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Gender Reassignment Surgery Male to Female

What is Male to Female Reassignment?

Male to Female Reassignment are edits made because a person’s biological identity is wrong. Sometimes people can be born androgynous or experience gender dysphoria. In this case, the patient is a woman even though she was born with a male body. For this reason, she experiences great distress and wants to continue her life as a woman. For this reason, with the operations performed, the person regains his/her own gender. All operations performed for a woman who was born biologically male to become female biologically are called by this name.

Which Department Surgeon Will Perform The Male To Female Transition Surgery?

Although male to female transition surgery seems to be performed by a gynecologist, it is actually a urologist’s job. Because the urologist knows the entire anatomy of the male reproductive organ, he can dissect this organ and completely separate it from the body without tissue loss. In this case, a plastic surgeon reassembles all the tissues to create a vagina. The two main departments required for the vagina, which is made from the male reproductive organ, are thus urology and plastic surgery.

Is Male to Female Reassignment Risky?

Female to male transition surgery requires a combination of many surgeries. In other words, patients should make changes in their reproductive organs, breasts, facial features and vocal cords. In this case, the patients should have chosen a successful surgeon. The risks in gender reassignment surgeries to be taken from successful surgeons are almost non-existent. However, if you get gender reassignment surgery from an inexperienced surgeon, of course, many risks may be waiting for you. The most important of these risks is loss of feeling.

If tissue damage occurs in the change to be made in your reproductive organ, this may affect your sexual pleasure. On the other hand, the operation performed on your vocal cords may bring unexpected results or the gender transition may not seem natural. To avoid these situations, it is important to seek treatment from a successful surgeon. For this, the countries you can choose are Thailand and Turkey.

Male to Female Reassignment

Is Male to Female Reassignment Painful?

Male to Female sex reassignment is a very serious operation and does not only affect the external part of the reproductive organ. However, the urethra and other channels also need to be configured. This, of course, is serious and may cause pain in some places after the operation. During the healing process of the stitches, you will be given painkillers to relieve your pain. With these drugs, your pain will be relieved. Therefore, you should not worry about experiencing great pain.

How is Male to Female Reassignment Made?

Male to Female gender transition is possible with patients going through a long process. Male to female surgeries are performed with a treatment plan. Patients primarily suppress biologically secreted ecchymal hormone. Then, female hormones are increased. With these elevated hormones, surgeries are planned after the patient reaches the limit of suitability for surgery. Surgery often begins with changes made in the reproductive organs. Then, breast implants progress like epilations and vocal cord surgeries. Not doing all of these at the same time will also be comfortable for a more comfortable transition process.

Do Male to Female Relocation Scars Remain?

Of course, scarring is expected in operations such as Male to Female gender reassignment surgery, breast implants and vagina creation. Because surgery requires incisions and stitches. This, of course, will cause some scarring. On the other hand, the scar that will remain for breast implants is placed under the crease of the breast. For this reason, it does not leave a visible and aesthetically bad appearance. The stitches to be made in the vagina are made in places that are as invisible as possible. This will make the patient look good aesthetically.

Who is Suitable For Male to Female Reassignment ?

Male to Female Reassignment is a set of surgeries preferred by people with gender dysphoria. Male to Female Reassignment are treatments for patients who have a biologically male physique but feel female. Thus, people can have the biological identity they feel. However, it should be known that this is not a suitable surgery for everyone.

For example, Male to Female Reassignment, the patient should have compatible hormone levels after the hormone therapy. In addition, they must have gender dysphoria approved by a physician, and patients must have received treatment for at least 1 year. For this reason, you can contact us to find out who can receive Male to Female Reassignment treatment.

Sex Reassignment

Male to Female Reassignment Process

Male to Female Reassignment is quite a long process. Not everyone who wants to receive treatment can get it immediately. First, patients will need a doctor’s report that they have gender dysphoria. Once this is proven, the patient will receive some treatments for gender dysphoria. These treatments should continue for at least 1 year. As a result of all these, thepatient has to prove that he is suitable for male to female replacement. This evidence continues as the patient undergoes a series of medical examinations. These examinations will consist of biological, physical and psychological examinations.

With the positive results of these, the patients will enter a lawsuit process together with the legal obligations in their countries. In the case, the operation can be performed when the patient says that he is suitable for the operation together with the reports he has. Afterwards, the patient can receive treatment in any country with his/her reports.

The processes involved in the treatment are also listed above. Patients start the process by giving priority to which treatments and taking those treatments if they wish. As a result, they biologically pass on a woman. It should be known that hormone treatments will continue after the surgery. In addition, the patients will continue their psychiatric treatment after the surgery.

What Operations Does Male to Female Reassignment Include?

The Male to Female Reassignment treatment is for a woman with a male biology and requires several treatments. This process is not possible only with the feminization of the patient’s genital area. In addition, epilation is required to enlarge the breasts of the patients (implant placement), thinning the vocal cords, feminizing the facial features and getting rid of unwanted hair.

