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Female to Male Reassignment- Gender Surgery

What is Female To Male Assignment?

It is a kind of affirmation surgery suitable for female-to-male trans men. Transgender can be summarized as the difference between the gender that a person feels and their biological sex. Just as some people are born androgynous, trans men include people who know they are men even though they are actually born with a female body. This, of course, requires them to receive treatment in order to continue their real sex life. Treatments often include sex reassignment surgeries, along with hormone therapy. Gender reassignment surgery, on the other hand, is performed by transforming the person into a man in all aspects. For more detailed information, you can continue reading our content.

Which Department Surgeon Will Perform The Female To Male Transition Surgery?

Female to Male sex reassignment surgery, although it may seem like a urologist is needed to create a penis, in fact, female-to-male reassignment surgery is performed by a gynecologist. The obstetrician leaves the procedure to a plastic surgeon by completely removing the person’s vagina, ovaries and uterus. With the removed parts, the plastic surgeon creates a penis.

In this way, the patient can have a new penis together with the tissues taken from the vagina. For this, in some cases, a general surgeon is also needed in the operation. However, in the past, plastic surgeons were also trained in general surgery. Therefore, sometimes a plastic surgeon and an obstetrician are sufficient for the operation.

Female to Male Reassignment

Is Female To Male Assignment Risky?

Female-to-male transition surgery is not just an operation. Patients take male hormones externally to suppress female hormones. In this case, unfortunately, some risks are possible if the correct dose or the wrong hormone is taken. In addition, there may be some risks if the hormones given by the doctor are not used correctly. These risks can cause the body to react. This includes the following risks;

  • low or high blood pressure
  • blood clots
  • Paralysis
  • Heart disease
  • some cancers
  • Fluid loss (dehydration) and electrolyte imbalance
  • liver damage
  • increased hemoglobin

How is Female To Male Reassignment Made?

Gender change from female to male requires the patient to receive hormone therapy first. After the suppression of female hormones and the use of male hormones for at least 12 months, if it is decided that the patient is suitable for surgery as a result of the test performed, the operation of the patient will be planned, the process will begin, after questions such as which operations will be given priority. The operation to be performed in this process is listed below. By reading our content, you can get detailed information about female-to-male transition surgery.

Is there a scar from a woman to a man?

Many procedures will be required in female-to-male transition surgery. There are varieties of these procedures such as lower surgery and upper surgery. At the same time, because it is a very serious operation, scars may remain. However, since the traces that will remain in the transition from woman to man will be in the bikini area, it will not be obvious from the outside. Over time, the remaining traces will also diminish. So don’t worry about big scars.

Female to Male Reassignment

Who Is Suitable For Female To Male Reassignment ?

Female-to-Male Relocation Surgery is suitable for most trans men. It is important that the patients that are determined to be suitable for surgery after the hormones taken also comply with the following criteria;

  • The patient must be over the age of 18.
  • He must have received hormone therapy for 12 months.
  • The patient should not have any bleeding disorder.
  • The patient should not have high cholesterol.
  • The patient should not have high blood pressure.
  • The patient should not be obese.
  • The patient should not have arthritis.
  • The patient must not be diabetic.
  • The patient should not have severe allergies.
  • The patient should not be coronary.
  • The patient should not have lung disease.
  • The patient should not be severely depressed.

Female To Male Reassignment Process

The transition from woman to man is very important. This is not a process that is possible only with surgeries. Patients should also receive social and psychological treatment. Although gender transition is natural, it is unfortunately sometimes not welcomed in society. Therefore, the patient should be aware of all these and prepare himself. In fact, getting therapy is more important than many treatments. Because in case of being bullied after surgery, situations such as embarrassment or social distance may occur. He should know how to deal with these situations.

He will also need to take hormone therapy for at least 12 months. This will of course cause some changes in your body. It will also feel different emotionally. It will be difficult to accept all this successfully. Finally, when all treatments are completed, the patient should find a surgeon for the surgery plan. This usually requires you to choose a surgeon for gender reassignment surgery in Thailand or Turkey. After the surgeon is selected, an ongoing operation process will begin with upper surgery, lower surgery, vocal cords and facial features.

gender reassignment surgery

Which Surgeries Include Female To Male Reassignment?

