism, treatment is inexpensive in a few key destinations. For this reason, if you cannot receive treatment in your country, you can evaluate different countries.
  • After sex reassignment surgery, patients are generally found to have less gender dysphoria. There is less anxiety and depression than before. This, of course, prevents the disease, like many social phobias.

Who Should Avoid Sex Reassignment Surgery?

Gender reassignment surgery is sometimes not suitable for everyone. In these cases, gender reassignment surgery is not possible and may have a negative result. Therefore, in some cases, it is not recommended to have surgery. These situations include:

  • You are under 18 or over 60
    If you are under mental stress, surgery will not be the right decision. For example, if the people around you say that you should be a man or a woman, then you should not make a decision under pressure.
  • If your therapist doesn’t recommend surgery, even though you may feel psychologically ready for surgery, sometimes your therapist may say you’re not ready for it. In this case, it will not be right to have surgery.
  • If your gender identity is too strong to be changed, as determined by your doctor.

Does Gender Reassignment Surgery Cause Scars?

Gender reassignment surgery does not involve making changes in only one area of the patients. It also includes changes in the reproductive organs, facial features and vocal cords of the patients. For this reason, some operations can of course leave scars. The scars will diminish over time. Therefore, you should not be afraid of leaving a large scar. The scar on your reproductive organs will be less visible with some creams.

Male To Female;

  • For the first few months, the scars are pink, fleshy, and raised.
  • Between six months and a year they become flat, white and soft.
  • They heal completely within a year and are barely visible.

Female to Male;

The severity of the scar depends on the type of incision made. The different incisions made include:

  • Keyhole incisions – ideal for small chests, provide minimal scarring
  • Peri-areolar incisions – ideal for medium size
  • Double incisions – ideal for large breasts, large wounds
  • In the first 6 weeks after the operation, the scars will appear dark and raised against the skin background.
  • By 12 to 18 months they will heal, lighten and fade but also become somewhat visible.

What are the Temporary Side Effects of Gender Reassignment Surgery?

Side effects are mostly hormonal. Therefore, its side effects also have hormonal changes. Although there are no long-term complications, the temporary side effects of gender reassignment surgery are as follows;

  • Having sex reassignment surgery is easy. But it takes a longer time to fully fit into the role of a different gender.
  • You will need to undergo therapy before and after surgery to help you mentally change your gender and adapt to the views of others based on your gender. These therapies will make you stand stronger if you are bullied. You should also know that there are quite important therapies.
  • Surgery changes your genitals. However, the hormones that determine secondary sexual characteristics such as your voice and hair growth are not affected by the surgery. Therefore, you need additional surgeries.
  • Especially after male-to-female transition surgery, you may need to grow your hair and sometimes wear hair clips. Or if you have facial hair, it would be right to go for epilation.

How to Select a Surgeon for Gender Reassignment Surgery?

Gender reassignment surgery is a very comprehensive and serious operation. It does not cover the changes made only in the reproductive organ of the patient. Therefore, it is important that you receive treatment from experienced surgeons. Experienced surgeons will provide the best feel for both the appearance and function of the reproductive organ. Additionally, it is of course important to seek treatment from surgeons who offer affordable gender reassignment surgery. Therefore, the best decision will be to contact us.

We can ensure that you receive treatment from the best doctors for gender reassignment surgery in Thailand and Turkey. You should also know that we have the best prices. Although Thailand is a country that can offer the best trans treatments, its prices are higher than Turkey. For this reason, you can also benefit from surgeons with a gender reassignment success rate in Thailand at Turkey prices. All you have to do is call us!

Important Things to Know About Gender Reassignment Surgery

  • Gender reassignment surgery is unfortunately not reversible. Therefore, patients should be sure about the operation. If patients cannot get used to their new gender after surgery, the only thing to do is to get them used to it. Therefore, it is important to make a good decision on surgery.
  • Sex reassignment surgery is not just a sex reassignment operation. Male and female anatomy, size of the pelvic bone, facial structure, etc. It is very different beyond simple sexual anatomy such as Choosing the right doctors who can handle every aspect of the surgery is imperative for good results. Otherwise, although the patient may have the preferred reproductive organ, he may resemble his former sex in many aspects. In this case, it can cause an unrealistic view of biological sex.
  • Although gender reassignment surgery is an operation that the person can feel ready for and no matter how much the person wishes, unexpected feelings may arise after the surgery. It may be difficult for the patient to get used to his new identity. For this reason, it may be necessary to receive serious psychiatric treatment after surgery, and this situation may last for many years.

Medical Tourism for Gender Reassignment Surgery

Medical tourism is a preferred type of tourism for many years. Patients go to a different country for treatment, depending on many reasons. One of these reasons is high treatment costs. Sex reassignment surgery is also one of the reasons why this medical tourism is frequently used. These treatments, which are extremely expensive in many countries, can be extremely affordable with medical tourism! Although sex reassignment surgery is covered by insurance, in some cases the patient cannot afford long waiting times or cover the cost of treatment if insurance does not cover it.

This results in treatment in cost-effective countries. At the same time, you should know that this is extremely advantageous. Because although gender reassignment surgery is an operation that can be performed in almost many countries such as the UK, USA, Germany, and the Netherlands, its costs can be high enough to cause people to give up on this surgery. In such cases, patients should search for Thailand sex reassignment surgery prices or Turkey gender reassignment surgery prices. Because in these countries, sex reassignment surgery prices are extremely affordable and patients can receive very successful treatments.

Is Sex Reassignment Surgery Safe Abroad?

Gender reassignment surgery is an extremely serious operation. For this reason, it is of course important for patients to receive treatment from successful surgeons. The most important thing is that patients will receive this treatment in a country they never knew. This can be worrisome. It is worrisome when you are going to receive transgender surgery in a foreign country. But you should know that if you knew how safe it was, you wouldn’t be worried. Because, in the sex reassignment surgery you will receive in your own country, you will have the chance to receive treatment from a doctor who is not successful.

This may change depending on good research. For this reason, if patients researches the doctor who will receive treatment abroad, it will be extremely safe to receive gender reassignment surgery abroad. If you are still worried about this situation, you can contact us. Thus, you will be able to get affordable gender reassignment surgery from the most successful surgeons.