All this happens with the needs of the patients. For this reason, not every patient has to take all these surgeries and procedures. If the patients do not have excessive hair growth on the face or other areas, of course, epilation is not required. Or if he doesn’t have a very deep male voice, he doesn’t have to get vocal cord surgery. Patients can choose any combination they want. To examine closely, Male to Female transition surgery includes;

Breast Augmentation Surgery: Men’s breasts are smaller than women’s and lack volume. One of the most distinctive features in a woman is voluminous breasts. This also requires patients to receive breast implants for male to female transition surgery. Patients can have extremely voluminous and natural-looking breasts with breast implants.

Facial Feminization; Men’s biological facial features have sharper lines. The facial features of women are softer. Therefore, there are important differences between the two genders. In this case, the surgeries may include the feminization of the face for sure. Facial feminization surgeries, jaw line changes and rhinoplasty are the most frequently preferred operations.

Vocal cord surgeries: The vocal cords are one of the largest arcs between a man and a woman. Men’s voices are much deeper, while women’s voices are much thinner. For this reason, male to female transition surgery may often include surgery on the vocal cords.

Genital surgery: Of course, the indispensable surgery involves the replacement of the digestive organs along with the entire reproductive organ of the penis. Thus, the shape of the testicles, penis and urethra that men have is changed. It is used to make a vagina with the pieces taken. For this reason, patients should be operated by experienced surgeons for a good surgical result so that the tissue of the penis should not be damaged during removal. Thus, patients do not experience loss of sensation.

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Male Female Reassignment Breast Augmentation

Voluminous breasts are one of the preferred surgeries for a more feminine appearance. The breasts of people born biologically female are larger and have milk ducts to feed the babies. However, a woman born biologically male does not have milk ducts and has much smaller breasts. For this reason, one of the most important operations required for the transition from man to woman is breast augmentation surgery.

Breast augmentation surgery involves placing silicone on patients’ breasts. Thus, patients, who are the most important element of a woman’s physique, can have fuller breasts. The size of the breast silicones will depend on the patient’s preference. The scars that will remain after the surgery are placed in the lower region of the breast fold. Thus, the incision area where the silicone will be placed remains under the breast and no scar is seen. This decreases over time and becomes invisible.

Facial Feminization Surgery

To examine facial feminization surgery, let’s first examine the differences in male and female faces. A man’s face has a much sharper jawline and a larger nose. Also, the cheekbones are thicker and wider. For this reason, even getting rid of the male beard with epilation alone is not enough to have a female face. Therefore, patients may need more than one facial surgery. The sharpness of the jaw line can be reduced and the nose can be reduced. Although all these depend on the patient’s preference, at least 2 facial surgeries are frequently performed. After evaluating your face, you can decide which operations you need.

Body Feminization Surgery

Body feminization surgery is often preferred to clarify the folds. Body feminization surgeries are preferred because of the differences between male and female body types. For example, women need to carry more fat biologically. This includes getting bigger hips and a slimmer waist. In order to have these folds, male to female transition surgeries may be preferred. These surgeries are often performed with a procedure called liposuction, and excess fat is removed from the waist and abdomen of the patients and injected into the buttocks. Or a silicone implant is placed in the popia. Thus, patients can have more feminine body lines.

Gender Confirmation Surgery

Penile inversion, also known as gender confirmation surgery, involves the complete removal of the patient’s penis and testicles. A new vagina is created with the tissues taken from the removed penis. The vagina is made with the skin of the patient’s penis. During this procedure, an incision is made in the area between your rectum and your urethra and prostate. This creates a tunnel that becomes your new vagina. The surgeon lines the inside of the tunnel with skin from the scrotum, penis, or both. If you don’t have enough penile or scrotal skin, your surgeon may take skin from your thighs, abdomen, or another part of your body and use it for the new vagina as well.

Male to Female Reassignment Prices

Male to Female Reassignment prices are highly variable. At the same time, there are price differences because the transition from male to female is more comprehensive than female to male transition. In addition, the price that patients will pay may depend on which treatments they will receive. Prices vary between hospitals, as well as between countries. It would not be correct to give a single price for this reason.

Instead, you will need to do research such as USA Male to Female Reassignment prices, UK Male to Female Reassignment prices, Thailand Male to Female Reassignment prices, and Iran Male to Female Reassignment prices. Because the price variances among all these countries are quite high. Even with the UK Male to Female Reassignment prices surgery price, Turkey or Thailand Male to Female Reassignment prices will save you more than half the price if you prefer gender reassignment.

Is Male to Female Reassignment Covered by Insurance?

One of the most frequently asked questions for male to female transition surgeries is whether they are covered by insurance. You should know that a patient with gender dysphoria can often receive free treatment. Because gender dysphoria is a condition that can cause mental problems as well as social pressure. For this reason, it is the most natural right for people born with a biologically wrong identity to have the biological identity they feel. In this case, many insurance companies cover the treatment costs of patients with gender dysphoria.