Gender reassignment surgery is not possible only by changing the reproductive organs. It will require patients to have a male breast, masculine features, and a masculine voice as well. Therefore, many operations will be required. Although these are listed below, patients also have the right not to prefer some operations. For example, a patient with already thick vocal cords does not need vocal cord surgery. This may change depending on the patient’s request. However, the following operations can be included in the surgery.

Female To Male Reassignment Mastectomy

Mastectomy is the preferred treatment for patients to achieve a masculine breast appearance. Trans men, unfortunately, can sometimes have large breasts.This can of course include changing the breast image. Mastectomy may involve removing some of the breast tissue of the patient and in some cases placing implants for the appearance of musculature to give a masculine appearance. For mastectomy surgery, you can examine the prices of sex reassignment surgery in Turkey. Turkish surgeons will serve to provide you with the best mastectomy surgery.

Facial Masculinization Surgery

Facial masculinization surgery may involve more than one operation. There are big differences in the face of a woman and a man. The faces of men have a wider, sharper line than women. Their noses, of course, are often larger than their facial features. For this reason, facial masculinization surgery may include a combination of forehead augmentation, cheek augmentation, rhinoplasty, chin shaping, and thyroid cartilage enhancement (Adam’s Apple surgery).

In Adam’s apple surgery, it is an organ located in the throat and can be seen more clearly in men. Since it is not often seen in women, the Adam’s apple provides a masculine appearance to the person. For this reason, all these surgeries can be included in the treatments that patients will receive.

Body Masculinization Surgery

Body masculinization surgery is the treatment that patients often receive with upper body and lower body surgery. There are great differences between the body structure of women and the body structure of men. The traditional male body features a broad and prominent upper body, slim waist and minimal fat in the lower body area.

While diet, exercise, and hormone therapy all play a role in masculinizing the body, it can be difficult to replace certain fat storage areas without surgery. For this reason, transgender surgeries are a liposuction technique that targets fat on the sides, inner and outer thighs, upper body, chest, back and/or hips to reduce the feminine “hourglass” shape and create a masculine body. It is important for him to have a masculine appearance.

Gender Confirmation Surgery (Phalloplasty Surgery)

Phalloplasty involves the complete replacement of the patient’s reproductive organ. During this procedure, the patient first undergoes a complete hysterectomy, including vaginoplasty and removal of the ovaries. Existing external genitalia are then used together with the male urethra to form a penis that retains sensation and some function. The clitoris is used to form the head of the penis and allows erection. Finally, a scrotum is created using the labia majora and testicular implants are placed. Along with all these, erection and pleasure, which play an important role in the sexual life of the patient, must of course be protected and the patient’s genitals must be done with extreme care. Otherwise, the patient’s genitalia may not function well.

You should know the risks of this surgery and what problems it may cause. Besides, you should know that you will not have any problems if you have surgery from successful surgeons. On the other hand, if you have questions about gender reassignment surgery, you should not hesitate to discuss it with our team. It is important that there are no question marks in your mind before the operation.

Post Female To Male Reassignment Care

Gender transition from female to male requires some care. After surgery, patients need to rest intensively for several weeks. In addition, receiving treatment after surgery and using prescribed medications will also affect the healing process. Since the transformation of the vagina into a penis is a bit painful, your pain will decrease when the given medications are taken.

Therefore, regular use of medication is important. On the other hand, some changes will be made in your digestive system. Your urethra will be arranged. Therefore, it is important to have a liquid diet after surgery. Although it is extremely important to have a relative with you for post-operative care, it would be right to get information from your doctor for more detailed information about post-sex reassignment care.

Female To Male Reassignment Prices

Female to male gender transition prices will vary in all countries. female-to-male transition surgery is an extremely important operation and may involve more than one operation. For this reason, patients evaluate different countries in order to find the best prices for surgery prices. Gender transition is not possible with a single operation. Most often, upper and lower surgery is used.

In addition, it is necessary to play with the vocal cords and facial features. And the cost for all of this costs a fortune in many countries. If it is covered by insurance, patients are put on the waiting list. This of course causes patients to look for cost-effective treatments. If you need to examine the prices on average, you can get detailed information about the countries and prices in the continuation of our content.

UK Female To Male Reassignment

England is a country with highly developed health standards, using innovative treatments in medicine. For this reason, it is often preferred in many surgeries. UK Sex reassignment surgery is often preferred. It also allows you to have a very successful treatment. This is why people from many parts of the world travel to the UK for female to male reassignment surgery.

Considering that female to male reassignment surgeries have serious risks, this would be a very right decision. You should also know that female to male reassignment surgery is illegal in many countries. Even if female to male reassignment surgeries are extremely successful in the UK, if we look female to male reassignment surgery prices in the UK, this may result in costs that are beyond the reach of many. Therefore, patients may seek female to male reassignment surgeries in different countries. If you are looking for a suitable country for female to male reassignment surgery prices, you can continue reading our content.


UK Female To Male Reassignment Prices

Prices for UK Female To Male Reassignment surgery vary widely in the UK. Because it affects the practices of private and public hospitals. Although UK Female To Male Reassignment reassignment surgeries performed in public hospitals are covered by insurance, unfortunately, UK Female To Male Reassignment reassignment surgeries performed in private hospitals in UK are not covered by insurance. For this reason, patients who plan to be treated in a private hospital in UK have to pay very high prices to have sex reassignment surgery. The biggest reason why patients in UK prefer private hospitals for UK Female To Male Reassignment reassignment surgery is the waiting time.

Although UK is a successful and good country for UK Female To Male Reassignment reassignment surgeries, although everything necessary for the surgery process has been completed, unfortunately you have to wait in line to have the surgery. Emergency surgeries will be given priority. Of course, there will be patients waiting for UK Female To Male Reassignment while waiting. If you are planning to be treated in a private hospital, it is possible to be treated without waiting. Of course the prices are high. The cost of a simple Female-to-male surgery is very expensive and can easily cost over €75,000.

Thailand Female To Male Reassignment

Thailand is the country with the highest number of transgender surgeries. For this reason, of course, its name has often been heard and it is compatible with Female To Male reassignment surgeries. Thailand has all the medical equipment required for Female To Male reassignment surgery, and the large number of gender reassignment surgery teams also make Thailand Female To Male reassignment surgeries possible.

In many other countries, patients do not have a choice for Female To Male reassignment surgery. It can be treated by a number of surgeons. However, Thailand Female To Male reassignment surgery allows you to have many options. Besides, compared to many other countries, Thailand Female To Male reassignment surgeries have much more affordable costs.

Thailand Female To Male Reassignment Prices

Prices for female to male transplant surgery in Thailand are very affordable. You can even pay less than half the price of Female-to-Male transition surgeries in the UK. As Thailand is often preferred in gender reassignment surgeries, of course, female-to-male reassignment surgery has led to a competition among hospitals. This allows hospitals to offer the best prices for Female to Male reassignment surgery in Thailand. Thailand It will be sufficient to pay an average of 12.000 – 17.000 € for the price of sex reassignment surgery.

You can even make the prices much more affordable. You can contact us for more detailed information about female to male transplant surgery prices in Thailand. This is how you can get the best prices for Thailand Female Male Relocation Surgery.

Turkey Female To MaleReassignment Turkey

As Turkey is one of the Muslim countries, people often do not know that Female to Male transition surgery is possible in Turkey. It is possible that you think that there are heavy penalties as in other Muslim countries or that this operation is not possible.

However, you should know that although Turkey is a predominantly Muslim country, thanks to its secular management style, it allows you to successfully undergo Female-Male transplant surgeries. For this reason, there are patients from many parts of the world who prefer Turkey for female to male transplant surgery.

Turkey offers highly developed and successful treatments in health tourism. In addition, thanks to the high exchange rate, the prices of sex reassignment surgery in Turkey are extremely affordable. If you are planning to have sex reassignment surgery at more affordable prices than Thailand and England, Turkey’s Female Male Removal surgery prices are very suitable for this. At the same time, since it is a successful country equipped to use innovative technologies, it allows you to receive treatment at world health standards.

Turkey Female To Male Reassignment Prices

Female To Male reassignment surgeries require the removal of not only the reproductive organs of the patients, but also the voice, facial features, breast appearance and many other needs. Therefore, it is an important operation and requires a long process. Because the UK Female To Male reassignment surgery prices are high, patients may be looking for a different country forFemale To Male reassignment surgery. For this reason, let’s look at the prices of Female To Male reassignment surgery in Turkey, which is one of the most important factors.

If people who are eligible for Turkey Female To Male reassignment surgery plan to receive treatment in a good hospital, it will be sufficient to pay 3.775€. Of course, you can contact us and learn about the services included in the cost of this treatment. Many services such as length of stay in the hospital, drug treatment and VIP transportation will be possible with package services.