If they do not, you should know that there is nothing to worry about. Because instead of undergoing treatment in the USA, UK or other expensive countries, you can have a sex reassignment procedure in Thailand. Or you can take advantage of Turkey gender reassignment prices. In this case, even if the insurance does not cover the treatment, you will be able to receive treatment comfortably.

UK Male to Female Reassignment

England is a country with highly developed health standards, using innovative treatments in medicine. For this reason, it is often preferred in many surgeries. UK Male to Female reassignment surgery is often preferred. It also allows you to have a very successful treatment. This is why people from many parts of the world travel to the UK for male to female reassignment surgery.

Considering that male to female reassignment surgeries have serious risks, this would be a very right decision. You should also know that male to female reassignment surgery is illegal in many countries. Even if male to female reassignment surgeries are extremely successful in the UK, if we look male to female reassignment surgery prices in the UK, this may result in costs that are beyond the reach of many. Therefore, patients may seek male to female reassignment surgeries in different countries. If you are looking for a suitable country for male to female reassignment surgery prices, you can continue reading our content.

UK Male to Female Prices

Prices for UK male To female Reassignment surgery vary widely in the UK. Because it affects the practices of private and public hospitals. Although UK male To female Reassignment reassignment surgeries performed in public hospitals are covered by insurance, unfortunately, UK male To female Reassignment reassignment surgeries performed in private hospitals in UK are not covered by insurance. For this reason, patients who plan to be treated in a private hospital in UK have to pay very high prices to have sex reassignment surgery. The biggest reason why patients in UK prefer private hospitals for UK male To female Reassignment reassignment surgery is the waiting time.

Although UK is a successful and good country for UK male To female Reassignment surgeries, although everything necessary for the surgery process has been completed, unfortunately you have to wait in line to have the surgery. Emergency surgeries will be given priority. Of course, there will be patients waiting for UK male To female Reassignment while waiting. If you are planning to be treated in a private hospital, it is possible to be treated without waiting. Of course the prices are high. The cost of a simple male To female surgery is very expensive and can easily cost over €35,000.

Thailand Male to Female Reassignment

Thailand is the country with the highest number of transgender surgeries. For this reason, of course, its name has often been heard and it is compatible with male To Female reassignment surgeries. Thailand has all the medical equipment required for male To Female reassignment surgery, and the large number of gender reassignment surgery teams also make Thailand male To Female reassignment surgeries possible.

In many other countries, patients do not have a choice for male To Female reassignment surgery. It can be treated by a number of surgeons. However, Thailand male To Female reassignment surgery allows you to have many options. Besides, compared to many other countries, Thailand male To Female reassignment surgeries have much more affordable costs.

Thailand Male to Female Reassignment Prices

Prices for male to female transplant surgery in Thailand are very affordable. You can even pay less than half the price of male to female transition surgeries in the UK. As Thailand is often preferred in gender reassignment surgeries, of course, male to female reassignment surgery has led to a competition among hospitals. This allows hospitals to offer the best prices for male to female reassignment surgery in Thailand. Thailand It will be sufficient to pay an average of 12.000 – 17.000 € for the price of sex reassignment surgery.

You can even make the prices much more affordable. You can contact us for more detailed information about male to female transplant surgery prices in Thailand. This is how you can get the best prices for Thailand male to female Relocation Surgery.

Turkey Male to Female Reassignment Turkey

As Turkey is one of the Muslim countries, people often do not know that male to female transition surgery is possible in Turkey. It is possible that you think that there are heavy penalties as in other Muslim countries or that this operation is not possible.

However, you should know that although Turkey is a predominantly Muslim country, thanks to its secular management style, it allows you to successfully undergo male to female transplant surgeries. For this reason, there are patients from many parts of the world who prefer Turkey formale to female transplant surgery.

Turkey offers highly developed and successful treatments in health tourism. In addition, thanks to the high exchange rate, the prices of sex reassignment surgery in Turkey are extremely affordable. If you are planning to have sex reassignment surgery at more affordable prices than Thailand and England, Turkey male to female Removal surgery prices are very suitable for this. At the same time, since it is a successful country equipped to use innovative technologies, it allows you to receive treatment at world health standards.

Turkey Male To Female Reassignment Prices

Male To Female reassignment surgeries require the removal of not only the reproductive organs of the patients, but also the voice, facial features, breast appearance and many other needs. Therefore, it is an important operation and requires a long process. Because the UK Male To Female reassignment surgery prices are high, patients may be looking for a different country for Male To Female reassignment surgery. For this reason, let’s look at the prices of Male To Female reassignment surgery in Turkey, which is one of the most important factors.

If people who are eligible for Turkey Male To Female reassignment surgery plan to receive treatment in a good hospital, it will be sufficient to pay 3.775€. Of course, you can contact us and learn about the services included in the cost of this treatment. Many services such as length of stay in the hospital, drug treatment and VIP transportation will be possible with package services.

Male to Female Reassignment